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The engineers at Apple have already approved the design, they know how big it is, they know what materials will be used AND it will include the Qualcomm LTE chipset. The new iPhone will start being built in July and will ramp up quickly in order to have enough on hand across the world when they release in the beginning of October......JUST LIKE LAST YEAR.   There, I said it. Carry on...
And this is the argument that most Fandroids make, that Android (or someone else) already has facial recognition...way before Apple. But the reason why Apple is late to the game and is later credited with implementing the technology is because Apple waits until it is (almost) perfected technology and not a novelty.
  No, I think he meant all notebooks......because having been the visionary that he was he knew right away that everyone else would eventually copy the design of the MacBook Air.
  No weird formatting and I did not misunderstand.....who ever said something about anything Apple/Mac with a detachable screen? That hasn't even been a Digitimes rumor......yet.
    HUH? Detachable screen? Where the F did that come from?
Ummm, friendly warning......get used to it. Proofreading is not a paramount concern to the authors of the articles.
    Not only just a marketing tool to try and get the kiddies hooked early, don't you think the children's section is more for babysitting while the parents make their selections and purchases? They may have their reasons, and for obvious reasons they know what their doing much more than I, but I would have a mix of both iPads and iMacs for both reasons.
Did they really need to take a stab at the Apple-loving masses by showing a flock/herd of sheep at the end? So frickin' high school.   (I really wish I had the option of throwing a "no" or "roll eyes" emoticon at the end of my sentence. It sure has made this board vanilla and lifeless.)
    Think maybe that's why the average post count has dropped precipitously since the change?
So in other words, like usual, no one knows....
New Posts  All Forums: