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Read post 51, my original post and Newbee's reply. Paying less is not always good. When local business is out of business, forcing you to drive 30 minutes out of your way or forcing you to shop the Internet, then you'll understand why. 
The key to your point is that the general or corner stores gave way to specialty stores (specific to the type of goods, like shoe stores) but they were still local and easy to travel to. Once these local stores are gone then EVERYONE will need to order online and wait for delivery. Problem is, there are many occasions where a consumer can't wait for delivery, even next-day delivery.
Amazon, especially with the introduction of the Fire phone, is slowly but surely killing small business across the country. Consumers will walk into a local store to see, touch & feel the object they are shopping for and then will use their Firefly app to order online. Perfect example is a shoe store. 1) Walk in.2) Get perfectly fitted by a professional3) Ask to try on "one last pair"4) Salesman walks into the stock room to retrieve "one last pair" thinking he made a great...
It's #1 on his wish list. 
You comment reminds me of an old Sam Kinison bit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylyts7L6Hwg
 You hear right. It's a clone but a poorly built clone using low budget materials. Perhaps I should've used the word copy rather than clone. It seems to me that you take things in more of a literal sense. If you honestly haven't touched a Samsung smartphone, take a stroll down to your nearest AT&T store and compare their (Samsung & Apple) materials and build quality side-by-side. If you have any sense of quality, only then will you know what we rant about here.
 I don't see it that way. I (and most here) would have no problem with Samsung if they didn't clone the look and UX of the iPhone. They are an ingenious company with lots of great, original technology. The problem is they dropped their originality and became a mobile device cloning company when they saw the first iPhone.
I CAN'T STAND THAT EGOMANIACAL MOTHERF*CK*R   It has nothing to do with his success, his money, his race....anything like that. It's simply his attitude and his notion that people care about -- and want to listen to -- what he has to say.   Hate to break it to you Kanyé.....we don't. (Said in my best pitch-harmonized voice)
I think you were reading too deeply into his comment. I think they were talking about any device that has the Samsung name on its outermost case, as in the finished product, not its components. As I said earlier, it's difficult to purchase any mobile device that doesn't use at least one Samsung electronic component.
Spock, is that you?
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