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Think they could have used something a little more upscale than a ¾" wood dowel to mount the thing on?
Or perhaps the final product was far too brittle to use because of how thin the screen needs to be. I sometimes wonder if Apple, in fact, uses Gorilla Glass 3. There is no mention of Apple being a customer on Corning's GG website when practically every other smart laptop/phone/tablet manufacturer is listed there. http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/products-with-gorilla Edit: This article talks about how Steve Jobs' urging and persistence made Gorilla Glass possible for use...
My "Get Smart" reference (joke) went completely over your head. Not your fault, you're only guilty of not being over 40 years old.  
….and can only be read by either party or their lawyers….under the Cone of Silence"
Whoever's job at AI it is to monitor 9to5 for stories (since they're usually first to break stories) must've missed it when they saw, rewrote and quickly posted the U2 album download story just prior to the GT Advanced story. 
Fellow members of AI…..our collective Samsung boycott is working. 
Great, so the display can render stretch marks even better...  ....ewww.
I may be wrong but didn't the Apple store app show inventory levels?
That's if one assumes the same amount of iPhone 6+ were available for sale as the iPhone 6, which I doubt. We may never know because Apple doesn't break down model sales.
Judging by their name, If he/she is a fellow German, I know how to handle them. My German surname means 'Stone Mountain' in English.
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