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The App Store probably put it on the back burner and thought if they'd hold out for two weeks then maybe BlackBerry would be out of business. 
  This may answer your question(s)...  http://business.financialpost.com/2013/09/05/apple-inc-how-sonny-dickson-an-australian-teen-is-driving-the-tech-giant-crazy-with-iphone-leaks/?__lsa=42f8-60e8
Kindle "Fire-sales"     Intended or not, I like that play on words.
  LOL, the Dr. seems to have touched the camera app by mistake during surgery. (Pic #7)
You kidding!!!??? This is HUGE news!    When I first heard of Apple producing the champagne (gold) color I thought, for sure, that Apple was Doomed. Now that this study was published, my fears have been abated.   /s
Somebody could come along that has the same skills as Steve Jobs had....but it's highly unlikely. There are only a few people in any given century that stand out from the crowd. 50+ years from now and beyond, Steve Jobs will be known as the Edison/Ford/Picaso (all wrapped up in one) of our time.   It's the "all wrapped up in one" thing that made him so outstanding.....and, yes, that unique.     This doesn't mean Apple is doomed® without Steve Jobs.
I was waiting for you to weigh in on the matter (post #37). Your opinion is much more valued, to me, than Larry Ellison's. Since Steve and he were such friends, I think his opinion is more biased than yours.
I know Larry and Steve were friends but does he now know more than we all can see? If not, he has nothing to base his opinion on.       I'd really like to get mdriftmeyer's take on Larry's comment...
I guess it's to counter mindset like yours. While this article may paint Apple in a perfect light, it's refreshing to be reminded of history because many people don't realize or acknowledge how much Apple has influenced almost every CE product sold in the last 30+ years.
Dang it! I thought, finally, that I'd be able to understand and better comprehend all of these lawsuits because they'd be explained with pictures.   But when I clicked on the article, once again, I saw a whole bunch of those word thingys.     Whoa is me, I guess I'll never understand...
New Posts  All Forums: