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I wouldn't doubt that Apple consults directly with Pantone to learn and discuss trending design colors. 
There, fixed that for ya!
USAToday published an article painting iOS 7 in a bad light. There's lots of talk outside of AI about Apple losing its mojo. http://usat.ly/1gnDQlP
Huh? Am I missing something here? They just joined today and it's their first comment.
With this judgement? LOL, a class action lawsuit doesn't mean jack sh!t and you know it. Google was already fined an FTC record $22.5MM. If that's not enough for Google to learn a lesson, this judgement means absolutely nothing either way.
 I was thinking the same thing. It'll be called the "Google Glass World Waiver".
iPanel? Seriously? Why, because it starts with a 'P' like the other 3 iDevices?   Sorry, try again. That name is so ridiculous how can anyone say or type it without shaking their head and laughing?
 Ummmm, obviously. Chris Hanson has nothing to do with pedometers and all to do with pedophiles, which is the basis for the joke....hence....funny. Get it?? Hardy haar haar.  
Now it makes sense. I built a table using no tools other than my iPhone. It has a ruler app and a leveling app so why would I need anything else? I even used two perpendicular sides as a speed square and the edge to hammer nails. When I was done I placed it in the middle of my kitchen and put my iPhone on top to do some last minute leveling. The table was soooo crooked, out of square and un-level that my iPhone slid off the table and smashed on the floor.    Since I used...
 LOL, now that's funny!
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