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Well it doesn't say "sells" anymore. Not when I read it. I also find it strange that the URL, the article title and the tab title say 3 different things.     What I take issue with is a quote within the same article. It says: Samsung’s announcement “is probably just to show that the shipments have reached close to 1 million,” Doh Hyun-woo, an analyst with Mirae Asset Securities said. “Still, the figure only shows us that people are rarely buying this product given that the...
Ramble much? I read that comment out loud and by the time I said the word superior, my face was purple from lack of oxygen. Punctuate, man, punctuate!
Yeah, and I read it on the Internet, too, so it must be true. 
•  The long anticipated departure of Steve Ballmer.
Not to be too political but I can't help not be when commenting about this article...   I used to LOVE this country and stand behind our Government...for which it stands...100%. I still love my country but am really beginning not to like how our Government isn't being very transparent....like we were all promised leading up to the election in 2008.   Looks like our transparent Government isn't allowing Apple to be transparent with their reporting of U.S. data...
So if you know they'll lose, why are you arguing? Just go away and allow us to relish in our Apple Fan Fiction. According to you we will eventually be licking our wounds once Rockstar loses sooooo....bye. (How's that, TS?)
I'm glad we agree that Apple didn't steal from PARC.  This is not fairy tale... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Computer,_Inc._v._Microsoft_Corporation Correct me if I'm wrong but in the mid-80s Apple loaned a few Macs to Microsoft so they could write software for the Macintosh OS. Soon after, Microsoft released a very similar looking GUI OS called........Windows 3. From Wikipedia: Windows 2.0 was released in December 1987 and was more popular than its predecessor. It...
Explain what is fiction. History is fiction?
 They weren't beating them at the time Rockstar was awarded the patents after winning the auction that Google was bidding, also. If anything, you should be pissed at Google for not buying and owning the IP and the very patents that are core to their business....while they were up for grabs. It's not like they didn't have the money. 
  Two wrongs don't make a right but slime is also Eric Schmidt completely changing the UI of Android after he, while on the Apple BoD, saw how much better iOS was compared to the (current, at the time) direction Google was taking with Android. Apple got burnt once by loaning Macintoshes to Bill Gates, after which Microsoft developed the GUI version of Windows, completely copying the GUI of the Mac OS. Apple lost the "Look and feel" lawsuit that came from that incident so...
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