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Can someone translate this for me?
But still, that doesn't mean that Microsoft doesn't copy or their products don't suck.
In other words: "We decided we couldn't allow ourselves to be viewed as having copied the look and feel of Apple's software......again."
One has to wonder if these two public admissions of late; this one from Microsoft and the one earlier this week from the Google exec praising AirPort, are coming out now since SJ is not around to hear them. They probably would have never given Steve the satisfaction while he was alive.
Which must be automatically linked to the image of the iMac with Hugh Laurie's character 'House' on the screen. I think I've seen it (re)used 10 times this week alone.
It is "there", not "their". \ I trust you don't live in a glass house.
So let me get this straight, the carriers don't get a cut for handling the sale? The consumer buys an iPhone for $199 and that money plus the $450 subsidy goes directly to Apple? This tells me that the carrier's role is strictly for the contract....yes or no?
We interrupt this thread for clarification. Obviously incomprehensible is the word Solip intended to type. And now back to the news...
No, he's saying that AI is an Apple fanboi site and that the article didn't offer a ratio or breakdown between the two platforms because Android app downloads trounced iOS, and that is why they combined the stats.
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