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 Rounding error.
Hence the reason why AI said this was posted for the sake of discussion. If we didn't have speculative rumors to talk about, why have a rumor site? Otherwise, we'd have only 3-4 stories a day to read and comment on. Remove the Samsung related stories and it's down to 1-2 articles a day.
I don't think the analyst is convinced himself.....with only a $590 price target.
   By "he" are you referring to Gene Munster (a/k/a Genius Munster to his peeps)? Is this the same guy (analyst) that has wrongly predicted a large-screen category-changing super-thin Apple-originated flat-screen TV…for the past 3 years?
To me, that sounds like the antithesis of a Steve Jobs quote.
144 is nearly (closer to) 200….compared to the relatively small number of standard configurations. 
Here's another link for ya! http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57616433-71/iphone-users-smartest-test-of-wits-says-blackberry-sorry/ So not only do those here think Android is bought by those with lesser means, here's proof that Android users have less "intelligence", also
  You're both wrong...  He's the Dos Equis "Stay thirsty, my friends" guy. 
           Soooo, tell me…..am I a nieve, latent exhibitionist or are y'all…..paranoid?
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