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I think this article gives a good summary of the intent of the movie. There are people here taking took much of a hard-nosed position about what they feel the movie should've been.http://usat.ly/1RoHfzF
  I don't know why you're getting all bent out of shape about a movie that does not try to say it's a factual biography. By your thinking you should never like or look at any painting by Monet because his depictions (impressions) of landscapes are not true or factual replications of the actual location. Besides an artist being able to paint a subject with 99% replication, art is also impressionistic, which is Monet. If you squint real hard a Monet, one can get a better...
  I take it as not building them fast enough. Comprehension is becoming a lost art these days....
I don't know much about DC electric (battery) power but to see this amazingly powerful device, with everything it's capable of -- being powered by a seemingly paltry 3.8 volts of energy -- just completely amazes me.    Edit: That said, what's even more amazing is the battery life we actually get. I know I'm going to get flack for that statement from the power-users but from what little knowledge I know of current battery tech, we should be thankful for even that much...
 A1 post. I've been having discussions about this for a while now. Does the use of user mobile bandwidth for ads (or by ad companies) fall under any EULAs? In other words, is there (super)fine print in the AT&T wireless contract I signed that stated I have to eat advertising bytes?....or is there a class-action lawsuit in the making? I think advertisers should have to pay my wireless provider for the cost of the bytes. I shouldn't have to pay for the bytes pushed to my...
How the frigg does this guy know this? Supply chain source data would not indicate how many Rose Gold iPhones have been ordered. The only way I can think of him knowing this info is by knowing the person/people in charge of shipping fulfillment at Foxconn. Agreed? I may not know how this stuff works but common sense tells me this. Am I missing something?
YAY! For the first time in my life.......I'm in the majority!!! 
Not if you believe the media. This update was ho-hum according to most announcement event articles.
 1: Who's Katie? 2: Because they're getting out of the homegrown phone biz?3: I wondered that too. Strange offers. Overall, the trade-in/credit values are amazing. All things the same, one could own the latest and greatest iPhone for a shade over a buck a day....in perpetuity!  
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