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RIM's Blackberry: The CE version of a one hit wonder. Many iterations of a single product but essentially a one hit wonder. It just goes to show you that if a company wants to stay on top, it will have to innovate to diversify its product lineup....like....Apple!
WOW, that took long enough.
Did anyone see that the RIM co-CEOs stepped down. News at 11.... In other words I'm waiting or AI to post the story.
Technology has created a global economy. In order to compete with the world for jobs, we, as Americans and as a country, must be willing to make the same quality product in the same volume for the same price. American workers are just too lazy and spoiled to do that. Hate to say it but it's true, I'm an American employer and, sadly, I see it everyday. Our time was post WWII until the 1970s. We were hungry and had the mentality that hard work brought good things in life....
This is correct. A piece of literary work should have a certain value and that value should be based on the product, not by what a end seller wants to sell it for. An engaging bells and whistles experience should certainly have more value than plain ol' boring white bread.
I agree with both of you simply because he had no reply to my post #121. Plus, does he have multiple shots of his screen, apparently from different days, showing off his battery life.....just for kicks? \
Not to beat a dead horse but the reason why you are being called out on your personal experience claim is because you didn't make an attempt to demonstrate a more plausible scenario for such long battery life....such as the possibility/probability of the phone being on standby for 16 of those 30 hours while you sleep.. You conveniently left out pertinent information for us dumb guys to assume. If I were to make a claim like you, I would disclose large periods of inactivity...
Not that I'm tag-teaming or working in concert with SolipsismX, I feel the need to dispute your claim. Having been more of an observer than a participant in this forum over the past 4 years, I find Solip to be one of the most fair and balanced posters. While he may come across as an Apple evangelist, he also gives credit where credit is due and backs up essentially all of his claims about Apple and doesn't hide the facts when competing smartphones exceed the performance or...
Nothing more childish than that rant. Better watch out, the mods don't take too kindly to personal attacks.
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