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This looks a lot more like a TiVo competitor than an AppleTV competitor.
RAM = Ridiculous Argument Maker
I think the value of spec-comparison is vastly over rated. Why not speak in terms of what you want in terms of a result, as opposed to a means? I understand if someone says "I hope the next revision of this device runs faster," but who cares how much RAM it has? Who is to say RAM is even the limiting factor? These are just conclusory statements that fail to articulate any real objective.
Yet another AI post with an obvious typo. I love this site, but these guys really need to have their worked proofed before they post. I agree, however, that "just because everyone is doing it" doesn't mean OLED is better. It's just like cramming more pixels into a camera - most manufacturers did it because ignorant consumers "knew" that more is better...
. The original person who made this comment never suggested that Apple didn't know what they were doing, only that Apple has chosen a business strategy that is designed to to maximize revenue from the consumer market, potentially at the expense of the corporate market.
The only people who come out ahead in situations like this are lawyers, which, by the way, is why I went to law school!
That is like Toyota saying "We love the American National Highway Association." What we don't love is someone interfering with your right to experience uncontrolled acceleration while on fire.
So is my wife!
Perhaps I am in the minority, but every time I open up my MacBook Pro I sigh when I look at all the space that the optical drive is wasting. I would much rather have that space occupied by more LiPo battery cells. As crazy as it sounds, after using the iPad since it came out, I frequently feel as though I am carrying around a notebook that is thicker than it has to be.
Actually, now that I am using my iPad constantly, but still unable to leave my 13" MBP at home, the idea of an MBA is more appealing to me. (I guess I should also add that I recently sold my Nikon D3 as I am not actively doing photography anymore, so I don't really need the MBP horsepower.) I would need a 10 hr battery in the MBA for it to be tempting to me, though. If they release a refresh that has the glass touchpad, black bezel, 4GB RAM, and 500GB HD, I think I would...
New Posts  All Forums: