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Apple is not worried so much of the cost of Intel Chips. After all, Apple will pay what it costs for what it wants. Apple wants performance. And certainly in the area of mobile, ARM chips have completely swamped Intel chips. But on the desktop, no ARM chip can compete against an Intel chip. Every Apple transition has always been with higher performance. Apple will not go to slower chips and slow performance in any desktop transition or laptop transition for that matter.
Intel is a very strong and competitive company. They won't back down from a challenge. Intel will keep innovating on x64 to keep Apple. I seriously doubt that any ARM design will be as powerful as an Intel chip without running into the same problems as Intel has had to deal with. After all, it is the laws of physics that are limiting factors.
Wrong. Apple of 2015 is not like Microsoft of 1995. Apple is better than what Microst has ever been. And Apple is not a monopoly.
And it is not the cost that matters. Apple will spend what it takes. And Apple's customers will spend what it takes. Apple and its customers want only the best of breed. Their lives must be improved by the new product. Otherwise it is not worthwhile. An ARM Mac currently will be hell to Apple customers. It has to be faster than the fastest Intel processors.
Apple doesn't do "just good enough". That is not in its genes. Apple does the best products in the world it can make. And Intel i3 is not good enough. It has to be better than Intel's best processors.
This story is B.S. An i3 is a crap Intel processor. For Apple to come out with a slower processor is B.S. particularly with the heavy demands that OS X places on the Mac hardware. It is easy to deflate this. Intel will allow licensed and custom-designed x64 Intel Processors from Apple just like ARM licenses its designs. Desktop CPUs have already reached the limits of physics to faster and faster processors. The primary growth is in GPU design. It would not give...
The current 5K iMacs only support DisplayPort 1.2 through Thunderbolt 2 ports.  They are UNABLE to have the bandwidth necessary to run an external 5K display, NOR can they make a passive 5K screen.  That would require the 5K iMac to have Thunderbolt 3 ports.
Not really puzzling.  Displays have gotten ahead of the hardware interface as manufacturers race to the bottom in price. For the latest and greatest 5K monitors: No computer made in the world when Apple came out with the iMac 5K even had a DisplayPort 1.3 chip to connect the monitor to the GPU.  Apple had to custom develop it's own version of a DisplayPort 1.3 chip when the DisplayPort 1.3 standard wasn't even released yet This means that no computer can connect to a 5K...
-------------------------------------------------- The problem of a 5K display is that you need a computer which is compatible with the DisplayPort 1.3 standard. Very few computers are capable of this since the standard only came out in September 2014.   In fact when Apple released the 5K iMac, there was NO HARDWARE CHIPS available to any manufacturer to connect the GPU to the 5K screen.  Apple had to custom build its own hardware chip to create the 5K iMac.   The...
MThe plaintiff could not have charge fraud since his or her laptop was still under warranty at 18 months.Interestingly, most car warranties last only 3 years. Then you are on your own. You have to pay for everything wrong that wears out. And cars cost a heck more than computers.The customers with problems identified in the lawsuit are rare. If it was more widespread Apple would have instituted a recall - such as for iPhone chargers which were faulty or iMacs which recently...
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