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How about the trunk lid hinges, which is hardware specific to the function of the trunk lid? On a lot of cars (not all) the hinges for the trunk lid encroach on the storage space; not when open but when closing or closed.
I'm not going to offer any conspiracy theories but I agree 110% that something smells really bad about this whole Sony Entertainment hackgate thing. Do we even know why and who caused N. Korea's Internet to go down, yet? Just bizarre.
TAG, you're it!
FYI...Corrections is DED, DED is Corrections
That's on the QT 
There, fixed that for ya! I hope for AAPL's sake, and the sake of all their investors, there is no such thing as market capacity when referring to stock market valuation.  Edit: Dang, pipped by Delreyjones. My comment still stands.
Cue Gene Munster to drop his target price tomorrow.
Is that what prompts analysts to revise their price targets¿ As a reaction to recent, significant share gains¿
"Look, Evercore, me too!"
I was able to up until about a month ago, but now that I have an iP6, the unsightly, protruding lens  won't allow it anymore.   Edit...BTW...Xerox is no longer the de facto standard reproduction product company it once was in the printing/reproduction industry. Canon, Konica-Minolta and Ricoh now dominate sales in the production print-for-pay market. I understand why you used that name, though. 
New Posts  All Forums: