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It will be my pleasure to never serve you.
Sure, after all, why would anyone in their right mind want to hear a legal opinion from someone who is actually trained in the law. I'm guessing you don't believe in vaccinations, either, since the only people who are proponents of them are those annoying doctors. Keep drinking the Kool Aide.
Tragic. I am an attorney who practices administrative law for a living. Anyone who thinks this will not be a tragic cacophony of unexpected consequences is, quite frankly, not even qualified to weigh in on the issue.
...Because "first to market" is definitely the way to achieve long term success - especially for a product whose value proposition is a mystery to the majority of consumers. I've been thinking for quite some time now that MS can't get any further out of touch, but they keep proving me wrong.
"beats is known for their premium headphones..." No, actually there is pretty much consensus that they suck.
"The presence of the banner seems to confirm that Apple will indeed unveil iOS 8 during next week's Worldwide Developers Conference." -Was this really something that anyone was unsure about?
Hopefully he will spell "design" correctly on his profile with Apple. His current bio lists him as the "Senior Desing Engineer"
They should use a deterrent approach: Upon closing they would lower a scrim over the storefront that makes it look like a Microsoft store.
While I like John C. Dvorak, this well-written article is a great example of why "meteorologist" and "tech pundit" are the only two careers that any guidance counselor should ever recommend. After all, weathermen and tech writers have the envious opportunity to be great in their field despite being wrong most of the time!
Saying that "no one wants [Scott Forstall]" is a bit like saying that someone who wins a silver olympic medal must really suck at their sport.  I am no fan of skeumorphic design, but I think it is pretty clear that Forstall contributed greatly to the success of iOS, and to a lesser extent, Apple itself.  It's easy to be an armchair quarterback and criticize high-profile people who make high-profile mistakes, but it is awfully hard to be successful enough to become...
New Posts  All Forums: