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The fact is every smartphone is a GPS tracking device that you carry personally. It also collects a lot of data about you. This is why the Supreme Court made it necessary to get a warrant so search your phone. So if you want privacy you have to use simple burner phones.
It is called a newspaper.
The problem for TAG Hauer is that Apple is gunning exactly for its territory: the $1000-$3000 watch market. And Apple has both the design and technical expertise to completely dominate. Apple can create the whole widget. No Swiss watch company can do this at all.
The A8 runs at a far slower speed than the i7.   The A8 runs up to 1.5 GHz.  The i7 goes up to 4 GHZ. The A8 uses a lower voltage and lower current than the i7.   This is because it has to run off batteries.The i7 does not have this limitation.  It can use 150 watts of power - enough to seriously burn your hand. The i7 by using so much electricity does computations FAR FASTER than the A8.  If Apple ran the A8 with as much current and speed as the i7, it would run into the...
The M8 handles sensor I/0.  But the A8 handles the processing of the information when the iPhone or iPad is turned on.
NOTE that the A8 Chip has 2 Billion transistors so is closer to the Intel i7 chip in transistor count. It is the A8X which has 3 billion transistors. The A8 chip and the A8X do far more specialized processing than Intel's i7 chip in hardware.  For example1. The A8/A8X has hardware routines to analyze the sensor and touch information in 3 dimensions.  Haswell does not.2. The A8/A8X has a TrustZone component that does the computation, encryption and storage for TouchID....
The new iPad Pro 12.9 will also do mind reading. So you don't even need a stylus nor even your finger.
Apple is not worried so much of the cost of Intel Chips. After all, Apple will pay what it costs for what it wants. Apple wants performance. And certainly in the area of mobile, ARM chips have completely swamped Intel chips. But on the desktop, no ARM chip can compete against an Intel chip. Every Apple transition has always been with higher performance. Apple will not go to slower chips and slow performance in any desktop transition or laptop transition for that matter.
Intel is a very strong and competitive company. They won't back down from a challenge. Intel will keep innovating on x64 to keep Apple. I seriously doubt that any ARM design will be as powerful as an Intel chip without running into the same problems as Intel has had to deal with. After all, it is the laws of physics that are limiting factors.
Wrong. Apple of 2015 is not like Microsoft of 1995. Apple is better than what Microst has ever been. And Apple is not a monopoly.
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