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Very interesting read, Soli, thanks. Even more interesting is the statistic that 1% of the world's population bought an iPhone last quarter. I remember when Steve, during a conference call in mid 2007 (in a weakened voice, if I [sadly] recall correctly), said he'd be happy with a 1% share of the total yearly global cell phone market. 2007 was the first year global cell phone sales topped 1 billion so I believe that his goal was 10 million for the first full year iPhone was...
Vector-based street view?
 Roboburgler  Transphoner   Love the iPhone armor.
  Reminds me of the Thunderbirds or Fireball XL5……in Supermarionation!
Screen name should be "Trolltalk". 
I own that exact model and year, except mine is Candyapple Red....and the wheel cover is intact. 
I'd rather wait to hear Tim Cook. I believe the numbers he and Luca Maestri report.
Apple is a global company that originated in and is based in the US. I support Apple because they are a US company but as a shareholder I want Apple to sell their devices in as many countries as possible. A sale is a sale, no matter what the country is where the sale takes place.
WTF are your talking about? In what way am I on a high horse?? I don't care what the supply is in China, my friend, but am I supposed to think or feel that I'm entitled to receive/have/use my iPhone 6 -- before any another country -- just because I live in the US?
My opinion is that you're simply describing self-centered, ignorant people. If you ask me, there is too much of this behavior/mindset in this world (especially the feeling of entitlement in the USA) and feel that it is regressive behavior. It's acceptable for a 3-13 year old to think that way but not mature people that have been taught the virtues of patience, sharing and selflessness. Those who take an interest and use their intuition to determine whether the problem in a...
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