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    Notice how DaHarder did not mention the recyclable aspect of the 10s of millions of the "more superior" Samsung polycarbonate (plastic) devices. When a company sells a respectable amount of devices, the recyclability should be a major consideration of the overall design process.   Also notice that DaHarder's MO as of late seems to be "drive by" comments. One and done.
  Dang it, I had a male enhancement supplement email composed and was ready to hit 'SEND'. 
My bet is gag/insult. Isn't it kind of obvious?
  There, fixed that for you!   That's a death sentence if I've ever heard one. 
God, I miss Steve. What a great personality he had.
I want to party with Mikey Campbell.  
    Jeeze, is everyone referring to Apple as the has-been of innovation?
Are all of these analysts colluding/conspiring to push the price of AAPL down as far as possible to create the greatest rubberband effect possible?   I mean, talk about everyone jumping on the bandwagon.....all at the same time.
There is nothing more emasculating than wearing Google Glass(es).
I agree with you. I feel that Apple act in the best interest of the company and their shareholders, as conservative as it may be, although, I do feel that they should be a little bit less vague than they have been. An aggressive  share buy-back will send a clear signal to all concerned that they are more than confident in their future, on top of Tim Cook's words that he is confident in the company's product pipeline..
New Posts  All Forums: