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Doesn't AI usually use the (u) after the title if/when they update? They're trying to pull a fast one on ya!
 It's not like you to miss details but, dude…she's mentioned more than once!
Ever use https://startpage.com ?
He sure as heck doesn't own a razor! 
4.7" I can live with, but, please, no 5.5" display. And keep the current 4" size. Besides 5.5" being way too big, we don't need to hear all of the Samsung trollers saying that Apple is now copying Samsung.
I read an article that panned the whole watch thing. They said iWatch was a verb, not a noun, and that iWatch was all about the TV and nothing about a wearable device. Also used by Apple while they do a double reverse; a way to keep competitors wasting R&D + lots of time and $ on a watch (namely Samsung).
They all lock themselves in the secret design room the first month of the year...and 9 months later... ...they give birth to new devices!
T. Cook:   "….shouldn't gauge unit sales based on supply chain data…"
Wait....where the picture of the purported AppleTV with the photo of House on the screen?
Munster is the biggest analytical bone-head of them all…..even Wells Fargo's Maynard Um. Munster hasn't gotten anything right about Apple or AAPL in many, many years. If we went by what he has predicted, we'd have a 96" flatscreen AppleTV by now. I wonder why AI keeps quoting him.
New Posts  All Forums: