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I agree with this 100%+ except for the iP5's new tapered design. Aside from the wedge design of the Air line of MacBooks, which I feel is both for ease of carrying and additional perceived overall thinness, Apple (Jonathan Ive) is a symmetrical form factor design company (person).I believe the new model is being kept totally hush-hush in classic Apple style. 2 models are the perfect argument for the delayed refresh. New iP5 with an iPad 2 rounded corner aluminum back and...
As long as those taking the ball and running with it continue to produce 7" tablets and NOT provide sandpaper in the box, Apple will retain their dominant position. The others may fill a niche with the 7" tablets but I believe Apple's size will retain mass appeal and will, therefore, dominate.
Does this mean Samsung feels their counter suit case isn't as strong as Apple's copycat case?
This may have been discussed on another thread but it seems like another one bit the dust.... http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/st...10858/1?csp=hf
I think he had it right. He was referring to the sound made from the void created after this Kindle Fire thing fails.
Yeah, the Google and Samsung cartels.
At least they can make the predictions more credible by rounding to the nearest ten thousand rather than one thousand. I mean, come on. They're predicting 3 years out and can narrow their predicted numbers to thousands of units?.....with ALL platforms?
I am an investor who will continue to trust in Apple.
I know what he did and he didn't invent the internet, like he said. I was using sarcasm to make a point that he stretches the truth.
Get a grip. So that report caused Apple AND the broader markets to plummet today? The surge in AAPL over the last few trading days was because of rumors that AAPL will be added to the DOW because of its size and economic influence. Apple is officially considered a Blue Chip now. Apple isn't a $100 stock where a $10 swing means a lot. At $410 a share, a $10 swing is nothing. Sit tight, enjoy the ride and don't get so emotional, fellas!
New Posts  All Forums: