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  You both aren't quite right. In my experience, mall rents are based on a ratio of the sum of all store sales to total mall sales-floor square footage. Apple Stores are the small footprint/high gross sales type store that receives the largest amount of requests to be excluded from that calculation. For example, given the same demo/income level cross-section, if mall A and mall B (say 10 miles from each other) both have the same sales-to-square footage ratio, and one mall...
Anyone notice Al Gore in the audience during the keynote? He looks like he's ready to pop.
That's a completely different issue, IYAM.
  Only a tiny orifice is necessary for a microphone to work.  The surface tension of water, along with the bubble of air within the cavity of the orifice, prevents water from entering that orifice, provided the microphone is sealed to the orifice inside the device. The pressure of water below 1m. will force water past that bubble of air. 
Battery life can't be compared or debated….until your beloved Pebble's capabilities match AppleWatch. Just like iPhone 1.0, Apple is just getting their feet wet with AppleWatch 1.0. The next iteration will satisfy most of the naysayers.
OMG…SMH, I just saw that. Betchya that'll be ridicule fodder for the Pebble/Android/Samsung forums.
Herman, Lily, Marilyn or Eddie could predict Apple products and pricing info better than Gene.
  Ireland is giving credence to the rumor. The first three in his list are all products that were once scoffed at and doubted that Apple would ever design and sell, but eventually came to fruition. That said, and for the same reason, he also thinks the car is not () being made. 
 According to the YouTube video, tokenization is coming this year...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw1l149Rb1k If you ask me, as soon as there is a piece of hardware involved (in the form of a key fob, a key fob with no built-in security) and it gets in the hands of the wrong person, they can charge anything without the need of any type of security or ID. Between TouchID and tokenized transactions with ApplePay, using LoopPay is like leaving the safe open.
So, clearly, you don't get it.   Marketshare paints a picture but does not reveal the story.
New Posts  All Forums: