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More so, display issues.
He also designed the pop-out button for a wrist strap and we will never see that designed into an iPhone. These are two completely different products marketed towards two different types of consumers for two different uses. It's just my opinion but I don't think the lens will protrude on their premium, flagship device. You can tell me how wrong I was in a few weeks. And, knowing you, you certainly will¡
Different animal.
I doubt Jony would design something like this.
Holy crap….does she need a manicure or what!?
Does it cost more to work around the patent than to pay royalties for using it? Even if it costs more to license than work around. isn't the customer satisfaction worth it? I think Find My Friends also infringes on a similar VirnetX 4G security patent. When FMF was first introduced, it used to track one's friends in real time. Now it gives general locations and doesn't allow updates very often, even when done manually.
She has a great set of memmary modules. 
Apple needs to worry when all of their competitors figure out that it's all about ease of use and the UX.   At the rate they're going, Apple has nothing to worry about.
I don't feel this a wide-spread problem. Could be a single batch problem or an anomaly but there is clearly a problem with my battery. My original iPhone (1st gen, a 7 year old phone) still has a longer battery life than my present iPhone 5.
I call bullshit, just so you can save face, but, whatever. So you drop $100+K on premium vehicle, the timing belt breaks 1200 miles out of warranty (when the normal service interval is 100K miles and hypothetically 100 of your friends that bought the same vehicle had no problem) and you'll happily pay the dealer $4K to fix it without even questioning? How about if you happen to be unlucky and the belt snaps while cruising @ 4000 RPM and you throw valves that smash through...
New Posts  All Forums: