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AV=AppleVision ´ú┐Vision
I was just going to say that it's a good thing Apple is looking to apply this type of technology in their products. By the looks of the poor kid's hands in the illustration it's apparent he would have difficulty using the "slide to unlock" feature of iOS devices so I think fingerprint detection technology would be completely out of the question.
And with such an ambitions release date of November? Sounds like he's setting himself up for a huge fail.
Hey, cut him a break! I bet he is an old Chevy guy at heart.
#1) Not everyone has $100K lying around.....let alone to invest (all your eggs in one basket) in one company. That's foolish investing. #2) Care to share how you came to your 10 year numbers? #3) The global markets are very unstable and can (and might) tank and pull a lot of companies down with it. Do you forget 4 years ago so easily? Explain your bold statement, please.
I think Noah Wyle did a fantastic job in his prior SJ role. Ashton Kutcher does not have what it takes. If you ask me he is a very one dimensional actor. He can't even pull off a good 2 and a Half Men replacement, IMO.
Shouldn't that be "The greatest thing since sliced bread"?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sliced_breadhttp://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/the_gr...e_sliced_bread
And this coming out at the same time as RIM exec resignations. Coincidence? True or not, I'm smelling vinegar from tons and tons of sour grapes. \
So there.
Dude, no need to explain yourself. Your post is better and more intelligent than most here.......mine included! If any others post otherwise, just use your option to ignore.BTW, the thought behind your post is spot-on.
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