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iCloud Music Library hasn't wrecked my library nor is it doing its own thing.  Those initial problems have been corrected. I LOVE Apple Music. Not only does it allow me to carry my entire music library on my iPhone when combined with iCloud Music Library, it allows me to find new music with human curated choices!  And I LOVE the live music from Apple Music's Beats 1 Station. I LOVE how Apple Music plus the iTunes Music Store plus iCloud Music Library means I can play and...
Apple specifically excluded webkit from Apple TV.  Therefore, there will be NO, ZERO, NADA web browsers or even web page views on Apple TV. Any developer will have to do heavy lifting to bring web streaming to the Apple TV.  It is doable. Simply look at the YouTube App for Apple TV. And there's the HULU app for TV. 
It deserves to fail.. Mean spirited movies just aren't attractive.
That is also called Avant Garde.
Youmi should be simply banned for life.
That isn't ridiculous. It costs lots of money to create TV shows.
Can you simply subscribe to the NFL and NBA via their streaming apps on iPhone and iPad??? You can cut the cable today if you want.
 Lucky for you.But you cannot always get CBS nor NBC OTA.  That depends on where you live.  It also depends on whether or not you can have a good enough antenna to receive TV shows OTA.  This is difficult in many apartments.  It is difficult in mountainous areas. And it is difficult in rural areas. Recently, during a power outage, I was still able to watch Comcast Xfinity on my iPhone and iPad via the over-the-air AT&T LTE cellular network. It is a blast to be able to...
 Those 6.5 million PAYING Apple Music subscribers are 6.5 million customers that Spotify won't get.
The whole global music industry makes $15 BILLION A YEAR.Apple Music with 6.5 million and growing will make $1 BILLION in its first year.iTunes Music makes $3 BILLION a year.Taken together, Apple Music and iTunes Music make over 25% of the WORLD'S MUSIC REVENUE. Wow! And it is growing. Once Apple Music reaches 20 million PAYING users, then Apple Music plus iTunes Music will have HALF of the world's music revenue. So Apple Music is off to a good start.
New Posts  All Forums: