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+1, SockRolid.! What motivates these anti-Apple fanboys to come to Apple-centric sites to poke fun at all things Apple? When I was in grade school, the less fortunate kids (not as popular, not as attractive, not as wealthy) would make fun of those who *had* because they were envious or jealous for one reason or another. Why don't they just stop looking through a hole in the fence and join us to see how much better it is?
And what history are you basing this off-the-wall prediction?
That you're not qualified to second guess the decisions or direction of the most successful CE company on the planet. They've done fine without you so far.........and so would we.
What he said. Right-on, Doctor! That tagline worked then, this one works now.
So, obvious as it may be, maybe that's the reason for Apple wanting to patent such a gesture. What you describe, repurposing buttons on your phone, is exactly what Apple stands against. Apple's products are conceived and created so anyone can use and keep it 100% functional with as little effort as possible. I love to tinker with my electronic gadgets but I really appreciate all of the behind-the-scenes work Apple puts into its products so I don't have to mess with...
Wow, now that's intuitive. So you take a picture by pressing the call button?
Yes, but a new, more capable $200 ATV box with 50-60% gross margin is better than a $2000 Apple HDTV with 10-15% gross margin, and we all know Apple is all about high margin. Plus the ATV box can address HDTV screens already owned. Could they offer both? Maybe.... ...but.... ....I'm not buying the Apple HDTV thing, it just doesn't fit their business model.
What sort of person? 1) Mostly everyone, not just the 1% If you ask me, those on welfare and unemployment exploit loopholes and the system more than anyone. 2) Those who can afford it.....and even those who can't 3) That happens all the time* (maybe not the sideways part) *I witnessed a guy park in a handicap spot last week and he RAN briskly around a car driving through the parking lot on his way into the store. He was in the store for at least a half hour.
No need to worry about Solip, he is the maven of the boards. Just look at his post count, Kasper and AppleInsider are about to award him a Rolex. He is the most fair and objective poster on the boards and supports ALL of his claims with hard evidence. If I was him and someone implied I was behaving like a troll, I'd passionately fire back like he did, also. He is dead to rights, IMO.
Amen to that.
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