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I appreciate your passion but I feel you're not thinking clearly. It's just as ridiculous to say they do not and I can just as easily say that there is no proof that they don't. I'm not trolling, just stating the obvious. If no definitive marketing plan is spoken about or made public, it can go either way, no? You are stating, in an absolute manner, that they don't, but, since nothing is ever said, I feel it's completely plausible that they do. No CEO, in their right mind,...
You cannot say with certainty that Apple does not employ this practice. It is used by many companies and brands, especially the high-end ones. I'm not saying this is the case with, especially, iPhones, because they sell themselves, but you can't say that they are not using it now with a new device in a nascent category. I spoke with the VP of N. American sales for Alfa Romeo at the International Auto Show in NYC this past weekend. We were discussing their line of cars and...
  Welcome to 2015, where it's easier to ask someone---then blame that person for providing incomplete or inaccurate information---rather than reading with your own eyes, acquiring it yourself, learning something and knowing for sure. 
….although, once the box is opened by its user, Apple's implementation will include the retaining ring stand rising from the box after a brief delay, while simultaneously playing the Mac boot tone in a higher register.  . 
It pains me to admit it but my 6 month old iP6 has a bend in the middle of the bottom (-) volume button. The case is obviously bent on that side and slightly bent directly opposite above the SIM card drawer. I have owned every model since the first and this is the first it ever happened and I have treated/used this one no differently than the rest. I wonder if I bring it in to the Apple Store within a year they will replace it. I bought a 15" rMBP in September, 2014 (with...
 Ovular? Now Apple is getting their design inspiration from the mammalian reproductive system?
IMO, by definition, the word ramifications is an improper word to use to describe an upside, which is what I believe he's trying to say. Am I wrong on this?
You're right, based on the majority of those seven replies, I'd be happier with none, also.
You don't wonder why you get essentially no replies, do you? The way I see it, you're basically posting to an audience of one, maybe two, that actually view your comments as read-worthy. The rest of the veterans/mavens here have you on their block list because they tire of your constant, consistently negative barrage. So, basically, you're posting comments strictly for self-satisfaction….which kinda defeats the purpose of participating in a forum, IMO. Just a reality check...
New Posts  All Forums: