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You're right, it's so far out of your hands (and your realm of knowledge) that you aren't even qualified to make a sales prediction.
   New nickname. No more Mr. Happy, you've officially become "wet diaper man". 
I have a 4K TV and Netflix have a very limited offering.
Then how do you justify the MSRP price drop?
Selling off excess inventory.
Mr. Happypants. It flows off the tongue better. 
Just classic American cartoons. I pretty much know every cartoon character, and the lines they made famous, between about 1965 to 1975 (a lot were by Hanna-Barbera). Plus every Looney Tune & Popeye cartoon. While there have been a few good animated shows since then, the older classics I just mentioned could provide great laughs without the current, obligatory need for sexual innuendo and potty humor.
  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Messick Quote: " He claimed that giving up smoking had robbed him of the rasp in the voice that he needed."
Double drat! Triple drat!     
1000 posts allows you to give yourself a nickname, which will appear under your current username. AI members sometimes use this nickname option to exemplify their personas. For example: Apple ][ is "Fandroid Killer" and dasanman69 is "Naysayer Extraordinaire" May I suggest a nickname for you….Mr. Happypants?   Edit: Added an article of clothing to my nickname suggestion…..because it sounded funnier!
New Posts  All Forums: