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There are always tradeoffs and compromises with such young technology. "I want it all, I want it all, I want it all....."
That was the precise reason for my post. I will be reading the book intently.
Man, I don't think I'll have to read the book. What is this, CliffsnotesInsider?
Who said that Steve Jobs was always right?
No, they can't comprehend. They have no idea about the Apple/Mac experience.
In other words, he was a friggin' ROCK STAR!! He took a cold box of silicon, plastic and metal and gave it personality. Something that makes one want to, and not have to, use it. And then took it 100 steps further and did it to a smartphone. Go ahead, say it. He didn't invent Siri. No, but half the things Edison perfected and brought to the masses weren't invented by him, either, but you thought he was a great, inventive man when they taught you about him in school, I bet.
One step at a time...
Not for nothing....accomplish what he's accomplished. Take that into consideration. He may not be a prophet but he's certainly a deity to millions.
I'm not judging, I'm talking from experience and I've been there. If you think my statement is ridiculous then you didn't read it correctly. My point is when one is diagnosed with a terminal disease, one should seek the BEST form of what is CURRENTLY ACCEPTED AS PROVEN treatment for the given disease as soon as possible. Even if it buys you an extra decade, year, month, day or hour of life, seeking help and proper treatment immediately gives one the best chance of being on...
When one believes in unproven medicine or treatment, or worse yet, ignores or postpones treatment, a selfish choice has been made.
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