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It is a dog eat dog world. The display manufacturing market has collapsed because everyone raced to the bottom along with brutal competition and commoditization. This was first evident in televisions. No one was making money on televisions. Even Samsung got out of that business by divesting that part of its business. Now it is hitting the small display business. Sharp's displays are too expensive for the market. They have to lower their prices to match the less...
This is fantastic for both Apple and China. China has so much pollution from manufacturing it is endangering the people. They LOVE that Apple is helping them become green and responsible. With so much renewable sources of wood, metals, and other resources and so much solar power, Apple will be more green than any other large corporation in the world. Where is Greenpeace's statement of support? I hear crickets. I suppose when their money comes from big polluting...
I hope that Apple's executives are not so Stupid as to talk about their competitors in discussion with the music industry. So stupid. Hasn't EDDIE learned from the book industry debacle yet? If not he is an idiot and should be fired.
A bluetooth stylus is SILLY. Why would Apple want to make things more complicated? You would have to keep the stylus charged also. And USB 3.0 peripherals like hard drives will interfere with the stylus. With Force Touch, there is ZERO NEED for a bluetooth stylus. With NFC, there is ZERO NEED for a bluetooth stylus. --- It was Apple that designed USB-c. You can see how much USB-c LOOKS LIKE LIGHTNING but has upgraded features. So to keep things simple, Apple will...
Agree, whole heartedly. Many people can't afford Apple products.
Naturally dark blue skin may actually be a sign of iron toxicity such as with excessive iron storage in the disease hemochromatosis. It also may be a sign of silver toxicity.  Those who take colloidal silver, for example, eventually turn their skin permanently blue.
Another attempt by Samsung to copy Apple. Sad. The Chinese understand. So they are buying fewer and fewer Samsung phones. Why buy Samsung when they can simply buy a cheaper copy of Samsung? Meanwhile, Apple the original continues to sell more and more and more iPhones in China. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus are major hits.
Samsung can't do elegant like Apple can. The can only do Bizarro versions. Even their new S6 has numerous misaligned holes and ports. They aren't craftsmen like Apple.
If the Apple Watch is rough around the edges, then the competition is so bad they are dirt. That is why Samsung is taking a break from making smartphones.
It is so stupid of Best Buy to turn away its wealthiest customers by blocking ApplePay. Stupid move. These customers will simply buy on Amazon with free 2 day delivery. Best Buy is cutting off its own nose. Walmart on the other hand has poor customers. It wants to control them with its own private pay system just like it has its own debit cards.
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