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And where does Apple Maps rank? Where do you get the info that backs your claim that iOS users prefer Google maps over Apple's embedded app? The true measure of which is more popular and used most is the statistic showing which app is utilized more on iOS devices. And AFAIK, we, as consumers and users, are not privy to that information. And do you realize you just stated that Apple's map app is better than Google maps? That's what I get from this quote: "Making a better...
Dude, while humorous at times, your short, one word answers just piss people off. It does no one any good when you dispute a statement that is not backed up with any truth or citation....with an answer that also has no proof or citations. In fact, you're just as bad, IMO, even though you are defending the same company and are here for the same reason as I'm a member of AI; because we love all things Apple. It's just contradiction and solves nothing.   
Can you expand on that a little since you don't cite any proof? I, like many iOS users, haven't used Google maps for a couple years, now. I live in the tri-state area, and, for my use, Apple's maps have been flawless. I've used it for travels from DE to ME without a single problem. I even prefer it over the navigation system in my new Infiniti G50 because the UI is so much better, which, IMO, outweighs the benefits of the integration between nav & vehicle. That's just me.
TS is not impartial enough to be an effective mod, IMO.
What about Herman Munster?
Step 1: Admit you infringed on Apple patents Step 2: Lose Step 3: Appeal the verdict....even though the damages were ~5% of the original amount
Especially a company like Apple who is tremendously, notoriously conservative with their war chest and has proclaimed during many-a conference call that their "money is not buying a hole in their pocket" and that they "like to keep their powder dry". 
 In all fairness, Steve also said, during a conference call, that he would not authorize a stock split after the last one because he wanted to show the true value of the company and stock splits dilute the perceived value.
  I'm assuming djkikrome is a Howard Stern fan referring to Jackie the Jokeman. 
I've had that problem as well, which I thought was really bizarre. I plan on installing this update and see if that helps, otherwise I'm going to follow Solip's and a few other's suggestion and see a Genius. The Apple Store I go to gives excellent support and never an argument about anything, even though I am well out of warranty. I think the Geniuses have been given the directive to not even question a hardware issue except in the instance of 3rd party screen replacement...
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