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April Fools!   Switzerland is a small country.   The Swiss can simply buy their Apple Watches in France or Germany.
Carly Fiorina simply being a sour grapes biot. There is a reason she is an FIRED CEO of HP. She was one of the problems that brought HP down.
Marketshare doesn't matter. Profits matter. When Apple sells more - no matter what its marketshare is - it makes more money. That is what ultimately counts.
In the United States, Apple Maps works really really well.    Apple has done a great job in improving its Maps product. And Apple continues to improve it.   Maps Connect is a great idea to allow businesses to enter their own Map locations!
Tim Cook is right.   With "religious freedom" laws, we will soon have:   1. refusal to serve Blacks and colored people. 2. refusal to serve gays. 3. White only restaurants and businesses.
Professionals and serious amateurs care about Adobe. Obviously.
Fantastic! More FREE ads for Apple. This is something Samsung can't copy. Samsung has to pay billions for their ads.
I'd like to know more about what she actually does for $75 Million a year. Instead, this dumbfounding article says very little about anything. It feels like air between the ears. I guess we will see how she revamps the Apple stores once the Apple Watch is incorporated into them.
 1. AppleWorks got too old.  Apple moved forward with better software2. Bento was Filemaker light.  Filemaker Inc, Apple's subsidiary, realized this and went back to basics and focused on Filemaker Pro. 3. Apple uses SQLlite in a lot of its software.  It still hasn't lost interest in it.4. Apple won't lose interest in big-iron databases like FoundationDB.  They become incorporated into its own infrastructure. Remember that Apple only culls away the old.
Apple is becoming a Cable Company WITHOUT CABLE.  It essentially is replacing Comcast as a cable company.   The differences that Apple has with Comcast are: * Apple doesn't create content - it only provides the access to the content. In contrast Comcast owns NBC Universal so creates content also. * Apple doesn't provide the cable - it uses your internet service. Comcast can provide the cable and internet service. * Apple doesn't provide a DVR - the only advantage...
New Posts  All Forums: