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Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Ports are the future.
That is very creepy.  Uber now wants to track your location at all times.     That could be a useful resource for the police, FBI, NSA, hackers, etc.
The  Perixx PERIBOARD-805L W. http://perixx.com/en/products/perixx-pro-4.html is the white version of the keyboard.  It has iOS specific keys.  I have one and I love it.  It is a little larger than the iPhone 6 Plus.  It fits in the front pocket of dress pants or Khakis. 
This is great advertisement for Apple's new plastic iPhone 6c
Intel has had a lot of vaporware lately. What's up Intel? I thought you were the best. Has Samsung's process skills surpassed yours?
It probably will be upgraded to Force Touch.  That is the future for Apple trackpads.  Apple, however, will not release it until it is ready.
 Current GPS is accurate to within 12 to 25 feet.  This probably is accurate to 1-2 feet.This is not so much for autonomous driving cars.  It is for personal high-accuracy location WITHIN BUILDINGS and outdoors. iBEACONS:  Apple is already trying to map the interiors of buildings so that can create more accurate locations for iBeacons.  This way, retailers and customers can interact with each other more efficiently.  Customers can be served notices that are customized to...
If you are a Mac "Power User", then by definition, you will buy the highest priced Mac which includes a discrete GPU.  Only a discrete GPU gives you the most power. It would be laughable to call a user a "Power User" and give the user a weaker computer.  Intel's GPUs simply do not compete with AMD's or nVidia's discrete GPUs.  That is why the Mac Pro has discrete GPUs and an E5 processor rather than simply use an i7. It would also be laughable to call a user a "Power User"...
This is uncommon. But Apple's products are so compelling that Radio Shack had to agree to Apple's terms. Other manufacturers don't care about their customers as much since after the sale, the customer makes no profit for them, only losses.
When your product becomes a commodity, then you risk losing your business to those who can undercut your price.   That is what happened with Sharp.   This is what is happening with Android Phones.  This is why Samsung is hurting severely in the smartphone market.   Obviously, Apple doesn't make commodity items.  It never has.  And it never will.
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