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I don't feel this a wide-spread problem. Could be a single batch problem or an anomaly but there is clearly a problem with my battery. My original iPhone (1st gen, a 7 year old phone) still has a longer battery life than my present iPhone 5.
I call bullshit, just so you can save face, but, whatever. So you drop $100+K on premium vehicle, the timing belt breaks 1200 miles out of warranty (when the normal service interval is 100K miles and hypothetically 100 of your friends that bought the same vehicle had no problem) and you'll happily pay the dealer $4K to fix it without even questioning? How about if you happen to be unlucky and the belt snaps while cruising @ 4000 RPM and you throw valves that smash through...
Read that as "surfing porn" 
 So since I was unlucky I should suck it up. Sorry, I'm not ok with that answer. If Apple is going to seal the battery in the phone so I cannot, without a lot of trouble, fix or replace it myself, then they should be more understanding when, according to their troubleshooting/testing, a battery shows signs it was failing while still under warranty. Apple knows the battery has a certain life span and if 95% of iPhone users are getting 3 years or more of good use, then the...
Amazon are scum, they're going to quickly kill small/local business.
Or he/she is a member of the generation of 20-30 year olds and places no value on money. Their full paycheck is spent just in time to receive the next one, without a dime to spare. Me? I'm a 'tweener. Halfway between that generation and my depression-era parents who taught me to live within my means, save for a rainy day and invest for my retirement. I think it gives me the mindset that allows the best of both worlds; I buy the best-in-class products, spend as little as...
Apple ][, is that you? No? Great, another one who categorizes Android users as cheap, low income dregs of society.  My battery has only gotten this bad a few weeks ago. The reason why I went in to see a Genius was because my battery started showing signs that it was not quite right, but, at the time, it wasn't a huge issue because it still had pretty good capacity. My complaint is based on principle, not because I'm too cheap to buy a replacement battery. If my battery was...
Funny, that is exactly what the Genius told me. He said to come in and have the phone benchmarked a few weeks before the warranty expires so if there is an issue after the warranty expires, they have a record of it. If, after a year of use, the battery shows signs of less capacity than normal, they would replace it.......no matter when it fails, no questions asked.
 LOL, I always dress like a slob and I had a rather heated exchange that even attracted another Genius to join in. At this point in time, almost 8 months out of warranty, I doubt they would be more likely to budge with a new release being so near in the future.
 "Normal" usage is extremely subjective in when speaking about mobile smartphones.
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