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Zero sales
Gee. Ten million Apple Watch sales for 2015 would be 90% of the smart watch sales. And nearly all the profit.
This is such a BS argument.   This is what happens when America loses its balls to win a War.  It turns against its own citizens. The last war America won was WWII. We won that the good old fashion way.  We should do the same against ISIS.
If any of Apple's competitors want to make more profit, simply RAISE THE PRICE OF YOUR PHONES. How can anyone make any profit if they give their products away or settle for razor thin profit margins. If they are OK with hardly any profit, they have no reason to complain when Apple makes 94% of all the profit.
"Side loading" is only for beta testing applications with one's customers. "Side loading" is not an official distribution method. So if side loading is one's distribution method, then Apple will shut you down - including suspending your developer license. Obviously, using private APIs is FORBIDDEN to developers. Apple is very up front about this. So a developer who flaunts this will be shut down. Is there anything about "no" do these developers not understand? Do it...
Wrong. It won't have the software nor OS X to even compare. IO S is not optimized for laptop use.
ARRRGGGGGGG. Apple TV still doesn't work with Bluetooth Keyboards. It is a serious pain in the arse to have to keep entering passwords on the alphabet strip. Come on Apple. Allow Bluetooth Keyboards like the previous Apple TVs allowed.
The European Union and Supreme Court affirmed citizen's basic rights for privacy. Let's see how Europe reacts to this Brit law.
Common sense prevails.   There is one remaining wrong:  The lawyer(s) of the plaintiffs should have been given the death penalty for bringing such a lawsuit that they should have realized would be lost from the onset.  Looks like they were simply looking for Apple to settle so that they could get "millions", leaving little for the plaintiffs.    Greed.    At the very least, Apple should get its legal fees paid by the plaintiffs and their lawyers.  
  What you don't understand is that Android Phone manufacturers compete against each other for customers. In order to compete they have to differentiate their product from one another.  Differentiation means having features such as processor speed and capability that gives them a competitive advantage over their competitor.  So Android Phone Manufacturers purchase different chips from Qualcomm, MediaTek, or Samsung to give them that competitive advantage. These companies...
New Posts  All Forums: