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TAG, you're it!
FYI...Corrections is DED, DED is Corrections
That's on the QT 
There, fixed that for ya! I hope for AAPL's sake, and the sake of all their investors, there is no such thing as market capacity when referring to stock market valuation.  Edit: Dang, pipped by Delreyjones. My comment still stands.
Cue Gene Munster to drop his target price tomorrow.
Is that what prompts analysts to revise their price targets¿ As a reaction to recent, significant share gains¿
"Look, Evercore, me too!"
I was able to up until about a month ago, but now that I have an iP6, the unsightly, protruding lens  won't allow it anymore.   Edit...BTW...Xerox is no longer the de facto standard reproduction product company it once was in the printing/reproduction industry. Canon, Konica-Minolta and Ricoh now dominate sales in the production print-for-pay market. I understand why you used that name, though. 
I've asked this question a few times before but no one seems to be able to answer it. Why does Apple not appear on the Corning list of GG product users? http://cgg.dev-box.org/en/products-with-gorilla  http://cgg.dev-box.org/en/products-with-gorilla/full-products-list
Oh, gotcha.    We call that ball busting in the States.
New Posts  All Forums: