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Google is simply telling developers how to bypass Apple's security in order to serve ads and malware. Shame on them. I look forward to installing an ad-blocker ASAP on my iOS devices. I would love to see Ghostery in IOS so now only can we block ads but trackers as well.
 Why would Apple even consider buying Tesla when for about the same price, Apple can buy ALL OF BMW! Tesla would be grossly overpriced.  BMW is CHEAP at $54 billion.  BMW can be a subsidiary to Apple. Apple's design staff can then go to work to improve BMW's products.   Tesla loses money.BMW MAKES $6 BILLION in PROFIT a year.  Huge difference.  Apple loves profit.
Here is an easier and better alternative: My previous credit card processor wanted to charge me $2,400 for a new reader that took Apple Pay and Chipped Cards. I totally objected, particularly since their fees were already $1000 a month and they did not want to negotiate. I went to Costco as an executive member. I signed up for their merchant account program through Elavon - a HUGE credit card transaction processor. With Costco, every member is grouped together under...
Apple has been reducing user's need for Google's services on its devices.  For example, when doing search using Siri, you are using Bing search, not Google.  Apple Maps has also replaced Google Maps. So yes,  Apple has significantly reduced Google's revenue from iOS devices. And now, Apple has added the ability to AD-BLOCK on Safari in iOS.  This means iOS users will have the opportunity to block ads from Google.   You bet users will use Ad Blockers on iOS.  After all, ads...
1. How do you know that Apple didn't do anything?  Apple doesn't have to publish improvements to its fingerprint firmware.  After all, this firmware is inaccessible to anyone but Apple.  So Apple wouldn't want to publicize a way to modify it. 2. Exactly how many people are actually doing this hack?  If it was so easy to do, there should be more people publicizing about it on YouTube.  But there aren't.  This is because it is impossible to do.
 This exploit is bound to make it into the wild if it isn't already done:1. this exploit requires NO user intervention2. all it requires is to send the user an MMS message3. the MMS message can self-destruct so the user won't even see it. You bet your pants it is likely to be exploited.  After all, Chinese Hackers have spent a lot of energy gathering ID information for millions of US Government workers by hacking into US computers. And they should look at this Android hack...
Ha ha ha ha. ROTFLOL. Hopefully Samsung will pay Apple finally.
Apple can simply BUY BMW. Unlike Tesla, BMW actually makes a large profit. At $60 BILLION, BMW is a bargain compared to buying Tesla. BMW has a complete range of luxury automobiles that target the part of the market Apple loves. BMW has the manufacturing facilities to build millions of cars - unlike Tesla. BMW has a larger range of electric cars than Tesla. After the purchase, BMW can be a subsidiary of Apple just like Filemaker is. Then no one at BMW will complain...
This is a NON-News article.  Of course Parallels 11 is going to support Cortana. Duh.
No one bothers to do Samsung knockoffs in China. Pity Samsung.
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