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What is that....netbook lite?
As a business owner I'd rather sell 1 @ $100 if it costs me $50 than 5 @ $60, essentially for the same profit. Most profitable companies that "get it" like Apple does would rather also.
He had the choice of using that line or the "at the expense of how many Chinese workers lives" line. 
I never said the Mac Pro or the MacBook Pro were dead, just the 17" flavor. If it's dead, how about an official announcement? I don't mind piecing up the There's no excuse for not being upfront about products. They're usually closed-mouth about when product will be upgraded so it doesn't disrupt sales but the 17" was eliminated without explanation. It's one thing to hold off on an update or not announcing a coming update in an effort to continue sales but it's another...
HEY TIM.............WHAT ABOUT A 17" MACBOOK PRO????
Do you think someone will fire-off an email to Tim about this and we'll all be reading his reply in an article here on AI within the next week?
He's not saying anything more than most that joke about Samsung copying Apple designs. If you'd open your eyes and look in the mirror, if there's anyone being inflammatory, it's you with most of your replies.   You know what, TS? Before you became a moderator you regularly made posts that contributed well to the article but over the last 6 months you've become predatory and condescending......almost borderline smart-ass, like what you say is the end-all-be-all and what...
This is very, very upsetting. I feel it should have been Steve Jobs' fiduciary duty to disclosed such a horrible and heinous offense when he returned and assumed the role of CEO. If I would have known of this infraction I would never have invested in AAPL back in the '90's when it was @ $4.25 a share......effectively risking my hard-earned money on some criminal.       /sarcasm 
That may be an additional mic for stereo video recording, who knows. I just don't buy it. It's not going to be much bigger than it currently is and it will certainly not be as tall as in that video.   That said, I'm also preparing my crows for lunch just in case I need to eat.
The only thing I fail to see in that "iPhone 5 unibody" is the lack of hole on the top for the ambient mic (I think that's what it's for), whether that's significant or not is anybody's guess. Plus the SIM card door is off-color when it's installed and I think Apple would make it blend perfectly.
New Posts  All Forums: