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Less stock in stores makes no sense. Apple is huge into the visual marketing thing and nothing shows and breeds demand like a news story with video and pictures showing mobs of people waiting outside of an Apple store.
Damn......and I missed it???!!
My name is Richard and I'm a third generation printer. Sorry if the answer is anticlimactic.
Thank you all for the explanations, I have a much better understanding of the process. In my case my business is majority retail, more mom/pop, so if I tell one of my customers to pay me more or screw because I have a huge job that'll carry me through for the next month, then I'm screwing myself because they'll go elsewhere. Printing has become a very competitive business and because of digital reproduction technology, printing has become more of a commodity product that...
That's a good analogy, thanks, but I feel that is a little short-sighted move, business wise. I risk losing a customer if he knows the reason why I'm charging him more than usual is because I'm putting all of my "Apples" in one basket for a month, which prevents me from servicing my usual customers. It's like I'm punishing my regular customers just because I got a mother lode order from a new customer. At the least I'm only pissing them off by charging them more this one...
It was a joke, lighten up.
But the way I read the article it says that Apple is paying a premium for the shipping of their goods plus DHL customers saw their rates raised by 20%. Why should the regular DHL customers pay more if DHL is already making a premium on Apple's shipments? Sounds like socialistic shipping to me.
I don't understand why shipping rates would increase because Apple has taken capacity away from DSL. Why wouldn't DSL charter/lease special planes just for Apple's shipments if they don't have enough available? When FedEx or UPS has increased demand around the holidays they don't raise their rates because they need more capacity, they just pull additional planes out of the hangars and blow the dust off or increase flight frequency. It's the nature of the shipping beast, so...
You mean, in other words (I mean, in Apple ][ 's words) an Android user.
Don't sweat it, he hates everyone.....except himself, his girlfriend (although she's a woman and, therefore, just a sexual object) and Apple users.
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