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With Half of US smartphone owners having iPhones it is silly for CVS and Rite Aid to igmore Apple Pay. Apple iPhone users will never use ConnectC
Carney' statements are complete BS. He cannot guarantee people's right to privacy. Certainly he can't stop the NSA or CIA from invading your privacy with warrant less searches. And once he is gone, his successor can completely change his mind and allow warrant less searches. So unless it is constitutionally outlawed, Apple is doing us all a favor.
They are the old models.
Not all Chip&Sign Card Terminals are NFC terminals.  But ALL merchants are being forced to buy them in 2015.  This will cost them millions or billions of dollars to do. So if merchants are SMART and don't want to buy the expensive Chip&Sign Card Terminals a second time to get NFC functionality, then they will chose the model with NFC functionality even if they won't accept NFC payments. Therefore, over time with large numbers of Apply Pay customers - and NFC customers...
 The Key point: in 2015, EVERY MERCHANT will be FORCED to purchase NFC-Compatible Credit Card Processing Terminals FOR EVERY cash register.   This is because of two factors coming into law: 1. EVERYBODY'S CREDIT CARDS are being REPLACED by CHIPPED CREDIT CARDS as used in Europe to prevent fraud. These quire new compatible card processing equipment.  Every bank and credit card company will be spending millions of dollars to do this transition. 2. ANY MERCHANT not using the...
NOT Google Wallet at all.   1. Google stores your credit card numbers.  Apple Pay does not.  Thieves like the NSA can break into Google's cloud servers and take your credit card numbers.  This is impossible with Apple Pay since Apple Pay stores no credit card numbers. 2. Google tries to eliminate credit card companies by creating its own credit card number to replace all of your credit card numbers. This is why Google Wallet is so unpopular with credit card companies....
Some of Samsung's leadership must not be so bright. After all, it has been well known in the television industry that people aren't buying TV much. This is why so many companies have left the TV market. Samsung is one of the last remaining ones trying to eek out a living in it. And it was sorely tempted to separate itself from its television unit during the height of its Galazy phone.
Daniel, you are being over exhuberant when stating "Intel and ARM have made very little progress in courting business from mobile devices". ARM doesn't make its own chips. It licenses its chip designs. ARM certainly OWNS the mobile device market since nearly every chip running is an ARM chip, including Apple's own chips.
Ballmer is smarter.  He got out of the business.
If Google is "secure" why are Google's business apps and cloud NOT HIPPA Compliant for maintaining security and privacy of patient data??? That is because Google is not secure.
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