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 According to the Apple Geniuses, there is no issue with wifi connectivity. I guess they don't read their own support boards. I still can't connect to my home router while the 4 other iPhone 4S owners in the house had no problem whatsoever after updating to iOS 7.
How about the WIFI & Bluetooth issues?? After 10s of times entering the router password I finally connect. Turn the phone off and on again....start the 15 minute process alllll over again. This update "just doesn't work" for me......and still doesn't.
 Read what you wrote again. All of the points you made are pretty much the antithesis of Apple. Just like Buffet, Jobs wanted the actual value of the stock realized, so splitting the stock achieves the exact opposite.
 Thanks. What puzzles me is...in my house, another iP5 and 3 iP4s ...all upgraded...and didn't have a problem. Why this one?
Topical but off topic. I've NEVER had a problem in the past but since updating to iOS7 I cannot consistently connect my iPhone5 via wifi, and even when I do, there is a connection but no data throughput. I've tried all of the "try this" suggestions and I've even done a clean install to no avail. Any suggestions?
Lipstick on a pig.
 That's what she said.
 I could see a market for this. Is it possible that this larger iPad would be built (not specifically but primarily) for enterprise/retail, used for point-of-purchase and informational use like the current iPad is being used?  If Apple eventually work their way up to a 17" iPad and not bring back the 17"MBP, I'm going to be more than a tad miffed! ​
 I am a stockholder, also, and I don't agree that there is a conflict of interest. Just because Apple board chairman Levinson is an investor and CEO of a company co-founded with an Apple (arch)rival, I can't imagine how Calico will conflict with Apple, a device/software technology company.
 That's just it, if a post isn't praising an Apple device or someone voices an issue about their PERSONAL experience, then he thinks they're trolling. No constructive help or suggestions, just "shut up and go away". If he is intolerant of it then he should just go away. Edit: He obviously has no kids. With a 3 year old asking "Why, Daddy" 50 times a day, he'd tell him/her to "go away" before long.
New Posts  All Forums: