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AbsoluteDesignz Banned It's about time!!! Too bad it's only a matter of time till he's back. He enjoys antagonizing too much not to be back.
I didn't see the words "rumor" or "purported" in the headline and it's Kaspar.....the big man, head cheese, grand poobah of AI, himself, writing the article.....so I guess this is true!
You probably mean well so I'm not going to reply to that.
Anyone notice in their letter that Google refers to the licensing standard as RAND instead of FRAND, which effectively drops the word FAIR from the acronym? \ Obviously they don't want to be fair.
Here's another number that just doesn't add up...This appeared in another article. Shouldn't that number be $7,000,000?....or $70,000,000??? $700K is nothing for a quarter and if one multiplies that $700K shocking figure by as many quarters as iPhone/iPad has been selling (20?), it adds up to a pittance. ($14,000,000 or $1.4B) Based on that quarterly figure, how can Apple have paid $4 BILLION since launch of the App Store? Am I missing something?
I'm sorry, and I know there are tons of theories, but I don't believe for a second that this new TV will include a display. The current TV is $99. Most TV manufacturers are losing money selling TVs Since there is no profit in a display, Apple is not going to integrate TV with a display. Consumers will put 2+2 together.... An average price for a much better than average 50" display is about $2000, give or take a couple hundred. + TV costs (in its current...
There, fixed it for ya....wisenheimer. Edit: Better yet, the 3GS is Apple's low-end phone in their current lineup. It is, by no means, low-end.
I think you and Solip are missing each others point. If you would have used the qualifier: iPhone 3GS is Apple's *current* low end model, he wouldn't be jumping at you for calling it a low-end phone. In it's heyday, the 3GS was at the head of the class and the fact that a 3+ year old phone still shows strong demand proves how high-end Apple's low-end phone really is.
Please excuse Apple ][. If he had his way, he wouldn't even classify Android users as human beings, or even creatures worthy of breathing the same air as he.
Gullible has nothing to do with an educated purchase. The buyers of Apple products know what they're buying and why. If you ask me, iPhone buyers are the antithesis of gullible because those non-Apple smartphone buyers are wasting time dealing with inherent BS problems with their units while I work and play flawlessly without interruption all day on my iPhone.
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