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My mom would've thrown me out of the house if I was online as much as TS.
Not everyone "wants" the 5C as much as Apple "expected". There, does that sound better to you? It's NOT a joke. Who's to say that the next device is going to be a blockbuster? You don't know, yourself. Maybe Apple thought any Apple device will do well---regardless of what it is---just because it's Apple.  BUT... .....refer to the 5C and how it did NOT live up to expectations. And you talk about ignorance? Obviously you have no monetary skin in the game. If you did, I...
 Apple's 1st quarter is already history. Stock performance (share price) is based on future growth and earnings, so, yes, an argument can be made that Apple is messing up now. Why? Because in order to keep the juggernaut going, something has to happen in one way or another, like another killer iPhone app or a new killer category device.People are expressing their concern that Apple's growth machine (the iPhone) is reaching its unit sales limit (indicated by ~10% YoY sales...
Just like their ebook pricing, they'll take a loss with each content subscription….but they'll just make up for it with volume.   /s
I noticed the same thing and wondered why members would link to a random Ebay page displaying iPads when the word iPad is referenced in a comment. Now it completely makes sense. Pretty sneaky. Good catch! 
Wouldn't this be yet another Microsoft CEO that didn't stay ahead of the tech curve, also by letting their competition leap years ahead without reacting?
 Rounding error.
Hence the reason why AI said this was posted for the sake of discussion. If we didn't have speculative rumors to talk about, why have a rumor site? Otherwise, we'd have only 3-4 stories a day to read and comment on. Remove the Samsung related stories and it's down to 1-2 articles a day.
I don't think the analyst is convinced himself.....with only a $590 price target.
   By "he" are you referring to Gene Munster (a/k/a Genius Munster to his peeps)? Is this the same guy (analyst) that has wrongly predicted a large-screen category-changing super-thin Apple-originated flat-screen TV…for the past 3 years?
New Posts  All Forums: