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Correction........"Several tens of millions"    That's the difference between Apple and others. Steve Jobs said he'd be happy with 1% of the mobile phone sales when the original iphone was released and now this guy, Heins, is going out on a limb to say he anticipates several tens of millions sold. Granted Apple was breaking into the phone business and Blackberry has an installed user base to upgrade and build from, but, Blackberry is still an underdog, at this...
      I think it boils down to the sales rep. I have a dedicated rep on the business sales side and I have never had a problem, ever. As a matter of fact, my rep has bent over backwards and even throws a lot of free stuff in like cabling and even an 8 port network switch. He would also scan the system for all free package deals, which includes printers, RAM, and software such as Parallels. Prior to working with the business sales department I can't think of any problems I...
No, it's reading comprehension that is the unknown to most people.
Not joking at all. Sounds to me like that's what happens when people over-extend themselves and/or live hand-to-mouth. If one doesn't have spare money to invest---monies that won't be missed---then one shouldn't be investing in equities.....especially short-term.     GO LONG, BABY!!!
His point is....money is neither lost or gained unless the equity is sold. A loss/gain on paper is just that; an unrealized loss/gain---and means nothing until the stock is sold.   I bought AAPL @ (a split adjusted) $4.60/share and have held it for almost 15 years. This is just another blip in the chart on the way to $800, big deal. 
  /s (?)       A buck a year, dude?       Seriously?
This is nothing about going against the grain. All we're saying is that you're stating an uneducated viewpoint.
With a performance-based compensation package, he would make hundreds of millions......only if he earned it.   It's obvious you know little of how the corporate world works.
You can't fault a guy for wanting to take a CEO position at a retail company with such a long history, along with the tremendous challenge of turning a company around. If he succeeded, he would've rubbed shoulders with very few CEOs with the same accomplishment.....for example, his old boss, Steve Jobs. Some people are not cut out to be CEOs. He was a perfect fit at Apple and made their retail operations what it is today. There is always room for improvement and I think...
Rite of Passage? Sounds more like hazing to me.
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