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Daniel, this article meanders too much. It overuses the word "thermonuclear". Apple did not have to go "thermonuclear" on Android. Apple did not even need to compete against Samsung. Apple is at a stage of its development that the only competition to Apple is Apple itself. And Apple simply had to do what it does best: 1. focus - it is the best company at focus. 2. focus on the customer experience 3. design for the customer experience 4. make the best products it...
I hope they get ATT on this.
Where can I buy them for myself???
Yay! Go Apple! This should set up a flood of iPhone 6 and 6 sales as immigrants change to Apple. Western Union of course would avoid fraud.
-------------------------------------------------- Sorry.  But there are too many histrionics in these series of articles.   FIRST: Apple is NOT funding AMD or nVidia.  Apple buys GPUs from them just like Apple buys its CPU/GPU chips from Samsung. The primary difference with the chips it buys from Samsung and those from AMD or nVidia is that Apple designs the chips that it buys from Samsung. AMD and nVidia design their own chips.   SECOND: Desktop chips - whether CPU...
$80 for a small two button bluetooth keyboard??? Come on. That is a rip off. Similar bluetooth iPhone camera remote controls only cost $3 to $7 on Amazon. The Satechi bluetooth multi-media remote control for the iPhone has a home button, is about the same size, and costs only $35. It has additional buttons to control the music and act as a Keynote remote for presentations.
Because it costs MONEY for any developer to create an app on a different platform.  And if that platform's app makes NO MONEY, you have LOST MONEY. Making money is the primary reason that developers write apps for iOS first.  iOS customers are wealthier and are far more likely to spend their money than customers on other platforms. Additionally, developing apps is a form of FREE SPEECH since writing code is a creative work. In Canada, there may be a law to force you to...
The vegetable-based ink is going to leave a mark.
The fact is every smartphone is a GPS tracking device that you carry personally. It also collects a lot of data about you. This is why the Supreme Court made it necessary to get a warrant so search your phone. So if you want privacy you have to use simple burner phones.
It is called a newspaper.
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