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   New nickname. No more Mr. Happy, you've officially become "wet diaper man". 
I have a 4K TV and Netflix have a very limited offering.
Then how do you justify the MSRP price drop?
Selling off excess inventory.
Mr. Happypants. It flows off the tongue better. 
Just classic American cartoons. I pretty much know every cartoon character, and the lines they made famous, between about 1965 to 1975 (a lot were by Hanna-Barbera). Plus every Looney Tune & Popeye cartoon. While there have been a few good animated shows since then, the older classics I just mentioned could provide great laughs without the current, obligatory need for sexual innuendo and potty humor.
  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Messick Quote: " He claimed that giving up smoking had robbed him of the rasp in the voice that he needed."
Double drat! Triple drat!     
1000 posts allows you to give yourself a nickname, which will appear under your current username. AI members sometimes use this nickname option to exemplify their personas. For example: Apple ][ is "Fandroid Killer" and dasanman69 is "Naysayer Extraordinaire" May I suggest a nickname for you….Mr. Happypants?   Edit: Added an article of clothing to my nickname suggestion…..because it sounded funnier!
Analysts forecasts are 12-18 month targets. And your feelings about Cramer couldn't be more incorrect. He's a loudmouthed side-showman that gets it right sometimes, which is less often than most 'legit' analysts. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray is right more often than Cramer is…..which isn't saying much.
New Posts  All Forums: