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I don't feel that the Criticisms of Apple page is quite the same scope as the Criticisms of Google page. If anything, it is not as pertinent to this discussion as the Google page. And if you ask me, at first glance, most of Apple's criticisms listed on that page are because Apple is held to a higher standard than their tech peers, especially with the environment and labor issues. I, like many others here, avoid Google and their services as much as possible.
 With a larger screen¿¡ 
That's a blast from the past! The only names I recognize in that thread are the mods (and pre-mods) and Ireland!
Guy? Dude looks like a lady?
I disagree. I would think ample space between icons is required for a jittery hand while driving to accurately touch the intended app. Uniformity is more pleasing to look at. I don't want to see a few large icons screaming at me, nor do I want to see a whole bunch of tiny ones cluttering the screen.  I think colorful, tasteful looking icons look quite elegant on a black field.
Nice pun!  
^^^^^THIS^^^^^ No doubt in my mind this was Tim's intent. His subtle way of saying that what's coming is significant, category changing and will be perfectly implemented.
 I love this company. Like was said earlier, Apple seeks to protect their users from spam while Google is the exact opposite. Bring it on!  Maybe those who are raving about it…..don't need the help!  
 And how long have each held their respective AAPL shares? You do realize they each have their own, completely different, agendas, yes? Icahn got in for the short-term quick buck and CalPERS are in it for the long-haul. I've owned AAPL since 1997; who's position do you think I stand behind?
 WHO is clueless?    That might've been the range AAPL has traded since Carl Icahn started investing, but to say that his investment brought AAPL from the high $300s to where it closed today is just ludicrous.
New Posts  All Forums: