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Even if, arguendo, what you are saying is correct, then there is no further discussion needed as to whether or not banning Flash from the iPhone was prudent for Apple to do. The iPhone is an Apple product, so if flash "is not working well on Apple products," then Apple should keep it off.You are actually arguing the OPPOSITE point that Adobe is; their claim is that flash WOULD run fine on the iPhone, and don't even acknowledge that there is an issue with Flash on OSX.
What is amazing to me is how successful geeks have been at making computers so ubiquitous that geeks are now the ones that don't understand the industry. Back in the late 70s and early 80s, lots of geeks had an amazingly clear vision of the future where every home would have at least one computer in it. Meanwhile, the common man thought those people were nuts. Then, that generation of geeks collectively pushed-for and developed the technologies that we enjoy today,...
I agree with all of this. I have noticed that when the web first started to gain momentum, there was such a sense of accomplishment among people when they put a site on the web that they threw in lots of bells and whistles JUST TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT THEY COULD. It seems to me that MS is still stuck in a mindset of adding everything that they possibly can, while Apple has taken the distinctly opposite approach of removing everything that isn't absolutely...
I wish someone could explain to Microsoft that sometimes the best feature to give users is the ability to HIDE controls for features that they don't need. I am a very happy Macbook, iPad, iPhone, and AppleTV user, but I also have to keep a JOB to pay for the fun stuff, and that means Word. Unfortunately, the 7,999 features of Word that I don't use get in the way of the three features that I DO use. I would be perfectly content with Word 2008 if I could just get...
Before I went into management for the Gulfstream operator and went to law school, I flew the line for about 5,000 hrs. Worth of flight time. While the price tag for private jet travel seems very high when compared directly to the airlines, the time savings are tremendous. For people that have very high-value time, there are many instances where they can't afford NOT to take a private jet instead of the airlines.
I am the Director of Flight Safety for a company that operates private jets (Gulfstream IVs). By my calculations, $127,000 is less than 25 hours of flight time. To put this another way, this is about three round-trip coast-to-coast domestic flights over a four month period. Not much!
Seems one could also argue that a slightly slower CPU and a slightly smaller hard drive is not much to give up for a £250 price reduction!
Well, I suppose it could be, but it seems more likely to me that the intent was to modify "discussions" in a manner suggesting that the discussions were preceding something significant (e.g. using AMD processors). If the intent was, in fact, to use "advanced," then it would suggest that the discussions have been going on for quite some time. Perhaps I should not have been so quick to judge. I am curious, though, because it makes a significant difference with regard to...
Not to be too anal-retentive, but I think the author meant "advance" discussions, not "advanced." I have noticed that the grammar and spelling on AI has been in a state of decline lately! Hopefully my post will be taken as constructive, as I am a big fan of the site, and start every morning my coming here to see what is new in the world of Apple! -Josh
Ive seems like a pretty cool guy. Heck of a sense of design in that one!
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