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Nothing will satisfy the ANALysts about Apple. Record sales? Bah humbug! they say. After all Apple doesn't have high marketshare. Record profits? Bah humbug! they say. After all what is Apple going to do next year? New product? Buah humbug! they say. It obviously will fail. There is nothing Apple can do that is right. ANALysts would rather take it up the rear and invest in never profiting Amazon than invest in hugely profitable Apple. After all, Apple is...
Once again, Samsung is the copier and follower.
 All you have to do is google "google sells information to advertisers"  and you get 556 MILLION results, numerous of which show examples where Google sells your information without your permission to advertisers. Google itself stated "We’ve found that the more information we can share with advertisers, the more confident they’ll be advertising on Google." The New York Times reported that Google sells user's endorsements. The Verge reported "Google will start using your...
Apple can unequivocally state that it will not gather data from consumers. This is because its revenue does not depend on gathering data. Google on the other hand needs to gather data from consumers because that is its product which it sells to advertisers. Thus anything Nest's Fadell now says is a lie. Eventually, Nest will become a bug in our homes from which Google monitors and gathers data from us - even our conversations are not private to Google.
Fadell's backtracking means that he is lying. Nest will eventually become a gateway for Google to monitor our behavior, our conversations at home so that it can gather data to sell to advertisers - some who are the NSA.
Cote and Bromwich are cronies. Of course she would do this. The best decision would have been to hire the lawyer that Bromwich hired in the first place to do his job. Apple's best step is to videotape every meeting with Bromwich. This is to make sure Bromwich is aware that his every move is also being investigated.
Wearables are great ideas but they will stay science fiction until Apple makes it real. And when Apple makes it real, it will have the beauty and wearability of a Rolex watch. People will want to wear it unlike the dregs that are here today. Apple has always looked at a product category and asked if they can come up with something better. If not, then they don't enter that category or only create a hobby product if there is enough interest and the ability to create a...
Hackers and thieves would absolutely love breaking this lock. A hacker can do this from a distance.
Another numbskull ANAL-yst giving his 2-cents, worthless as it is.   Apple will build an inexpensive iPhone when it can do so.  This means it has to be an iPhone - with all that it means.   Apple actually already has been selling an inexpensive iPhone.   The iPhone 3G, 4, and 5c have been selling for FREE with a contract on many carriers.  That is pretty cheap if ZERO is considered cheap.
They should have allowed the iPhone to be installed UPSIDE DOWN. When held upside down, the home button is exposed. So TouchID can be done. And the Swipe-Up screen can be exposed via a swipe down movement instead. The only thing lost is the notifications screen - no big loss.
New Posts  All Forums: