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A typical response is---That's a good start....but since they have $100 billion in the bank, they have the means and need to strive to do better.
I believe, by law, the budget needs to be in hard copy form so it can be entered into the National Archives.
Funny you should say that, Apple is going for the throat.http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-0...ringement.htmlI realize this suit is about camera tech and image previews but it does't change the fact that Apple is serious about protecting their IP and they obviously don't care about kicking Kodak while they're down.That's business! Edit: I wonder what the printer patent is about.
Huh? Make sense, please.
I wouldn't go there if I were you. You're barking up the wrong Apple tree.....by saying that here.
I'm glad to see the "good" and "evil" being recognized by the DoJ and that they'll "keep an eye" on the evil.
Dig it!
Just the trackpad swipe gestures, alone, are worth the price of upgrading to Lion.
AbsoluteDesignz Banned It's about time!!! Too bad it's only a matter of time till he's back. He enjoys antagonizing too much not to be back.
I didn't see the words "rumor" or "purported" in the headline and it's Kaspar.....the big man, head cheese, grand poobah of AI, himself, writing the article.....so I guess this is true!
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