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 BUT... Apple cannot help the government decrypt your data.  Your data is encrypted.  So long as you choose a strong password, the government will have a difficult time getting your data without your consent.  That is the whole point of encryption.
 iCloud backups are also encrypted. Thus Apple cannot decrypt them.Even on your Mac or PC, when backing up your iPhone, you have the option to encrypt your backup.Apple does not have access to your key and can't decrypt your data.
PayPal is feeling the heat. ApplePay is here to stay.
 Yes. You need at least a 3G Cellular network that is active wherever the iPhone is.  Luckily, 3G is nearly everywhere.  
 Discovered card is joining Apple Pay. It would then be ironic that Sams Club won't accept Discover Card through Apple Pay.
For any wrist device to succeed, it has to first and foremost BE jewelry. The consumer has to want to wear one without consideration of what it does. After all, even if one wears a watch, how often does one use it to tell time particularly when one has a smartphone that shows the time?? The watch has for years been simply jewelry first, function second. This is why people aspire to wear $30,000 Rolex watches and other brands. Even men's watches are first and foremost...
I would like to see solar charging on the iWatch, just like my Citizen Watch.  It could also have movement charging like on Seiko watches.  This way, it will charge itself.
 Because an iWatch is always worn on the arm unlike an iPhone, it can do somethings the iPhone can't do as well:1. Aways-On Clock2. Body Temperature3. Heart Rate4. EKG5. Blood sugar measurement6. Blood Oxygenation measurement7. Sleep Oxygenation measurement8. Steps and distance moved9. Exercise activityThink about the Nike Fuel Band on Steroids monitoring your state of health while also telling the time.And it will do so while also looking like fashion jewelry.  With...
Samsung, LG, Motorola and others are simply looking an Apple product to copy. Simple. Watch how Samsung will clone the Apple iWatch. It happened with smartphones, it will happen with iWatch. Without Apple, Samsung is simply directionless. Samsung will throw up anything on the wall to see what sticks. Already it has gone through 6 iterations of its smartwatch in the past year.
Ha ha ha ha ha. If this is the best Android can do then Android watch stinks. Go ahead, strap a hockey puck to your wrist. Anything less than a one week battery life on the wrist is junk.
New Posts  All Forums: