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But this is only the first week of the first October that the dead guy is dead....so.....what brings you to this conclusion?
  You're right, it tends to weed out those who are unworthy of owning Apple products......in other words, those who buy on price, not value.
      There you go being your usual bitter, hostile, arrogant, deviant self.   No matter what the argument you always have to be right¿   Apple can do no wrong in your eyes¿
  Given that Google has had an over 5 year head start on Apple, why not give Apple a little credit for debuting a product that is exponentially better than Google's initial release? It's mighty big of you allowing Apple to iron the kinks out and I'm glad you're willing to give them another try once their fledgling, wet-behind-the-ears software product is out of diapers.   And if they never made this move you would be the first to criticize Apple for the lack of...
  Typical DaHarder drive-by trolling...
  If that's the case, it's f^cking genius, and man would that burn Samsung. I hope you're right.   So Apple works out the component deals and shipping schedules and Foxconn places the orders, assembles and ships and bills Apple per piece? Technically that is the first sale. That is brilliant and a superb way of circumventing any royalty payments based on the retail sale price.  
    The timing....they copied the timing of the concept of the product.     No other points are necessary. When Eric Schmidt was blown away by the iPhone concept and UX, they changed the direction Google was taking by180 degrees and they copied Apple's path because he saw how much better it was. And because Samsung was so far behind, they, too, decided that copying their competitor would be much quicker than developing their own.   Apple is calling them out on it.   I got...
Allow me to clarify my comment, of which Solip knew exactly what I meant given his recollection of DaHarder's post I am poking fun at. You see, DaHarder, during the latest Apple/Samsung $1B award trial, was saying that Apple are, essentially, a-holes for suing Samsung over rounded rectangles and that they are bullying and taking the patent suit too far. Now that Samsung is the aggressor, it's justified because Apple opened the can of worms. Hopefully Solip is right where...
But since Samsung is doing it out of retaliation, Apple's first move makes them the bigger @ssholes.....right?
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