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They ARE SMART.  They are not stupid like GT Advanced.They also did not sell stocks before announcing bankruptcy like GT Advanced's executives. Thieves.
So it is ok for the NSA and FBI and Police and Chinese and Russian Spies to rape all of us and kill us in exchange for the life of one child. Forget that. Let the child die. Only if the US starts nuking every enemy state such as Iran and othe Middle East countries and killing every enemy civilian man woman and child will it have any credence in its arguments about our safety.
Face it. Apple's Health app and Apple's Watch totally destroy Fitbit on iOS. In fact, the Apple Watch pays for itself in about 4 years because one does not have to purchase any $50 a year Fitbit membership. After 4 years, Apple Watch saves you $50 a year in Fitbit membership fees. What would you rather wear? Apple Watch or Fitbit on your wrist? Obviously the Apple Watch. Fitbit makes you look like a geek. Apple Watch makes you look cool and stylish. Another...
I thought Target refused Apple Pay for its retail stores
Obviously, Intel has some solutions:   1. Emphasize the laptop/desktops.  As people use more smartphones, they will need more laptops and desktops.  Just look at how many more Macs are being sold.  Intel can get more sales the same way.   2. Be even more aggressive in developing the Atom and other x86 chips so that they can be competitive with ARM chips.  Intel is Chipzilla for one thing.  It is a sign of weakness when it can't compete on its own turf.
No need for Alibaba. Once ChinaUnion sees that their cards work well with the Apple App Store, the door will open to Apple Pay all over China.
The only partnership Apple will have with Alibaba is that Alibaba will accept ApplePay for payment. Anyone who says it is "in Apple's best interest" to partner with them is a snake. They are not interested in the customer like Apple is. Note that Apple's customers in China can use China's credit card on Apple Pay to make App Store ourchases. Soon Apple Pay will be allowed all over China. Apple is willing to work with the Chinese regulators to get Apple Pay Working. It...
 1. Apple will NOT turn the iPad into a laptop.  That is the Mac's job. 2. Apple LOVES that Microsoft is developing Office 365 for the iPad.  The larger iPad would allow better use off Office 365.  Easier maintenance, less malware/virus, cost savings over the long term. 3. I asked TIM COOK to develop an iPad Pro with a 14 inch diagonal screen.  Why?  Because this means it can display an 8.5 x 11 page in TRUE-TO-LIFE SIZE.  This allows one to read TEXTBOOKS and MAGAZINES as...
I bet South Koreans will LOVE Apple Pay. Samsung will be embarrassed. Apple Pay is THE killer App for the new iPhones.
The iPhone does 240 fps - double what the GoPro can do.
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