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Maybe this is Apple's way of preventing a conflict with its forthcoming "iMasturbate" app.
Has anyone had success downloading the Aperture 3 trial? I have tried several times to get it yet I never receive the email. I haven't seen anything on Apple's site indicating that the trial i not yet available, so I am not sure what the delay is all about. Thanks
All the touch points in the world won't overcome poor implementation. If there is anything that Apple has proven it is that content is king. Based on the McMillan episode, I fear for the Kindle. Amazon found there success by being in the BOOK business, not the reader business.
The original picture that started this post is obviously not the next generation iPhone. Anyone with any knowledge of the Apple product pipeline can tell that it is a photo of the iPad Nano!
I was a Windows geek for a long time, and initially had a difficult time transitioning to the Mac. I remember thinking "why can't I right-click" and "Why can't I modify system setting X?" After awhile, though, I became comfortable with the Mac because it was transparent -It allowed me to accomplish what I was trying to do by serving as a tool. I think my transition to the Mac would have been easier if I had not had so much prior experience with Windows. The mistake...
I am not trying to force a connection between this and the "tablet," but I thought I remembered that these large-screen iMacs were having glass failures in shipping and I "know" that Apple has been investigating glass-strengthening options for the tablet. Maybe that process or technology will find its way to other Apple devices that use lots of glass.
Could we finally have WiFi syncing for the iPhone? I would really love to be rid of the USB cable for anything but charging. The AppleTV syncs large amounts of content over WiFi without issue, why can't the iPhone do the same thing? Just yesterday I downloaded a new audiobook just to be disappointed when I got into the car because I had forgot to connect my iPhone to the digital ball and chain!
Perhaps this is what it looks like when the pendulum starts to swing back.. Step 1: Labor is cheap in the US because there are no governmental controls on conditions for workers Step 2: Domestic labor wants a taste of its own success by demanding better working conditions Step 3: Government goes too far and makes it too expensive to produce products domestically Step 3: US outsources labor to foreign countries because it is cheaper Step 4: Foreign laborers...
It looks to me like a stock image of a notebook that just happens to be a MacBook Pro. Probably just a graphic arts team putting together an image without even really knowing what they were looking at.
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