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Daniel Eran Dilger - You go gurl! Great article.
Miami Florida is WORSE than Hong Kong: http://www.wunderground.comTIME: 08:00 July 10, 2015 Pacific Standard Time Miami, FL:Temperature: 87 °FHeat Index 97 °FDew Point 76 °FHumidity 69% Hongkong, ChinaTemperature: 83.5 °FHeat Index 90 °FDew Point 74 °FHumidity 72%
Since no background checking is done by Google, I wonder if sexual predators will take advantage of Google's carpooling service? Carpooling with STRANGERS looks very risky to me.
Too bad some people who are avid music lovers don't back up their music collections in case of disaster.  It is easy to do with large hard drives we have today.   If one had only a single copy of a large 4 TB music collection, what would happen if the hard drive failed???  That is horrible.  But if one had a backup it would be no big deal.
There is nothing wrong with some gamers wanting old school controllers.  For many games they are actually better than the touch interface. Those who don't know games don't understand this.
The two objections to the Mad Catz Micro controller are simply silly. 1. THE LACK OF AN INTEGRATED RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - REQUIRING THE USE OF AA BATTERIES IS AN ADVANTAGE. Integrated rechargeable batteries DIE within 2 years. This forces you to trash your now useless controller. Once the BATTERISER VOLTAGE REGULATOR is released this fall, AA batteries are going to last up to 8 times longer than integrated rechargeable batteries. AA batteries are also far more useful...
Yes.  To keep your files free of DRM, you have to subscribe to iTunes Match AND Apple Music. If you only subscribe to Apple Music, and you accidentally right click on one of your own music files and select "Remove Download", then that file is ERASED by iTunes as if you never owned it.  Then the only form that can be downloaded is a DRM'd form.  When you select to download the file, it cannot be found in the finder.  iTunes places it in a cache somewhere on your drive,...
Just revert back to the metal shell of the iPhone 5 that the 5c is based on. Simple. Elegant.
 Wow.  When a developer shows little passion it is very sad to see.  Developers who have no emotional attachment are simply going to create poor apps.  They won't sweat the small details or  show craftsmanship that is important for iOS users. They don't give their apps love. They also play to the common denominator between iOS and Android.  They won't optimize their apps for iOS since that would take too much work.  They do cookie cutter work.   Unfortunately, the lack of...
 It is important to show that Tom's Guide has become a very unreliable source of information. Tom's Guide and Anandtech were both bought by the same mega media publishing corporation.  They became corporate properties. They use to be reliable sites for balanced, unbiased reports on PC and Mac Equipment.   However, they obviously play to the whims of their mother corporation.  And their employees would certainly fear for their jobs if they don't please their new bosses. I...
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