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I second......third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth......that! And that's just a start!
Gilligan, AKA, Little Buddy.  
That's the same douchebag that created the viral "bendgate" video when the iP6 was first released. Heard he made boatloads of Google ad revenue from the millions of YouTube views.
You are assuming that most users are as tech savvy as you are. The fact of the matter is most users do not know how to change their default search and most don't know the difference between Google ad search results and actual, unpersuaded search results. The fact that Google ad search results appear more prominently means an unsuspecting user will more likely choose that one. I believe this is a major EU sticking point.
Hi, Sheldon. 
Please show me in any of my posts where I stated that the iPhone 6 was artificially constrained.  I get it. But the fact is, Apple is going to have to SELL this device more than any other device they've sold if this device is going to be the one eyed to further their growth. Not everyone needs a watch like they do a phone and a LOT of people I know (myself included) just don't wear one. That said, I hope Apple sells a boatload…..every……single…..day. And you should not...
Thank you for the follow-up. I wasn't aware of the original post(er) so I didn't realize that I was pouring salt on an already open wound.
Thank you, it means a lot, really. I guess I'm just getting old and I don't get the new wave crowd and their way of thinking….or NOT thinking. You've been here a few more years than I have and I appreciate the fact that you know where I'm coming from. I'm far from a troll and I think you know that because…..you use memory and reasoning!
Thank you. Excellent reply and the type of reply I feel is the whole reason for this forum.  That said, can I ask you if you think the way Apple is handling the release of their watch is because they feel demand is going to be extreme....similar to the iPhone and the original iPad? And, BTW, thank you for not being insane. Please take note, fellow AI members. See how civil and educational a forum discussion can be? No, you don't....because I've been BLOCKED by so many!
I wasn't being a troll, I merely suggested an alternate narrative and passed on other information that I heard. Is that being a troll?? Never said what he said was true. Everything is taken so literal, and God forbid one person's comment or suggestion doesn't align with everyone else's. Break out the stones! I thought this board was for discussion, not ridicule and outright attacks. Now I know, first hand, why Solipsism (SolipsismX and SolipsismY) has to walk away from...
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