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And if Tim catches wind that someone is unhappy and are doing things in an attempt to get fired, he sits next to them everyday and smashes their cookies to piss them off so they end up quitting.....just so Apple doesn't have to pay into their unemployment insurance. 
I believe that was only for a limited time.
Apple is providing a place (store front) where 250 million iOS device users can shop. If you don't think it costs money to keep an internet store working then I'm not going to argue with you. Do you expect an art gallery that rents retail space in, say, a shopping mall to allow artists to hang and sell their works there for free?
I don't get what you're saying. Switching to a different sales model is not collusion. It's an attempt at preventing the tail from wagging the dog. Products have a certain value to them. The companies (in this case publishers) place a value on the product they are selling and it's up to the retailer to set their own selling price. If Amazon wants to sell ebooks at a loss, say $10 each, they should also be paying the same price for the ebook from the publisher and the...
    I hope you don't mind my attempt at improving upon your already insightful assertion.
  What, is there an echo in here?
  If you ask me, that sculpture is horrible. It looks like Steve is in awe of his unusually long fingers. Either that or he is looking at how thin his fingers are after he sanded them down to test a 7" tablet touchscreen.
WOW, talk about a cutting-edge, innovative company!! They use mustard seeds and rice as charger components. I've heard of an electric sparking pickle and a potato powering a light bulb but grains and seeds regulating hundreds of volts in a power adapter?....who woulda thunk?
Waiting patiently for SolipX to weigh in on this....
This would be sweet, that's a lot of iPhones, which equates to this--> http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/12/05/09/apple_stock_seen_hitting_2000_by_the_end_of_2015.html
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