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Apple Music doesn't kill iTunes Radio.  This is still FREE to iTunes users, and streams with ads.  You can remove the ads and get new copies of every song in your collection by paying $25 a year - about $2 a month.
If you aren't into music as much, then there is iTunes Radio for you.  It is FREE.   And if you want no ads and new copies of every song in your iTunes Collection, then iTunes Match for $25 a year = $2 a month = should be good enough for you. The new Apple Music is for people who actually still care about music.  They usually purchase about 15 CDs a year at an average cost of $150. So if you belong in this class of people, then Apple Music is fantastic for you.  Not only...
Apple brutally fires people who are incompetent - particularly those who have responsibility - like Vice Presidents at Apple. They have no excuse not to get their job done. Obviously Skanska and DPR were incompetent. Delays and a $2 BILLION cost overrun are inexcusable.
Cash is not at all a burden.  Apple is highly valuable because it has so much cash.  It would be worth far less without the cash. $50 Billion for strategic M&A is absolutely not enough.   Having so little money would make Apple's stock completely unstable. Apple spends billions on its supply chain.  That is where most of its investment lies.  And Apple spends way ahead of time to get all of the supplies it needs for years.  With Apple's bond purchases, Apple seeks to grow...
Berkshire Hathaway is not an insurance company.  It owns all of an insurance company as well as owns other companies.  Berkshire Hathaway likes buying whole companies as investments. Apple doesn't buy whole companies unless it gets IP or people to add to Apple.  So it is totally unlike Berkshire Hathaway.
Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Ports are the future.
That is very creepy.  Uber now wants to track your location at all times.     That could be a useful resource for the police, FBI, NSA, hackers, etc.
The  Perixx PERIBOARD-805L W. http://perixx.com/en/products/perixx-pro-4.html is the white version of the keyboard.  It has iOS specific keys.  I have one and I love it.  It is a little larger than the iPhone 6 Plus.  It fits in the front pocket of dress pants or Khakis. 
This is great advertisement for Apple's new plastic iPhone 6c
Intel has had a lot of vaporware lately. What's up Intel? I thought you were the best. Has Samsung's process skills surpassed yours?
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