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The current 5K iMacs only support DisplayPort 1.2 through Thunderbolt 2 ports.  They are UNABLE to have the bandwidth necessary to run an external 5K display, NOR can they make a passive 5K screen.  That would require the 5K iMac to have Thunderbolt 3 ports.
Not really puzzling.  Displays have gotten ahead of the hardware interface as manufacturers race to the bottom in price. For the latest and greatest 5K monitors: No computer made in the world when Apple came out with the iMac 5K even had a DisplayPort 1.3 chip to connect the monitor to the GPU.  Apple had to custom develop it's own version of a DisplayPort 1.3 chip when the DisplayPort 1.3 standard wasn't even released yet This means that no computer can connect to a 5K...
-------------------------------------------------- The problem of a 5K display is that you need a computer which is compatible with the DisplayPort 1.3 standard. Very few computers are capable of this since the standard only came out in September 2014.   In fact when Apple released the 5K iMac, there was NO HARDWARE CHIPS available to any manufacturer to connect the GPU to the 5K screen.  Apple had to custom build its own hardware chip to create the 5K iMac.   The...
MThe plaintiff could not have charge fraud since his or her laptop was still under warranty at 18 months.Interestingly, most car warranties last only 3 years. Then you are on your own. You have to pay for everything wrong that wears out. And cars cost a heck more than computers.The customers with problems identified in the lawsuit are rare. If it was more widespread Apple would have instituted a recall - such as for iPhone chargers which were faulty or iMacs which recently...
I also have this laptop. When it failed after 3 years and was out of warranty, I took it to my Apple Store and asked for Apple's flat rate repair program. For only $299 Apple will replace anything in the laptop that is not working to spec. They replaced the entire screen, the video board, the mother board, the expansion card cage, and even the RAM memory. It is an amazing deal that made my MacBook Pro 17" 2011 essentially brand new. You get a new 90 day warranty. My...
It is called a stupid lawyer. Stupid lawyers take on cases they just want to settle because they are greedy. They don't even do basic things such as investigate their own clients to see if they are worthy of filing the lawsuit (and in this case they were absolutely not). If they lose, then their clients still have to pay the legal bills. This may include Apple's legal bills too.
When all you do is follow the leader, sometimes the leader goes where you cannot. Then you fall behind. Way behind. And when all your profits are from copying the leader, sometimes an even hungrier bottom feeder will simply also profit by copying you. This leaves Samsung in no man's land.
I wonder if the Griffin USB Cable licensed Apple's REVERSIBLE USB connector patent.
What will speed it up is the law that mandates that by the end of 2015 ALL credit card readers in the United States have to be changed to those compatible with RFID Credit Cards that are being sent out by every bank and credit card company in the U.S. [which is the standard already in the world].  These new credit card readers will be NFC compatible [if the merchant is smart for future compatibility]. 
No no no. The iPhone screen should not be reflected on to this screen. This means you have to place your iPhone on top of the dash. Why not simply create a HUD which can mirror the iPhone display like AppleTV does? Connect via WiFi or Bluetooth to accomplish this. This way, the iPhone can stay in the car by your side or where you can reach it and away from the sun so it doesn't overheat.
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