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And they call US sheep?
Finally an AI report about the upcoming patent trial without a quote from Florian Mueller, the FOSS Patents dude.
I hope Apple know what they're doing and this, or some other patent they may possibly infringe upon, doesn't blow up in their face. As a shareholder, that's my biggest fear. I'm all for protecting IP but no one should be an a-hole about it. It's all about the 'karma/burning bridges' thing.
Like I said, nothing about you is humble. A statement like that should be opined by someone....besides yourself....for one to be considered "a pretty nice guy".
  Dude, why don't you look up the word humble in the dictionary. Nothing that you type in any one of your posts even comes remotely close to being humble. And by the type of adjectives you use in your sentences in an attempt to color an otherwise monotonous comment, it's pretty obvious that you filled out many pages of Mad Libs as a youngster.   I've never come across a forum poster that is so predictable, crass, relentless and tiresome.     Mods---I will gladly take my...
  Woz, since 2008, has been an investor and Chief Scientist of a cloud solutions company called Fusion-IO. How involved he is I don't exactly know and he may have been given the title just because of the amount he has invested. I've been told this is a hot, up and coming company because of the technology they offer, with Cisco, HP, Dell and a few other bigger companies using their unique solutions.   http://www.fusionio.com/company/management-team/
Nor the D cell battery sized hinge. That guy will pull ANYTHING out of his butt to slam Apple.
This is not just going to be a smaller iPad or larger iPod Touch device, IMO. Mark my words, there will be some other killer app for this device, something that'll make it must-have. Whether it's gaming, a remote control device, etc., Apple will give good reason why we need this new toy.   And I use the word toy as a serious term of endearment.     Once it's released I think practically every member of this forum, aside from the trolls, will be posting the...
Since when do companies give out advise to their competitors?
  Because...everyone involved in this thread falls into that category. :D
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