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Jeeze, where you been? That news was sooooo last week.
You're slipping and are not being your usual kind, loving self. You failed to mention that Android users are dirt poor....like you usually do. And while you're at it, you might as well throw in destitute. Although I must give you a small about of credit for using the more politically correct term 'uneducated' rather than 'stupid' like always but that point gets taken away for using 'retard'. \
Wu's on first, Whoa's on second.
LOL iPervs!
You need to be careful, you'll get carpal tunnel just from disputing his FUD. You do know he gets a kick out of getting a rise out of you, don't you?
It's funny how Windows users never consider selling their computer when they're done with its useful life because it really has no value at that point. Reselling my Mac (or any Apple product) levels the playing field as far as price goes and allows me to upgrade more often.
Baa-aaa-aaa And I say that proudly.
What a beautiful and clever execution of a white question mark on a blue square field, which doesn't resemble Apple's "slide to unlock" method at all. That should easily side-step infringing upon Apple's patent
After having been burnt in the past in one way or another, I think Apple makes doubly sure they dot their I's and cross their T's.
New Posts  All Forums: