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That's a great business model. No margin?
I still find it difficult to believe Apple would completely drop the 17" MBP forever and not say a word about it.
  It was a bestseller because there wasn't a problem. I still have an iPhone 4, waiting for the next model, and haven't had a single problem...ever...period.   Thanks for your testament and confirmation, it means very little to all of us here.
(*knock*knock*knock*)   Hello?....Greenpeace? Where are ya, dudes?
My understanding is they have no fans, but multiple cooling ports around the perimeter that allow some type of convection cooling.
Wait a minute. Didn't Ballmer say that Microsoft now wants to take another stab at the vertical business model like Apple XBox? To better integrate, and create synergy between, HW & SW? What this guy Shih is saying completely contradicts that. So are these simply demonstrative models to show the 3rd party OEM's how it's done and then the plan is to later pass the baton to them? There's a lot of fuzz surrounding this whole thing, including the seemingly intentional...
Nice advertisement, complete with how-to instructions and diagrams.     How about a forum that works correctly, instead?
Did this really happen? Did Microsoft just leave the truck by the side of the road?
What is that....netbook lite?
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