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Off-topic but kind of related to what you posted about percentages, how is it possible for Priceline.com to be 102% institutionally owned? Anyone? Typo?http://www.google.com/finance?q=priceline
Which leaves Apple ][ the only un-ignorant, un-clueless, un-moronic, un-idiotic and un-stupid person in existence.
Being a the owner of a printing company I have to disagree with you. 133-150 lip was once the standard. With the newer, laser imaging technology it is possible to achieve 175-200 and even 250 lpi, It is very difficult to print (offset) with a line screen (dpi) higher than 300 lpi. When printing with an inkjet process it is possible to achieve much higher but that is achieved using an FM (stochastic screening) process. Any higher than 300 dpi/lpi, the size of a 1 or 2%...
A little off topic but what's this about? http://www.valuewalk.com/2012/03/app...versal-remote/
Left and right while walking and up and down while doing jumping jacks! The guy just gets under my skin sometimes because he sings one tune and does nothing but slams people and calls them names just because they don't use Apple stuff. Is a person really dumb and a f*cking homeless loser idiot because they use an Android phone? I think Apple products are far above anything else out there but his mono-thoughts get a little old and stale after a while.
Didn't they used to say that about guns?
LOL...love it!
Just trying to keep it clean for the kiddies, I could've gone on and on and on...
Usually proceeded by the words shitty, clueless, stupid, cheap, dumb and other intelligent adjectives like that, then followed by a couple of these:
Soooooo, why is the review article thread closed?
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