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We usually don't discuss anything but Apple and if we do, it's in response to a fandroid slamming Apple. You probably got an infraction for no other reason but because you called me a dick. Duh. It has nothing to do with being too sensitive, either. I have been hardened by immature name callers my whole life so I can take it. It was, obviously, viewed by the mods as uncalled for.
If you make your smartphone purchases based on the screen then there is no reason to cite what is better, IMO.What's with the personal attack? I am making a general observation based on the tone and subject of the posts that non-Apple fans make and that's how you come across.Why don't you go to Android forums and talk about how great your AMOLED screens are? Just because the don't play nice?I feel our discussions are much deeper and more substantial than bragging about how...
No thanks, I like hanging here at AI. Good, positive, constructive debate and discussion. So why do fandroids come here for malicious instigation? Just for sh*ts and giggles?
If you ask me, it's jealousy and envy over Apple's success and popularity. No other company garners such attention. He tries to expose and exploit the tiniest bit of rot in an otherwise shiny Apple. It must be pretty boring in Android fan land so he tries to instigate here to get attention.
I don't feel Apple was one person, sorry, which is why I am respectfully disagreeing with a fellow fanboy. Apple will not stay on top forever but 5 years does not give the company enough credit or respect.
Too bad you're claiming that the most innovative company will be the one filing for bankruptcy. There is nothing flawed about being the innovator AND protecting your blatantly copied innovative products. Furthermore, Apple has been an innovative company since its founding and have accelerated their innovation for over a decade. It's in their DNA.
+1, SockRolid.! What motivates these anti-Apple fanboys to come to Apple-centric sites to poke fun at all things Apple? When I was in grade school, the less fortunate kids (not as popular, not as attractive, not as wealthy) would make fun of those who *had* because they were envious or jealous for one reason or another. Why don't they just stop looking through a hole in the fence and join us to see how much better it is?
And what history are you basing this off-the-wall prediction?
That you're not qualified to second guess the decisions or direction of the most successful CE company on the planet. They've done fine without you so far.........and so would we.
New Posts  All Forums: