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I'm keeping the family plan since I love being able to play Apple music simultaneously on my 3 iPhones and 3 MacBooks.
I like iTunes. I like having everything under one roof.  Of course iBooks was separated out. But the primary purpose of iTunes is to synchronize to your iOS device.  And it would be a stringy mess if you have separate apps to do that.
Those 6.5 MILLION Apple Music customers represent 6.5 Million customers who won't be on Spotify.  So obviously, Apple Music will limit Spotify's growth.  That is the effect of competition. And those 6.5 MILLION Apple Music customers represent $1 BILLION in new revenue for Apple.  This is equal to 1/3rd iTunes Music revenue - in only its first year. Since Apple is in this venture for life, it can grow this business. The Global Music Business is about $15 BILLION a year....
What people don't seem to realize is that Apple Music now has $1 BILLION a year in revenue for its first year. iTunes Music Downloads are about $3 BILLION a year in revenue. This means that in its first year, Apple Music has achieve 33% of iTunes Music Revenue. Note that Global Music Sales are $15 Billion a Year. So the combination of iTunes Music Sales and Apple Music is more than 26% of the revenue for the ENTIRE Music Industry. That is AMAZING. And APPLE MUSIC IS...
Why does Intel need 1000 engineers to do in LTE modem? This is why Intel is so behind the times.
Exactly. When my Macbook Pro 2011 started having graphics problems, the whole motherboard was replaced.  Nice! The same with the iMac.
The iMac 21" is not meant to be user serviceable - other than the RAM.It is for all intents and purposes, a MacBook Pro that was reshaped into a desktop.The CPUs of Mac without PCI slots are never meant to be replaced anyway.  So no need to complain.
Darn.   Microsoft only wants MacBooks that are 6 years old or younger.   But those computers are still going strong!   OS X 10.11 still runs on my MacBook 2008, which is 7 years old.   Microsoft should be far more generous.   I would love to trade in my Powerbook 2000 model for a new PC.  At 15 years old, the Powerbook long ago has been gathering dust on my shelf. $300 for that would help give me a new shiny Windows 10 Laptop or Desktop.   So Microsoft, don't...
 Apple's products are whole widget products that last a very long time.Apple computers - even with glued components - last longer than PCs.Apple knows their products last way beyond the time they are obsolete. And this is borne out by user experience. For example, I still use a MacBook Pro 17 inch 2006.Obviously, it won't run the latest operating system. In regard to the latest technologies, it is obsolete.But it certainly is still great for web browsing use. So not buying...
Touch ID cannot come to OSX because it and Macs are too open.. Hackers would easily take apart a Mac and reverse engineer Touch ID to allow fraudulent acts.Only if Macs were totally locked down and remote controlled like iPhones are could Touch ID be feasible. But who would want such a Mac? No body.
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