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Off topic but I've noticed over the past week that AI appears in the Google financial news feed: http://www.google.com/finance?client=ob&q=NASDAQ:AAPL   They are now in the company of a few anti-Apple click-bait sites such as ValueWalk and Minyanville. Hopefully the presence of AI will help change the trend of tech and financial bloggers' anti-Apple crusade.
      I hope you didn't miss the paragraph in the article (above in bold) that states Firefox operates in the same way.
Ladies and gentlemen....Spock! 
  Price. Same reason why strong 4S sales surprised Tim Cook last quarter. If this "5C" device is being developed for the low(er) end market, then it may outsell the 5S in units, but not gross sales. Obviously there is strong demand for lower-cost iPhones....which seems to transcend the age of the hardware.   Maybe the "complete idiots" can only afford a low(er) end iPhone. That is, if these rumors of a low(er) end iPhone are true...
Hence the reason for his post. He is ***hoping*** that Apple will surprise us with "one more thing" about the new iPhone. History has proven to us that it sometimes happens. You know, like Facetime and the map app, which I think is fantastic compared to most everything else out there. Real, slo-mo video, perhaps?   After all, isn't that what AI is all about?.....discussing the possibilities?
If course you're not wrong, although a few other members have told you otherwise.   Have you thought that maybe he, along with many other Apple device lovers, would like Apple to step-up the pace of their innovation? As much as I love Apple, I know they aren't perfect.....like you think they are. Plus, there's nothing wrong with someone, and I quote, "hoping" Apple come out with another killer iPhone feature to blow the competition out of the water.
You'll have to excuse some members of the "high tech" society, they lack the experience of the benefits of mood lighting.   For some, the glow of an LED screen emanating from their electronic device.....is considered mood lighting. 
How can you call a man's wish FUD? There is nothing wrong with someone looking for a compelling new technology for the new iPhone coming from Apple.   Is this how we keep new members, by ridiculing them and telling them to go away for expressing their thoughts and opinions? 
Can't agree with this one. There is no way Gatorguy is Techstud, Gatorguy is way smarter and much more openminded.
Just to get through the day, simply living LIFE forces some people to carry bags.
New Posts  All Forums: