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So what you're saying is you founded the company that we have to thank for these commercials?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAXo3Wr_nYU
I may drink the same Apple Kool-Aide as you, my friend, but, unlike you, my eyes are wide open as I'm swallowing, being a relatively large shareholder.   I'm not saying Apple is doomed, I'm saying that I agree with Soli in that this is a pretty young age for a VP to retire from a company that is firing on all eight.....and by all signs, will probably be for quite a few years to come.
So are you implying that Apple has reached their apex and growth has started to plateau?
  Ummm, here in the States, most schools and police are funded through property taxes on a town or county level, along with the street sweepers. Trash haulers are usually private. Don't get me started on the Medicaid, Social Security and low income debate because I believe hardly any capital gains tax is used for those programs.   Sorry for being off topic but fundamentally I have a problem with this viewpoint. Bob Mansfield's success should not be utilized for the...
Nothing irritating about his comment at all. I feel there is a lot of thought behind Soli's comment. There have been more Apple big-wigs leaving over the last 4 years than any other time I can remember, with many of them being part of the team Steve put together soon after he rejoined Apple.   Furthermore, it takes more than 'capable' engineers to guide and drive the most innovative and successful tech company in the world.
This is the exact reason why Apple's tight integration between HW & SW will win out over practically anything brought to market. While the other tablets need horsepower to drive the SW, translating into higher component costs, Apple optimizes the SW to the HW, and vice versa, which allows the user experience to be way better than anything else. This keeps the consumer happy and maximizes profits for Apple. The former makes me happy and extremely satisfied as a user and...
That's a great business model. No margin?
I still find it difficult to believe Apple would completely drop the 17" MBP forever and not say a word about it.
  It was a bestseller because there wasn't a problem. I still have an iPhone 4, waiting for the next model, and haven't had a single problem...ever...period.   Thanks for your testament and confirmation, it means very little to all of us here.
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