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No no no. The iPhone screen should not be reflected on to this screen. This means you have to place your iPhone on top of the dash. Why not simply create a HUD which can mirror the iPhone display like AppleTV does? Connect via WiFi or Bluetooth to accomplish this. This way, the iPhone can stay in the car by your side or where you can reach it and away from the sun so it doesn't overheat.
The last thing I want are ads on my watch. Software developers beware. You'll get a lot of negative reviews. You might as eell out add on people's stools. That would stink less.
Apple Pay is even more secure than chip credit cards.   In fact, the contents of the chip can be read straight from your card at a distance by hackers, allowing them to steal your ID and card.  This is why you have to get RFID shielding wallets to protect your cards from being read. Also, since anyone can use your chip credit card after stealing it, it isn't as secure as Apply Pay which requires your fingerprint. Once Apple Pay gets a foothold in Europe, it will take over...
Maybe the judge will laugh, clear his throat, then say "NO".
Sleezy lawyers need to be convicted by the judge and given the death penalty.   The problem of law school these days is that there are so many lawyers, there aren't many jobs. So those lawyers hungry for money engage in these types of lawsuits to get their pie in the sky fortune.
Looks like Chevron is going to increase its market share!
It means Chevron has been ahead of its time!
This smells like a publicity stunt.
Nah. Sony is trying to do a publicity stunt and Apple wasn't playing that game.
 1. It is TOTALLY TASTEFUL. It signifies that Apply Pay is a GIFT TO THE WORLD!  It eliminates the evil of credit card fraud which costs us billions each year. 2. Disneyland IS where families share warm meals and time with their loved ones.  And now, one can wave one's beloved iPhone TOO. 3. Sure it is a cultural thing.  But it is also a money thing.  Half of the visitors to Disneyland are EUROPEANS who can afford the $100 per person entrance fee to Disneyland and the...
New Posts  All Forums: