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All you have to do is to require both a password and a fingerprint.
Samsung must be so embarrassed and ashamed that they have to make Apple's 64-bit A7 CPU. Samsung realized it cannot copy the A7 since Android is still stuck in 32-bit and will not convert to 64-bit for 1-2 years - if ever. Thus Samsung is stuck with its slower 4-core 32-bit CPUs. This is why they have to try to make fun of Apple as a way of coping with the bad news.
I applaud Apple's requirement for Apple ID's for Genius Bar appointments. In China, certain scammers have monopolized Genius Bar appointments by making multiple appointments to fill up the schedule. Then no one else can schedule an appointment. They then SELL their Genius Bar appointments to those who want one. This new requirement will stop this scam.
Samsung is a copier. It is a follower. Thus, Samsung is going to copy Apple's lead to create 64-big processors. The problem is Samsung has to follow Google. It has to wait until Google has a 64-big version of Android. Samsung is forever the follower and copier, not the leader. To be a leader, Samsung will have to develop its own fork of Android. But it is scared to since this means it will have to also create its own mapping app and other cloud services.
Apple isn't bundling iWork, iPhoto, and iMovie with iOS. Apple is selling them for FREE.
    It is not about politicians having guts.   Making the plaintiff pay the defendants legal fees when the plaintiff loses a lawsuit will not happen in the U.S.   The reason is because Lawyers stand to lose a huge amount of money if such a law was enacted in the U.S.   Lawyers make up the most powerful special interest group in the U.S. by far.  And many politicians also happen to be lawyers.     They will oppose any change to the law since it directly reduces their income.
The judge should also have added the death penalty to the plaintiff's lawyers.
Note that Cable Companies like Comcast are also content providers. Comcast owns the NBC network, NBC-Universal studios. Thus, Apple has to directly negotiate with then as well. But Comcast is willing to bring its own app for content unlike other cable companies who aren't themselves content providers. The cable companies are NOT f*cked. An Apple TV screen would only be bought by affluent people who are willing to pay a large premium for it. I wouldn't buy an Apple TV...
This is a made-for-TV movie.  So why are you disappointed it isn't a box office smash????
If BlackBerry's board is putting it up for sale, then BlackBerry is officially DEAD. Idiot Co-CEOs are responsible for its death. Rest in Peace or Pieces.
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