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Seems one could also argue that a slightly slower CPU and a slightly smaller hard drive is not much to give up for a £250 price reduction!
Well, I suppose it could be, but it seems more likely to me that the intent was to modify "discussions" in a manner suggesting that the discussions were preceding something significant (e.g. using AMD processors). If the intent was, in fact, to use "advanced," then it would suggest that the discussions have been going on for quite some time. Perhaps I should not have been so quick to judge. I am curious, though, because it makes a significant difference with regard to...
Not to be too anal-retentive, but I think the author meant "advance" discussions, not "advanced." I have noticed that the grammar and spelling on AI has been in a state of decline lately! Hopefully my post will be taken as constructive, as I am a big fan of the site, and start every morning my coming here to see what is new in the world of Apple! -Josh
Ive seems like a pretty cool guy. Heck of a sense of design in that one!
I went to Best Buy just out of curiosity to see how long the line would be. To my surprise, there was nobody there. The display unit was sitting on the table unused. I found a salesperson and asked if they had any iPads left in 16GB. To my surprise, he told me that they had every model available. I should note that the store had been open for over an hour when this happened. I was very surprised. I picked up a 32GB model, and am looking forward to playing with it!
I am a pretty big support of Apple, but this filing sure looks like the guys in art department in Cupertino had some spare time on their hands! I have a hard time believing that the same guy who couldn't get far enough away from the bulk of a floppy drive would be interested in attaching an awning to his company's notebooks!
Is the new polycarbonate MacBook case injection-molded, or cut from a block of plastic? I had the same reaction as the OP when it came out, and was wondering if there was some advantage to machining plastic parts instead of casting them.
This is not an accurate statement. Censorship need not be initiated by a government. When the MPAA, for example, requires that a movie be edited in a particular way in order to receive a particular rating, it is still censorship, despite the fact that the MPAA is not a government actor.Similarly, when I choose not to say something to my wife because it will upset her, I am censoring myself. In this case, Apple is both a censor and bowing down to what they perceive as...
Maybe this is Apple's way of preventing a conflict with its forthcoming "iMasturbate" app.
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