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I am the opposite of a Google fan-boy (in fact, I often wonder how there can be such a thing). Excluding search, I find most Google products and services to be a usability nightmare. That being said, I am not so sure that I agree that what Google did in this case is really really blameworthy. Sure, there is an argument to be made that the "form trick" they pulled constitutes circumvention of Safari's privacy settings, but that argument strikes me as being a bit...
I predict that the Apple OS naming convention will evenutually be iOS and xOS.
I think that the real significance of the Fire and the Nook is the role they will play in encouraging (read "forcing") publishers to make ALL their content available in e-book format. What Apple, Amazon, and now perhaps even B&N have learned is that it isn't about the device itself, it's about getting market penetration with the device as a portal to compelling content.
I don't know much about Ive, but everything I've ever read about him suggests that he is an unassuming, almost shy, personality that is unlikely to let the power go to his head. He seems the type that loves what he does to the extent that he doesn't really know he is working, and is therefore very likely continue along the trajectory he has established - very good news for those of us who love beautiful and minimalistic Apple products!
Is this really even an issue about whether or not more RAM is better? It seems to me that engineering complex devices is always a series of compromises. Performance, weight, power consumption, size, and cost constraints all shape the contours of design. At the end of the day, it would be a ridiculous understatement to call the iOS line of devices "successful," as they have defined an entire genre of products. I would say then, that to the extent that Apple's goal was to...
I would appreciate the link. I tried to locate the ipsw before I posted here, but I couldn't find it. My OSX dev account it still current by my iOS account lapsed, ugh! Thanks again. Josh
Does anyone have the build number for the final release? I am running iOS 5 beta, and it says its the current version (5.0), but I don't believe it is. My dev account expired a couple of weeks ago.
Thank you, Steve.
I couldn't agree more. I often wonder how many of the Android fanboys who crow about openness are updating their blogs from their homes within a gated community.
I discovered a similar defect in the housing market a couple years after I bought.
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