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Ha ha ha ha. ROTFLOL. Hopefully Samsung will pay Apple finally.
Apple can simply BUY BMW. Unlike Tesla, BMW actually makes a large profit. At $60 BILLION, BMW is a bargain compared to buying Tesla. BMW has a complete range of luxury automobiles that target the part of the market Apple loves. BMW has the manufacturing facilities to build millions of cars - unlike Tesla. BMW has a larger range of electric cars than Tesla. After the purchase, BMW can be a subsidiary of Apple just like Filemaker is. Then no one at BMW will complain...
This is a NON-News article.  Of course Parallels 11 is going to support Cortana. Duh.
No one bothers to do Samsung knockoffs in China. Pity Samsung.
There probably will be a special Apple Section with Apple Watches, iPhones, and Macs. They will be manned by staff who may be Apple employees rather than Best Buy employees.
It would be far easier for Apple to simply BUY BMW. BMW costs only $60 BILLION. And it makes a huge profit which can then pay for the sale of itself to Apple.
Snapchat is not on Apple Watch because - DOH - the Apple Watch doesn't have a camera. DOH DOH DOH.
When Pundits pan the Apple Watch, you have to realize that they are simply trying to manipulate Apple's stock downward so that they can make lots of money on the upswing. Apple is the most manipulated stock ever. Even Cramer confessed he has manipulated Apple's stock this way.
Apple Watches have a very long lifetime. So 15 million a year of Apple Watches means 45 Million Users in 3 years. Over the next 7 years, we will have 105 MILLION Apple Watch users. That is a HUGE number. What this also means is that those users - who buy more expensive watches - are going to knock out nearly every traditional watch maker - other than the ultra high end watches.
Daniel Eran Dilger - You go gurl! Great article.
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