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Wait....where the picture of the purported AppleTV with the photo of House on the screen?
Munster is the biggest analytical bone-head of them all…..even Wells Fargo's Maynard Um. Munster hasn't gotten anything right about Apple or AAPL in many, many years. If we went by what he has predicted, we'd have a 96" flatscreen AppleTV by now. I wonder why AI keeps quoting him.
No way will a single be good enough for Wall Street. They're looking for a home run and the stock will take a HUGE hit if it's not. A single will also be confirmation that Apple has lost its mojo.  
If you ask me, that "copycat document" is all the jury should need to prove guilt, IMO. When it first came to surface during the first trial, the more I read it, the more disgusted I became.
Interesting how diverse your sources of news and info are. I assume these sources, among others, help provide you with your wide gamut of knowledge? 
 So right.
So you're DED?  /syours trulynoun1.a conventional phrase used at the end of a letter.2.Informal. I; myself; me: I'm only in business to profit yours truly. 
I don't think commenting about the attractiveness of a woman is treating a woman in a bad way. I don't know too many women that don't like to hear about being considered attractive. It's all about how it's said. Now, that said, if it's said in a sexist manner then that's a different story.
I believe your aggression should be towards Comcast for deciding who's and which data takes priority in the bandwidth between Comcast and their subscriber.
"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"
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