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No, he's saying that AI is an Apple fanboi site and that the article didn't offer a ratio or breakdown between the two platforms because Android app downloads trounced iOS, and that is why they combined the stats.
Uh oh, the gloves are coming off for this one.... I predict a 200+ post thread with this article.
Isn't the more important question....will the smartphone manufacturers dish out $15-20 per handset to license Apple's and MS technology just to be able to use the Android OS in their devices?
Good point, good simile and good habit. I do the same, also.
Anyone with a half a brain, if they read the words, would pick up on the poorly worded grammar and mid-sentence capitalization. Most people should know that you don't need billing information to have an account, either.
He is making the conclusion that since Apple customers are so satisfied, therefore, Android customers are not....so....they must be returning them! [insult removed] this is not the way most Apple users think.
Dude, for cryin' out loud......I wan't personally attacking you. I was just asking you to be a little more balanced and less bigoted. What you say about others who don't use Apple products is just harsh and wrong to say.
To say that.....is just disgusting. Bigoted and disgusting. You must be a member of the more superior, caucasian race, too, I suppose.
Assuming that grumpy looking people are non-Apple users is just plain ignorant. Not taking 2 seconds to see what products were being returned but stating that it's highly unlikely that they were returning Apple products (because they looked grumpy) is, again, ignorant. I'm not asking you to change, just turn it down and be a little more fair and less judgmental. How can you possibly call someone you've never met an idiot just because he doesn't use the same smartphone as you?
Like you, I found Apple][ entertaining at first but you'll get tired of all of the one-sided ravings. That and one of these: after practically every one of his sentences. I use Windows PCs and a Macs at my business for work and have a MBP and iMacs at home because I prefer the Mac. I've used Android extensively but own a iP4 because I prefer Apple's SW/HW integration. Just because I prefer Apple's products over everything else available doesn't mean that everything else...
New Posts  All Forums: