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 In all fairness, Steve also said, during a conference call, that he would not authorize a stock split after the last one because he wanted to show the true value of the company and stock splits dilute the perceived value.
  I'm assuming djkikrome is a Howard Stern fan referring to Jackie the Jokeman. 
I've had that problem as well, which I thought was really bizarre. I plan on installing this update and see if that helps, otherwise I'm going to follow Solip's and a few other's suggestion and see a Genius. The Apple Store I go to gives excellent support and never an argument about anything, even though I am well out of warranty. I think the Geniuses have been given the directive to not even question a hardware issue except in the instance of 3rd party screen replacement...
I have no problem with overall battery life. The problem I have every once in a while is a complete shutdown for no reason when my percentage is showing between 15 & 20%. Sometimes I can power on again and other times I get nothing but the battery image showing a sliver of red along with the lightning connector plug. All other times I can run down to 1% and she still runs fine. iPhone 5 running 7.1.
I was looking for the ¿ at the end of your question. All things remain relative in a stock split....7x the amount of shares, 1/7 the share price and 1/7 the dividend. Plus, obviously, earnings per share will be 1/7, also, which directly relates to the dividend.
Doesn't AI usually use the (u) after the title if/when they update? They're trying to pull a fast one on ya!
 It's not like you to miss details but, dude…she's mentioned more than once!
Ever use https://startpage.com ?
He sure as heck doesn't own a razor! 
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