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This smells like a publicity stunt.
Nah. Sony is trying to do a publicity stunt and Apple wasn't playing that game.
 1. It is TOTALLY TASTEFUL. It signifies that Apply Pay is a GIFT TO THE WORLD!  It eliminates the evil of credit card fraud which costs us billions each year. 2. Disneyland IS where families share warm meals and time with their loved ones.  And now, one can wave one's beloved iPhone TOO. 3. Sure it is a cultural thing.  But it is also a money thing.  Half of the visitors to Disneyland are EUROPEANS who can afford the $100 per person entrance fee to Disneyland and the...
Apple doesn't have to force people to upgrade.  People will LUST FOR and WILL WILLINGLY PAY FOR THE MOST EXPENSIVE iPhone they can get.  Apple simply builds the best product it can and sales enormously follow. 30-MILLION a month = 360 MILLION IPHONES in 1 year.  Wow!   I bet Apple will break that mark.  The new iPhones are just TOO FANTASTIC to pass up. The iPhone 6 and 6+ are THE MOTHER OF ALL UPGRADES.
Apple Pay totally protects you the consumer from fraud and hacks.
NFC payments are already accepted practice in Europe, Australia, and Japan.   In fact, you can use US Credit cards for Apple Pay in Europe and Australia.   The only hold up to Apple Pay domination is the participation of banks and credit card companies in Europe. In the US, Apple doesn't have to advertise Apple Pay.  The bank such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America are doing strong work in advertising Apple Pay for their own cards.   Since the Banks themselves are advising...
BBC = Yellow Journalism. It is appalling how low the BBC has sunk. It no longer is reliable as a source of unbiased information. They join the stink of the websites who repeatedly post factually incorrect critical articles of Apple as click bait. Shame on the BBC and the Queen.
The Justice Department would have allows Microsoft to charge ZERO for its web browser - a predatory pricing policy - so that Microsoft could wipe out Netscape, the dominant web browser of the early internet, which had to earn a living by selling its web browser to users. After all the Justice Department would state that ZERO is a great savings for consumers. They would allow Microsoft's monopoly on web browsers. These Justice Department lawyers are jerks for thinking...
And only iPhone users can afford to and are willing to pay. They are not chepskates. This is why iOS is first in line with Uniter Airlines.
Hackers know that when you have physical access to a personal computer, it is GAME OVER. That machine can be hacked. And that is the problem of fingerprint readers in personal computers. THEY CAN BE HACKED.
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