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No one has quoted this quote as much as it's been quoted on AI.
Allow me to elaborate for you.... He really doesn't want to get all that sparkly stuff all over his iPhone when he sticks it in some dancer's cleavage.
I wholeheartedly agree. BTW....Thank you for saying that before I fired back at dasanman69....and....get permanently banned from AI.
Dear Steve, I'm sorry I copied your original ideas, of which, in turn, I created third-rate products with no taste (and I mean that in a big way), made BILLION$ from them and became the richest man in the world. If it means anything to you....thanks. Fondly, Bill
WOW, that was quick. Tim didn't need to take the time to draft his letter after all.
Professional. Assertive. Eloquent. Direct. Open. Jobs. While I read through Tim's email....those are the words that came to mind. As a consumer and shareholder I am more than happy with Tim's statement and his style of handling the hubbub. Very Apple and very Jobs-like, which is why I saved it for the last word in my list.
See posts #15, 20 & 24.
You mean like DigiTimes?
WE should do the manufacturing on U.S. soil, this way Americans can have access to plenty of jobs. Jobs that Americans wouldn't find acceptable.Americans can't ramp up production as fast as the Chinese.Americans won't produce product at a rate that is needed to fulfill demand.Americans refuse to work for less than a certain amount of pay, otherwise it's not worth their time.Union$ would be inevitable.So, having said that hypothetical truth, if we (Americans) build these...
Yeah, this is no joke. And BTW...I just typed my post on a device made in a China-based factory with the very same working conditions as Apple's assemblers....so I'm nothing but a hypocrite. Signed, ZZZ\
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