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Is that a smile I see on Jony?
  Forbs...I love those types of plants.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forb
My selfless wish...   If I had a time machine, I would relentlessly attempt to persuade Steve to aggressively treat his cancer using modern medicine from day-one of his diagnosis.   I could be greedy and add to the 4000 shares of AAPL I bought at a split-adjusted ~$4.25/share when Steve became interim CEO in the late '90s.....but I'm happy with what I have.   I just wish we still had Steve. Lord knows how much more our lives would be enriched by his vision.
  Which probably is all the more reason why Apple should be doubling down on secrecy.     I can't wait for the trolls to defend this initiative to buy small start-ups, which will spur innovation for Samsung.....but when Apple does the same it means they've run out of their own ideas and can no longer innovate.
      WOW, guys. Did you not notice the rolling eyes? I personally thought the whole Australian iOS Maps issue was silly. I am pro Apple to the core, next time I'll be sure to use /s so everyone is sure that I'm using sarcasm.
Psssst...don't use iOS Maps or else you'll find yourself 40km away from your intended destination.....without food, water or fuel. 
Whew! I'm glad this article's statistics add up to 100%, maybe this discussion can be a tad more focused... 
And it's even more difficult to get someone to admit they're wrong, nowadays, even when they are presented with clear, irrefutable examples and proof.   That goes for anything and everything. 
  Maybe....but that prophetic quote will live on in infamy.
Or Ken Berry.         Then they can name it the new Mayberry10 RFD        
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