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It would make me very happy to see the optical drive removed from the MBPs and replaced with additional battery capacity. If I could have 10-12 REAL hours on a charge I would hardly ever have to bring the cord or worry about sitting someplace where I can plug it in. That would make a real difference in how I use my MacBook. Honestly, a few MhZ here and a few MB there won't matter to me nearly as much a couple more hours of time to actually use the computer without being...
One of Steve Jobs' core retail philosophies seems to be avoiding convoluted product lines, so I don't see this happening. Has anyone ever really picked up an iPhone in the store and said "if only it were a little bigger?" Seems like the solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
I was thinking exactly the same thing. I won't paint my self as a flamer or fanboy by speculating as to how terrible or wonderful this device may or may not end up being, but I can say with confidence that I do not believe that the video supported the "business" moniker that RIM has attached to this device.
They spelled "memmory" wrong in the first diagram!
It would make a lot more sense for Apple to start selling books!
I bet you anything that this event will inspire Steve to create a small, handheld device that has always-on connectivity and the ability to run applications that make it possible to instantly make reservations for your favorite pizza restaurants. Now, if we can just come up with a name for this revolutionary and magical device!
My 3G is such a pig running ios4 that i don't really care what Apple choses not to support on it, because it won't run worth a damn anyway. I have been holding out on a 4, but I think it is almost time to pull the trigger.
My stove gets scalding hot when turned on.
It seems to me that engineering is ALWAYS a question of compromise. It might make for a good sound byte to say that Apple "elevated form over function," but form is a part of function. There seems little doubt that making devices HUGE like they used to be would allow for bigger batteries, faster processors, more memory, and more powerful antennas, transmitters, and amplifiers -all things that do no good if people don't want to use the device. Apple has the right idea...
While I agree that the world is full of stupid people, I have to disagree with your notion that Apple doesn't understand how they work. Apple is arguably the best in the industry in terms of their understanding of human factors and the man-machine interface. Similarly, Apple is undoubtedly the pacesetter in terms of marketing, so I think it is an uphill battle to suggest that Steve & Co. don't understand the consumer mindset.
New Posts  All Forums: