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   By "he" are you referring to Gene Munster (a/k/a Genius Munster to his peeps)? Is this the same guy (analyst) that has wrongly predicted a large-screen category-changing super-thin Apple-originated flat-screen TV…for the past 3 years?
To me, that sounds like the antithesis of a Steve Jobs quote.
144 is nearly (closer to) 200….compared to the relatively small number of standard configurations. 
Here's another link for ya! http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57616433-71/iphone-users-smartest-test-of-wits-says-blackberry-sorry/ So not only do those here think Android is bought by those with lesser means, here's proof that Android users have less "intelligence", also
  You're both wrong...  He's the Dos Equis "Stay thirsty, my friends" guy. 
           Soooo, tell me…..am I a nieve, latent exhibitionist or are y'all…..paranoid?
I'd be interested in knowing how many investor millionaires were created since then. Count me as one of them, having invested $17,500 for 1000 shares back in 1999, thereafter splitting twice to 4000. And what a great ride it's been… Getting ready for the next one!
Celebrity marketing power (influence).
Well it doesn't say "sells" anymore. Not when I read it. I also find it strange that the URL, the article title and the tab title say 3 different things.     What I take issue with is a quote within the same article. It says: Samsung’s announcement “is probably just to show that the shipments have reached close to 1 million,” Doh Hyun-woo, an analyst with Mirae Asset Securities said. “Still, the figure only shows us that people are rarely buying this product given that the...
New Posts  All Forums: