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Some of Samsung's leadership must not be so bright. After all, it has been well known in the television industry that people aren't buying TV much. This is why so many companies have left the TV market. Samsung is one of the last remaining ones trying to eek out a living in it. And it was sorely tempted to separate itself from its television unit during the height of its Galazy phone.
Daniel, you are being over exhuberant when stating "Intel and ARM have made very little progress in courting business from mobile devices". ARM doesn't make its own chips. It licenses its chip designs. ARM certainly OWNS the mobile device market since nearly every chip running is an ARM chip, including Apple's own chips.
Ballmer is smarter.  He got out of the business.
If Google is "secure" why are Google's business apps and cloud NOT HIPPA Compliant for maintaining security and privacy of patient data??? That is because Google is not secure.
 There you go.  That's right.  Costs are higher in China even if the goods were manufactured there.
 The first weekend sales in China alone may surpass sales in the US. If added to the initial weekend sales of 10 million, we are looking at probably 16 to 20 million iPhones sold in the first weekend available. That is a humongous amount. Wow.  Awe inspiring.  Go away Samsung.  Ha ha.
 Obviously, in other countries, there are more taxes and fees in addition to the Value Added Tax.    For example, there are additional taxes for:1. being a video playback device2. being able to play MP3 music3. being a camera4. being a computeretc. etc. Other countries tack on fees and taxes to the iPhone to raise their tax revenue.
Looks a lot like the CalDigit and El Gato Thunderbolt docks. It probably uses the same motherboard. Unfortunately Belkin priced it $100 more than CalDigit's model.
The US Constitution's 5th Amendment says that you have a right to remain silent. You don't have to incriminate yourself. The iPhone's encryption is the expression of this right. Period. Anyone using the iPhone's encryption automatically is making a statement of their 5th amendment rights.
Eric Holder and the Justice Department and the NSA, CIA, and FBI were the ones at fault for VIOLATING people's constitutional right to privacy. Violating EVERYONE's rights outweighs whatever data is in any single iPhone. Apple has imply placed the power of encryption on the consumer. That's all. And in countries with oppressive regimes like China, the consumers there will rejoice Apple's iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: