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 I think it's more the way you, in a bad light, 'colorfully' paint those who use Android, always leaving out shades of gray. I live in one of the most affluent parts of NJ where the CEOs of Verizon, Square, J&J and many sports figures, as a short list, make residence.  While there are more iPhone users, there are certainly a lot of Android users, also, and income bracket has nothing to do with it. You often get too personal and descriptive, saying things that should remain...
No, it's not like reporting the Patriots won again because football is only a 4-5 months-out-of-the-year sport. No matter what the facts are it's like beating a dead horse. If this kind of "reporting" doesn't get spread to the same media outlets that publish the Apple bashing, it's basically only for our infotainment and does nothing to correct the Apple bashing that the general public sees. I use the word infotainment because this story isn't quite as educational like a...
Yeah, yeah, yeah...I get it, Apple and iOS rules. But all of these articles are beginning to define the term ad nauseam. How about a little moderation? I love Apple just as much as the next Apple-loving AI member but is anyone else with me on this?
Hmmph. Under the condition that Walmart accepts ApplePay.
The 27.0" iMac (3.1GHz/16GB/1TB Fusion) selling at B&H for $2099 links to a 21" iMac with the same specs.
Hmmm, any particular reason why AI is using Apple device photos with people of Asian descent on the displays?
Think they could have used something a little more upscale than a ¾" wood dowel to mount the thing on?
Or perhaps the final product was far too brittle to use because of how thin the screen needs to be. I sometimes wonder if Apple, in fact, uses Gorilla Glass 3. There is no mention of Apple being a customer on Corning's GG website when practically every other smart laptop/phone/tablet manufacturer is listed there. http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/products-with-gorilla Edit: This article talks about how Steve Jobs' urging and persistence made Gorilla Glass possible for use...
My "Get Smart" reference (joke) went completely over your head. Not your fault, you're only guilty of not being over 40 years old.  
….and can only be read by either party or their lawyers….under the Cone of Silence"
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