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Lenovo also puts spyware in its computers.  So buyer beware.
Bromwich was so incompetent he actually had to hire an expert to do his job. Then he charged $1000 an hour for himself and an additional $1000 an hour for the expert. That is evil. He should have fired himself and told the court to use the expert monitor.
 And you can make it totally unsafe by jailbreaking it.
Drones may creating 3D flyovers easy and cheap for Apple to do.  
Sorkin is like a huge pus-filled zit that partially exploded. There is still some left to squeeze out.
Obviously Aaron Sorkin is like a large pus-filled zit of the highest degree. Go Tim!  CEO for LIFE!
If you accidentally break your iPhone, the standard warranty doesn't cover this.  So you would have to pay for the iPhone yourself in full.It is similar to a leased car.  If you destroy your car in an accident, the automobile warranty won't cover its repair. You have to pay for it in full. AppleCare+ covers accidental breakage of the iPhone - at least 3 times.  So it is worth it for klutzes and those not wanting to take any risk of facing an $800 replacement fee.
Apple can always shut down the apps and force the developers to issue a clean newly compiled version.  Apps can also be automatically screened for identified malware code. And developers who keep breaking the rules can be banned.   The situation is a lot easier to correct than on Android.
Uber does incomplete background checks. It also does not verify that the driver is actually the person it hired as the driver. For example, a woman was hired by Uber as a driver but she instead let her felon boyfriend do the driving. After all, uber does not keep tabs on its drivers like a real taxi company does. The Uber driver can turn out to be a rapist as on a recent case.
Apple should just buy BMW and make it a subsidiary. Apple has the money. And BMW is relatively cheap at 64 billion.
New Posts  All Forums: