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 Your arguing with Tallest is futile at best. In his mind, YOU are the one with the problem and Apple makes absolutely perfect devices. He also thinks that if he doesn't experience an issue (like not enough battery life) then nobody should ever have an issue. He tries to be witty, cute and come across like he knows all but all he successfully does is enrage and enflame posters with his short, nasty answers that serve no constructive purpose to this forum. I'd put money on...
Why and how? He's both an Apple fan but feels he's not getting the battery life he should be getting getting. How does one invalidate the other? Maybe he just needs guidance or education. 
Blatant, shameless, and getting to be the norm. Have they no conscience?
 If AuthenTec's technology is truly unique and as reliable as it's being reported then this kind of tech will certainly keep Apple's competition at bay for a little while, at least.
 Strictly judging by their post count, it would be safe to assume that most others here haven't, either.  
 "Paranoia will destroy yaaaa...."
 Can you touch on the reasons why, by switching from Apple devices, your platform preferences are changing?
 affluent |ˈaflo͞oənt, əˈflo͞o-|adjective1 (esp. of a group or area) having a great deal of money; wealthy.I believe you have it the other way around. iDevice users are reportedly known (by pundits and the media) to be affluent. Owning an iDevice does not make one affluent by any means.....although it does enrich one's life.  The hundreds of millions of iTunes account holders (with credit cards on file) are what is coveted by Apple (and by the rest of the tech industry)...
The App Store probably put it on the back burner and thought if they'd hold out for two weeks then maybe BlackBerry would be out of business. 
  This may answer your question(s)...  http://business.financialpost.com/2013/09/05/apple-inc-how-sonny-dickson-an-australian-teen-is-driving-the-tech-giant-crazy-with-iphone-leaks/?__lsa=42f8-60e8
New Posts  All Forums: