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Great, so the display can render stretch marks even better...  ....ewww.
I may be wrong but didn't the Apple store app show inventory levels?
That's if one assumes the same amount of iPhone 6+ were available for sale as the iPhone 6, which I doubt. We may never know because Apple doesn't break down model sales.
Judging by their name, If he/she is a fellow German, I know how to handle them. My German surname means 'Stone Mountain' in English.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.   Thank you for having an open mind, I try to make my comments and replies thought provoking, rather than provocative.
 Just to set the record straight, I was not trying to call into question your argument or mar your reputation. You have one side of the argument and I'm just trying to give you another side (mine), backed up by two real-world examples. I think the battery replacement program was not only to control PR but more so to recognize and correct a component problem, which was at a slightly higher rate than would be considered an anomaly, and because the rate of failure was higher...
The Catholic church. 
Allow me give you a real-life, rather than a made-up, dialog between an Apple salesperson and a prospective (Windows switcher) buyer. This was overheard by me as I was waiting 35 minutes for a Genius to swap out my battery (which was fully covered by Apple's free iPhone 5 defective battery replacement program, one full year after my 1 year warranty expired).  I'm going to leave out the sales pitch, which makes this short story even shorter, because the OS, UI and HW sold...
Looks pretty white to me. Happy now? 
But the videos add nothing, really.
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