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Can a traditional mechanical (movement) watch and an electronic 'smart'watch be put in the same 'watch sales' category? Since the time of day can be sought and seen anywhere with just a turn of the head, nowadays there are many, many more watch wearers that currently use a watch primarily (or strictly) as jewelry. Those people would never even consider an Apple Watch.
Very interesting read, Soli, thanks. Even more interesting is the statistic that 1% of the world's population bought an iPhone last quarter. I remember when Steve, during a conference call in mid 2007 (in a weakened voice, if I [sadly] recall correctly), said he'd be happy with a 1% share of the total yearly global cell phone market. 2007 was the first year global cell phone sales topped 1 billion so I believe that his goal was 10 million for the first full year iPhone was...
Vector-based street view?
 Roboburgler  Transphoner   Love the iPhone armor.
  Reminds me of the Thunderbirds or Fireball XL5……in Supermarionation!
Screen name should be "Trolltalk". 
I own that exact model and year, except mine is Candyapple Red....and the wheel cover is intact. 
I'd rather wait to hear Tim Cook. I believe the numbers he and Luca Maestri report.
Apple is a global company that originated in and is based in the US. I support Apple because they are a US company but as a shareholder I want Apple to sell their devices in as many countries as possible. A sale is a sale, no matter what the country is where the sale takes place.
WTF are your talking about? In what way am I on a high horse?? I don't care what the supply is in China, my friend, but am I supposed to think or feel that I'm entitled to receive/have/use my iPhone 6 -- before any another country -- just because I live in the US?
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