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Samsung is an embarrassing company. They aren't like Wayne Gretzky: skating to where the puck will be. They instead try to go to where they guess Wayne Gretzky is going without even seeing the puck.
You've got to be kidding. Apple does not have problems in fitting a battery into an iPhone. Period. That is the one component of this rumor that completely labels it a lie.
Just another ANAL-yst to whom market share is more important than profit. He's a comedian. Of course it is April Fool's Day.
Just like Google Glass, Android Wear is going to be another loser. Apple's competitors keep trying to throw things on the wall like mud to see if anything sticks. But mud isn't something that consumers want to buy. Apple does things right before even announcing a product. It sweats out all the details so that our lives are better for purchasing an Apple product.
East Indians, Asians and some Middle Eastern people are people of color too. They make up most of the students in the University of California campuses. Caucasians are a minority in upper education in California. If Rev. Jackson wants more Blacks in high tech companies, then he will need to change Black culture in America. He needs to tell Black families to emphasize education. This is currently not done. He needs to tell Black men to parent their children. This is...
How horrifying it is to have an Android phone.
Obviously, since Apple uses Sapphire to protect the iPhone's camera lens, it lets light through JUST FINE. Obviously, since Apple is heavily investing in Sapphire production, Sapphire will be just as cheap as Gorilla Glass, and just as quickly mass produced. Obviously, the scratch resistance of a Sapphire screen is very attractive. Obviously, Apple's customers are going to be far more attracted to a Sapphire screen than a Gorilla Glass screen. Sapphire is a Jewelry...
Apple almost never talks about future products or plans. The only information you get are rumors and speculation from third parties like ANALysts and PUNDits.
Elon Musk will NEVER be the CEO of Apple. Tim Cook has the CEO job for life. He is perfect for it. He takes Steve Jobs' words to heart: Do what is best for Apple. Period. Tim Cook can also stare down Carl Icahn better than any other CEO or would-be CEO in the world. You are simply not going to shake Tim Cook, the man from Texas. Tim is going to call it like it is. Speak softly but carry a very big stick. That is Tim Cook.
IDC's ANAL-yst is advising Apple to lower its profit margins and sell junk phones. This is what they also advised PC Makers to do. And look at what happened to them. DUH. Idiotic. As Steve Jobs said, Apple does not know how to do junk.
New Posts  All Forums: