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      Tim Cook, as CEO of Apple, gets credit when Apple does good and held accountable when they do poorly. 
    This suit was completely frivolous and without merit. You can't patent a rectangle. Apple, with their huge war chest, must have paid off the jury for this verdict to happen. Samsung will appeal and win.   Signed, DaHarder        ;-)           /Sarcasm
You mean Gene Munster....the "iPhone Nano will be out 3 years ago" dude? This guy is a toolbag.
  Quick...trademark it¡     ;-)
I was thinking the same thing. He must prefer using two hands now to complete most smartphone tasks.
I, for one, do not want a wider phone.....nor a taller one. I love the size of the current version. Anything larger, wide or tall, will be noticeable in a pant or shirt pocket and NOT noticing I am carrying a mobile device capable of a superior Internet, telephony, messaging, email, etc. experience is what makes the iPhone so great. If you ask me, a person's preference of screen size is telling of whether one needs to use eyeglasses or not. Those who prefer a larger...
And they all have pretty much failed so it's quite obviously Apple who knows what they're doing.
What are the chances that, now with a larger case (albeit thinner), the big differentiator from competing devices will be a huge battery to make the new iPhone last a few hours longer than the 4S and many hours longer than anything else out there?
I'm hoping that the glass will be easily replaceable if broken like the non-retina MacBooks, iMacs and current iPhone 4 and 4S designs. From the looks of it, the new design certainly makes it appear that way. :-)    Funny...why don't I see the name iPhone in the pic showing the chamfered edge like I can see it in the video?
  Hey, I resemble that remark!
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