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So long as you have a Mac running that has access to the printer that is connected to the airport, you can click the "share this printer on the network" box on the Mac, and you will be able to print to the printer from the iOS device.
I have recently liberated myself from Office altogether, and my job requires me to produce and revise complex documents that are distributed over lots of platforms. I couldn't be happier, and can't imagine going back. The only reason I waited so long is because I just assumed that I needed to be using Word. When I finally tried to rid myself of it after seeing how uninterested I was in Office '11, I was shocked at what a non-event it was. One feature that I hope...
I think it is irresponsible journalism to state as fact, what can only properly be referred to as speculation. I don't doubt that it is accurate, but I do feel that stating things as though that have been officially substantiated when they clearly have not falls short of the duty that journalists owe their readers. I have noticed it a lot more frequently on AI as of late, and couldn't hold my tongue any longer. Just my .02 worth.
To want a a RIM Playbook instead of an iPad is kind of like wanting a unicorn instead of a horse.
You've got it right. Benchmark scores don't necessarily translate well to the experience of using a device. I have been using the 11.6" Air for a few days now, and have sold my MBP and iPad, and have not regretted it yet. It is quite liberating to forget about specs and just use the machine as the tool that it is!
I picked up an 11.6" MBA yesterday, and after getting it set up I have to say, I am going to sell my 13.3" MBP and my iPad. Even with the paltry 2GB of RAM, this thing does just fine. I used to be heavy into photography and spent lots of time in Aperture and CS3, but I'm not doing that anymore and have found that, quite frankly, there really isn't much a difference in terms of performance between the MBA and the MBP for everyday computing tasks. Where the difference...
I consider myself to be an Apple fan, but NOT a fanboy. That being said, my criticism of this device is simple: It seems to me to be exactly like the many, many, failed Windows-based tablets we've seen over the past ten years. To put it simply, iPad is the only device to see any real success in this space. It seems as though ease of use, a library of quality apps that run quickly and natively on the device, incredible battery life, and relative low price are the primary...
I agree. Apple has never been in the business of adding things are superfluous. Plus, the iPad is an "instant on device" and it only has one (ok two) buttons, and it lacks the one thing that a notebook could obviously use as a power button - the lid!
This is silly. This company is MODIFYING a genuine product, not manufacturing a clone in violation of Apple's patent. I'd bet dollars to donuts that beginning in December this company will start offering a service where consumers can send in their own magsafe cables to have the battery connector installed on the opposite end of the magsafe cable.
The thing that I am wondering about is the keyboard. The "magic" of the original Air was that it retained a full-sized keyboard relative to the other Macs. If the screen shrinks that much, the bezel would go with it, which seems to me would require that the keyboard be downsized as well. It will be interesting to see what comes about next Wednesday.
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