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You're right, based on the majority of those seven replies, I'd be happier with none, also.
You don't wonder why you get essentially no replies, do you? The way I see it, you're basically posting to an audience of one, maybe two, that actually view your comments as read-worthy. The rest of the veterans/mavens here have you on their block list because they tire of your constant, consistently negative barrage. So, basically, you're posting comments strictly for self-satisfaction….which kinda defeats the purpose of participating in a forum, IMO. Just a reality check...
I don't understand how innate politeness breeds ridicule, but what do I know. Constructive criticism is always good but keep in mind, Apple is not going to read a single word you type here so your ridicule will only bring opposition from the other members. My comments towards you are not mean-spirited but are meant to evoke you to take an objective view towards yourself. If I was told my name should be Mr. Happypants or Mr. Wet Diaper, I would look hard in the mirror and...
Constructive criticism is a good thing.  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/constructive%20criticism?s=t The "criticism" you both are spewing is borderline ridicule towards Apple, its CEO and lead designer,  and can be taken as no way other than inflammatory. On a pro-Apple forum, your derogatory comments will only be taken one way, and it won't be pretty. NOTHING will get debated or accomplished and it makes for a 9to5Mac kind of comment...
Word Origin and History...
You're right, it's so far out of your hands (and your realm of knowledge) that you aren't even qualified to make a sales prediction.
   New nickname. No more Mr. Happy, you've officially become "wet diaper man". 
I have a 4K TV and Netflix have a very limited offering.
Then how do you justify the MSRP price drop?
Selling off excess inventory.
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