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I bet you anything that this event will inspire Steve to create a small, handheld device that has always-on connectivity and the ability to run applications that make it possible to instantly make reservations for your favorite pizza restaurants. Now, if we can just come up with a name for this revolutionary and magical device!
My 3G is such a pig running ios4 that i don't really care what Apple choses not to support on it, because it won't run worth a damn anyway. I have been holding out on a 4, but I think it is almost time to pull the trigger.
My stove gets scalding hot when turned on.
It seems to me that engineering is ALWAYS a question of compromise. It might make for a good sound byte to say that Apple "elevated form over function," but form is a part of function. There seems little doubt that making devices HUGE like they used to be would allow for bigger batteries, faster processors, more memory, and more powerful antennas, transmitters, and amplifiers -all things that do no good if people don't want to use the device. Apple has the right idea...
While I agree that the world is full of stupid people, I have to disagree with your notion that Apple doesn't understand how they work. Apple is arguably the best in the industry in terms of their understanding of human factors and the man-machine interface. Similarly, Apple is undoubtedly the pacesetter in terms of marketing, so I think it is an uphill battle to suggest that Steve & Co. don't understand the consumer mindset.
MS can't seem to figure out that less is more. Even if MS does get good information from this type of research they will screw it up by trying to put ALL of it into a product. I think that a big part of the appeal of Apple products comes from what they are willing to leave out.
I would say that the Apple's consistent ability to lead the marketplace in terms of quality, innovation, and client-loyalty are highly suggestive of the fact that Apple's way of doing things is superior to the approach taken by their competitors.
The specific mention of playing audio from the iDisk makes me wonder if Apple is finally going to start taking MobileMe seriously and get the performance to where it would need to be to serve as a "cloud-based" media hub. It seems to me that Apple is taking the opposite approach to the one suggested in "Field of Dreams." We have all come, and now we are just waiting on Apple to build "it." "It" in this case, is the missing link between the great family of Apple...
It is a well-settled concept of American Constitutional law that the first amendment includes the right to not to speak. While there is no government action involved in this case, I think the analogy is relevant in that it is symbolic of how powerful a statement one can make merely by choosing NOT to engage in speech of a particular type. In Apple's case, they have a deep-rooted sense of minimalism that is frequently expressed in the form of features that are LEFT OUT of...
"Save the cheerleader, save the world." "Lose the ability to show cheerleaders banging the football team, lose the platform war." - And you can quote me on this one! -JetLaw
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