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I think Apple TV will diverge into two separate lines:   1. Apple TV Mini - which is close to what we have currently.  It is meant primarily for consumption.  It is inexpensive so can be in EVERY ROOM of the house.   2. Apple TV Gaming Edition.  This is larger, looks like a Mac Mini.   It will have the A9+ Processor.  It will have some local storage but nearly all the media will be stored in Mac on the same network or on iCloud.     The Apple TV Gaming Edition will...
Intel years ago sold its ARM processor division after refusing to make ARM chips for Apple.  Look where that took Intel.  It locked Intel out of mobile.  They were so short sighted.   I guess Intel has given up the ghost on mobile.  This is why it is selling its remaining stake in a mobile GPU company.     Or maybe Intel thinks it can do GPUs better with what it already has.
DUH. DUH. And more DUH. How obvious. The next iPhone will be better. The next Touch ID will be better. The next version of iOS will be better. The A9 will be faster. Ooo. The suspense of it. Duh. Duh. And more Duh.
Woo hoo! Jet Blue accepts Apple Pay for its BEST CUSTOMERS.
In comparison to the automobile market: When it comes to luxury cars: whether it is a small BMW or large BMW, they all end up at or over $50,000 with the largest model costing the most. This is why Apple prices its 16 GB iPhones similarly.
Daniel, this article meanders too much. It overuses the word "thermonuclear". Apple did not have to go "thermonuclear" on Android. Apple did not even need to compete against Samsung. Apple is at a stage of its development that the only competition to Apple is Apple itself. And Apple simply had to do what it does best: 1. focus - it is the best company at focus. 2. focus on the customer experience 3. design for the customer experience 4. make the best products it...
I hope they get ATT on this.
Where can I buy them for myself???
Yay! Go Apple! This should set up a flood of iPhone 6 and 6 sales as immigrants change to Apple. Western Union of course would avoid fraud.
-------------------------------------------------- Sorry.  But there are too many histrionics in these series of articles.   FIRST: Apple is NOT funding AMD or nVidia.  Apple buys GPUs from them just like Apple buys its CPU/GPU chips from Samsung. The primary difference with the chips it buys from Samsung and those from AMD or nVidia is that Apple designs the chips that it buys from Samsung. AMD and nVidia design their own chips.   SECOND: Desktop chips - whether CPU...
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