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You read his post wrong. He said the iP4S's battery last (sic) so much longer. As much as I disagree with most of his posts, he is praising the iP4S and is dead-on telling the truth.Clearly because he read it wrong.
Yeah, not to mention their Superfund sites, AKA the city of Rochester...and a few others. It will cost billions to clean them up.
Not original thinking, if you ask me. Between the HW & SW, so much value is built into all of Apple's products that they have always had a tremendous after-life resale market. Their stuff is just that good. I challenge anyone to come up with any comparable CE/computer device against one of Apple's in an after-life resale scenario....laptop, desktop, tablet, anything. I was just about to sell my 8 year old PowerBook G4 for $300 until I spilled water in the keyboard and...
Here is the definitive answer, IMHO... "Tastes great, less filling" as the Miller Lite commercials say. Although it doesn't have the calories or same alcohol content as full fledged beers, light beer is still considered beer and is not broken out into a different category than traditional beer. Tablets essentially have the same ingredients as a PC but maybe not as hearty or substantial as a traditional PC but I would certainly consider a tablet a PC also, as in...PC Lite!...
And a $10 iTunes gift card. [/joke]
And that makes it a P/E of, like, 10.... I hope it's just you.
Can someone translate this for me?
But still, that doesn't mean that Microsoft doesn't copy or their products don't suck.
In other words: "We decided we couldn't allow ourselves to be viewed as having copied the look and feel of Apple's software......again."
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