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Obviously, since Angela Ahrendts was CEO of Burberry before Apple hired her away, she may have played a strong role in attracting Burberry to the Apple fold.
Will not ever happen. ARM will always be slower than Intel's top processors - the ones used in Macs. The A9x GPU is not built to handle multiple screens like a Mac, nor does it have the brute force of a desktop dedicated GPU. The A9x is built for single tasks, not multiple simultaneous tasks like Intel's top Mac CPUs. ARM can't run Windows.  And it certainly would be much less efficient and slower in trying to emulate an Intel Processor. ARM is built for a low energy...
I would rather have Apple kill Siri than lose privacy.   If AI experts need private data, then they aren't that bright to begin with.
I'd rather skip it. From John Gruber at DaringFireball.net: JONATHAN KIM ON ALEX GIBNEY’S ‘STEVE JOBS: THE MAN IN THE MACHINE’ Jonathan Kim calls it “an Apple-hater’s manifesto” Sounds like the film equivalent of Yukari Iwatani Kane’s book Haunted Empire — an attempt to fit the facts to a preconceived narrative, rather than craft a narrative from the actual facts.  
Apple will show: 1. The iPad Pro Transformer with attached Keyboard which can flip backwards to act as a stand. It will have a 4K touch screen and new A9s CPU with graphics muscle to handle the larger screen. 2. The iPhone 6s with new A9 CPU, new camera with ZOOM, 256 GB Storage option, unbendable case, in new colors including Rose Gold. 3. Apple TV Console with new Apple TV App Store, controllers, games, and TV channels - including Apple's own TV Bundle, and connection...
$149 for AppleTV means EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE can have one.
Yes.  When I tell people we can FaceTime but they then explain they have Android.  I tell them "Too Bad."
You miss the point.  The guy's face is numb because being with the girl is like getting high on cocaine.
 FaceTime is so much better on iPhones than Android.  And it also works simultaneously on iPads and Macs. I seriously doubt it will be removed by Apple.  FaceTime has already become a verb among iPhone users.  It is like announcing you are in an exclusive club. If you want to FaceTime, get an iPhone, iPad or Mac.  Join the club. Why should Apple let an Android user be able to iMessage or Facetime to Apple users?  After all, this doesn't sell more iPhones or Macs. Apple...
JayZ and Tidal decided to lie and turn the loss of Drake's stream to a TROLLING opportunity to advertise itself through a negative story about Apple.   JayZ was probably jealous of Dr Dre getting billions from Apple buying Beats rather than buying JayZ's Tidal.   Unfortunately, they stabbed their own customers in the back while doing so.  They should simply have paid Drake more to get his stream.   I would love Tidal to die an ignominious death.
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