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iPad Jr?
Seems to be your favorite word today.
You're forgetting something....he would've had to read the article before he posted a comment to know that.
They all must still be napping due to a World of Warcraft marathon session that lasted till the wee hours of the morning.
Haven't we seen that same $500-$600 ballpark 12-month price target for the last.....24 months? If they keep reiterating it long enough, they're all bound to finally get it right.
If you ask me, this is the only reason why it sucks to live in the USA.
Got it. It's fighting fire with fire.....and t's brilliant.....slightly obnoxious but brilliant, nonetheless. Too bad you can't [/CENTER] it, too.
LOL The mods might eliminate your vertical sig similar to how they nixed DaHarder's ability to [/CENTER] If you get into a serious debate with someone about a hot topic, your sig could make the page so long we'll have to scroll 30 feet just to get to the bottom!
Isn't the reason why Vista was skipped was because it was such crap, which is the same reason why Microsoft rushed to get Windows 7 out there?
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