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I've been asking that question for years...
Caffeine is great for certain types of headaches, also. There are simple solutions to complex maladies, which we consume everyday, but big pharma don't want you to know that. 
As am I. With Apple's design and build quality, one would be hard-pressed to see the outline of the SIM tray in a video. The eject hole? Yes. But not the rest. 
I am so tired of seeing that same mannequin hand illustration.
Very interesting info, thanks. Since you were able to explain its drug effects so well, can you possibly explain why caffeine has a calming, focusing effect on those with ADHD? Seems to be the opposite of your explanation and I see, first hand, how caffeine (1-2 cups of strong coffee) can snap my son back from being scattered and fidgety.
You're not the first to mention that.
I only posted my reply to educate the ignorance out of people. You're 100% right and I apologize for perpetuating the topic.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_lisp If you ask me, it's a subtle way of announcing their sexual preference. IDK, just making a suggestion; and, for me, it's a good fit. All I know is, while it doesn't bother me in the least, IDK where, why or how it came about. And it seems that no one else does, either.  Edit: Linguistic profiling#Gender and sexual orientation 
You tell 'em, Tim!! The partnership with IBM is what the big-ass iPad is for!!!
  For those who remember....I just had to: 
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