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LOL The mods might eliminate your vertical sig similar to how they nixed DaHarder's ability to [/CENTER] If you get into a serious debate with someone about a hot topic, your sig could make the page so long we'll have to scroll 30 feet just to get to the bottom!
Isn't the reason why Vista was skipped was because it was such crap, which is the same reason why Microsoft rushed to get Windows 7 out there?
No, he's serious. This SolipsismX guy is new to AppleInsider and new to Apple products so I'm sure he'll appreciate the tip.
So that means fewer people than originally forecasted are buying PCs. So he really was correct with what he was saying.... There is still growth in the PC industry but less folks are buying than last year or what was forecasted for this year which means exactly that; fewer people are buying.
You're usually dead on with most of your posts but in this post you're contradicting yourself. If the rate of growth has slowed down...that still means fewer people are buying PCs, right? One has a direct correlation with the other, no?EDIT: Sorry, I read it wrong. You were saying the same as I was.EDIT #2: Or are you not? Man, my brain is shot today......
Of course you're not. You can't fool us, you're an Android shill!
Sooooo, that Android phone you're sportin' doesn't have a dictionary app? (Did you pick up on that humor?)
A-pple, look at my Tab, mine's a lot like yours is.......
Apple investors are waiting for the *next big thing*. All of the great revenue generators have already been released, and, therefore, blessed by the great Jobs while he was still alive. Stock price is about the future. Wall Street needs to see a great new iPad 3, a great new radically refreshed iPhone and the next sales growth generator......the new, non-hobby AppleTV.The product pipeline has already been laid for the next 5 years, IMHO. Wall Street and investors need to...
The P/E of 13 is the current price to earnings ratio and the 8.25 P/E number is the forward-looking ratio. The stock price should move towards where earnings will be over the next few quarters, which is how most stock prices are valued. As for Microsoft, their leadership sucks, have no direction and are squeezing every dollar from Windows and Office. Their sales will begin to slow if they have nothing new to offer in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: