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I am wondering if no new iPod touch is perhaps because it will be re-branded as an iPad mini?
I think we should plan on seeing bigger changes than for form factors we are used to. Like an iMac that slides into a horizontal position in order to multitouch. I think Lion and 2011 are going to be the biggest year for the mac since the intel transition. The October event was purposely coy, because Apple is finally going to have some sort of multitouch screen. I'm not sayin'....I'm just saying.[
My biggest worry (and I am a worry wart) is that post-PC will mean post-content creation. I love my ipad, but in its current 1.0 form, its really difficult to create content with. I worry Apple is headed down a road where it will cater to the 80% of the population that does NOTHING BUT social networking, and reading the news, and not maintain its superiority in creative creation, which is what Apple used to be about. I hope the iPad succeeds, but I really hope this is...
Hi All.... This is TRULY shocking news....but I do think Steve will be there to pass the baton. Why am I so sure? Anyone seen the current issue of Macworld? 2009 is Mac's 25th Birthday. Perhaps Steve sees this as the right time to turn things over? Perhaps there will be some sort of discussion of Mac's 25th Anniversary at MAC world? Anyway, as long we I still get to watch WWDC Keynotes and special events throughout the year, I'll be happy. One thing is...
Ok, mine has finally done it as well. Took 10 minutes to prepare a 1.2G backup.
Alright. Applications are moving faster. (And yes, my HDD is "verified - thanks again Solip). But I, too, am unable to backup with time machine after installing 10.5.5. Yikes.
As someone who is unfamiliar (but would like to change that) with the inner workings of software, why are people suggesting the stand alone update, rather than using software update? Thanks again folks.
Thanks again, man. Here's hoping.
Thanks Soph! I'll give it a try. By the way. I rebooted after doing some permissions repairs, and heard a "click click" coming from what I assume is the hard drive? Please tell me that is ok as well.
Hey folks, Just wanted to add the data. My Aluminum iMac rebooted, and then rebooted again automatically mid-start-up. I am assuming that is not a good sign. Once everything was up and running, everything appears to be running slower. Suggestions? -Fitz
New Posts  All Forums: