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I also agree with most of your views on Apple but I cringe at your more bigoted comments and I don't think this is the first time you've heard that from someone here. I think you classify and categorize people based on their choice of device platform. I feel you are a little too judgmental and black & white, when the actual reasons why users choose their mobile OS are for many more different and valid reasons than strictly their income bracket.
This is the first comment you've made where I agree with every word.....110%
I agree, but a company shouldn't be overly scrutinized for scrutinizing themselves. Given the same circumstances, all companies should be looked at equally. All Apple is doing is ensuring that they are not being singled out, which keeps the playing field level. Actually, rather than drawing the FTC's attention towards Google, if Apple ensured their users that "freemium" purchases require adult authorization, I would think they could use that to their advantage as a selling...
These are numbers for U.S. sales only. You're speaking of worldwide sales, which Apple quotes during their earnings call. 
Just because a company holds themselves to a higher standard doesn't mean that they should be governed at that same higher standard. That would mean a company with no or low standard of ethics should be allowed to get away with doing any form of unscrupulous behavior or practice they want…without repercussion.
No, I think Apple is tired of being the poster child, always held to a different standard than the rest who fly under the radar.
Honestly? You come across like a sarcastic a-hole. If you hadn't noticed, this is an Apple rumor website. Those of us who care to speculate and relish in possible Apple future-tech come here to get their fill. It's obvious that you shouldn't be counted as one of us. Hope you wake a little less cranky.
Well put and spot on. I shop local, exclusively. It's only when what I seek cannot be found locally do I shop outside my area or go to the Internet. You, my friend, get it.
Read post 51, my original post and Newbee's reply. Paying less is not always good. When local business is out of business, forcing you to drive 30 minutes out of your way or forcing you to shop the Internet, then you'll understand why. 
The key to your point is that the general or corner stores gave way to specialty stores (specific to the type of goods, like shoe stores) but they were still local and easy to travel to. Once these local stores are gone then EVERYONE will need to order online and wait for delivery. Problem is, there are many occasions where a consumer can't wait for delivery, even next-day delivery.
New Posts  All Forums: