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...or read through to the last paragraph in the article. 
Anantksundaram, every article that I just read from Reuters, Bloomberg, WSJ, et al., all say that the bond money is being used to buy back stock and to fund dividends. Makes sense to me because the bond money is borrowed money and not accounted as an asset -- Apple didn't earn it so Apple doesn't 'own' it. Therefore, they may use the money for whatever they please. The way I understand it, they are basically transferring the borrowed money to shareholders and/or are using...
Because 10x more kids would be overweight. The social skills development argument mentioned earlier is spot-on 100% correct, also. We need to expose and push our kids towards more outside activity rather than keep them holed up in their houses.
I fail to realize your justification. Revenue was up last Q by 33% so what makes you think a 20% revenue growth guidance for next quarter is a compelling reason to buy now....aside from the 10% after hours drop?
And this.... http://www.marketwatch.com/story/microsoft-reports-biggest-quarterly-loss-ever-2015-07-21-164854246
I guess he had to be in order to pay off his orthopedic surgeon. 
Sorry, but I call BS on that rumor. There is no way that giving away an album, especially a U2 album, is worth $100 million to any company. 
There's the 3 month free trial money!!
And I am one of them. I fail to see how the two relate. How does having an album automatically appear on one's smartphone compare to streaming music?  Care to expand upon your comment?  And just to be clear, my original comment (#2) was all about (disliking) Kanye and not about the action of having his album being pushed to me (which I would also greatly dislike).
Ummm, didn't I say I was just getting started?   Sorry, but, there's more flesh on the ribs of that dead horse.... compared to the amount of talent Kanye possesses.
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