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Allow me to clarify my comment, of which Solip knew exactly what I meant given his recollection of DaHarder's post I am poking fun at. You see, DaHarder, during the latest Apple/Samsung $1B award trial, was saying that Apple are, essentially, a-holes for suing Samsung over rounded rectangles and that they are bullying and taking the patent suit too far. Now that Samsung is the aggressor, it's justified because Apple opened the can of worms. Hopefully Solip is right where...
But since Samsung is doing it out of retaliation, Apple's first move makes them the bigger @ssholes.....right?
  FACT: No one here cares, for a second, about your non-debate/discussion-contributing trollish comments.
WOW, how soon we forget. It was only last Friday that this story was post here on AI: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/12/08/31/sharp_hits_delays_producing_screens_for_apples_next_iphone___wsj.html   So is it possible to ship enough to meet demand with display/touchscreen production delays? Who does the cross/fact checking around here?
      AI: "Asus is said to be ramping up production of the new device...."   This reading-with-eyes-open thing is so over rated.    I don't like Samsung but since found guilty and it's in so many people's minds, they now seem to be one that will always be guilty regardless of who Google partners with.
Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it already speculated that the sudden increase in capital expenditure was due to increased component buying prior to the upcoming largest release in iPhone history and components for the new, so called, iPad Mini?     Not only that but since these Foxconn assembly workers get paid so little would a 25% wage increase amount to that much of an increase in capital expenditure? 
After reading a whole variety of posts it's now very clear to me how difficult it is to design and produce earbuds or in-ear headphones that satisfy everyone.
I'm looking at these things, scratching my head and trying to figure out how they work. Either mine are weirdly shaped or they don't make ears today like they used to.
I've had an iP4 since launch and I never had a problem up until about 3 months ago. The ear speaker's volume got progressively lower and lower until it was very difficult to hear. Visually the screen mesh looked clean and unobstructed. I took to the Apple troubleshooting forums and the common problem turned out to be micro lint blocking the sound, with the fix being a good brushing with a hard bristled toothbrush. Instant fix. It surprised me because, like I said,...
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