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Hey Jeff, get ready to add the ability to turn that parallax option off due to the migraines the users will complain about. 
I picked up mine at a split-adjusted $4.35, my ROI is fabulous-er!  
Proofread yourself¡ Since when is proofread a hyphenated word?  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/proofread
Only time and a little patience will prove who's predictions are more accurate, and I hope I'm wrong and I hope you're right. We will pick up this topic again when the time comes.
I'm not being a pessimist, just keeping it real. It's happening sooner rather than later and it'll be more about interest rates and inflation. The stock market will naturally follow soon, thereafter.
I look forward, not at the present state of the economy, and while it's not terrible, it's not great either. I'm a business owner and retail (and B2B) is not back to the levels we were seeing prior to October 2008, and we will certainly never see the same margins we once did. To make the same money as we once did, we have to work harder and make it up via increased volume. Mark my words, the stock market is in the process of "bubble"-ing and unemployment will rise once the...
It's nice when the shoe is on the other foot. Apple gets dragged through the coals when they don't provide safe working conditions for their assembly partners so it's only fair that AI reports when Samsung is found to infract in the same way.
Giggle.  What a great typo….if it really was one! Not going to assume since the keys are next to each other.
LOL. There's a reason why the original ruling has been reversed, Peterbob. He must be worried about losing his shill money….
I'm surprised Apple is interested in these unnaturally bass-boosted headphones and speakers. I always liked Apple for producing screens that display natural color, photos that are true-to-life and unequalized sound. Maybe strictly for the streaming service? I'm not familiar with Beats Streaming, is it any different than iTunes Radio or other streaming services?
New Posts  All Forums: