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Excellent Article. Microsoft is lost and can't find its way. Microsoft's bread, butter and core competencies are: 1) Office. 2) Windows 3) Enterprise and Data Services. Yet why is its CEO Nadella forgetting about core competency #1 and #2, in favor of #3 and some nebulous new "Mobile" for which Microsoft has no competence much less a way of defining it? Nadella is still on training wheels. He simply is no Steve Jobs. Google's core competency is ads and search. And...
Now Nadella's remarks about Microsoft's direction makes sense. They were corporate-speak for massive layoffs. And they indicate that Microsoft still is rudderless.
iOS may be in 98 percent of enterprise companies but it is only a small percentage of the actual number of office computing devices use. Suppose this deal brings Apple up to 50% of enterprise computing devices used (including PCs). That would be a big-time move. This would mean Apple gets $8 BILLION IN PROFIT a year - since that is part of Microsoft's profit from big business. This means an extra $16 BILLION a year in revenue. Then once iOS is entrenched as the weapon...
Another ANALyst trying to get eyeballs.
Apple, Tim, just buy Nuance for God's sake.  
1. Samsung is being out marketed and outsold at the low end of the market by Chinese companies who love to copycat Samsung's products. 2. Samsung's large smartphones are cannibalizing sales of Samsung's tablets. 3. Samsung's flagship S5 is being outsold by the iPhone 5c in the United States, even more outsold by the iPhone 5s. 4. Google is making it easier to make Samsung clones. Google doesn't care about Samsung profits. It only cares about the number of ads it an...
I would love an all-Sapphire curved edge iPhone! This would look so cool. And there would be nothing blocking the antenna inside. And it would look luxurious, expensive, jewelry-like, hot and cool. Apple an also simply paint the inside of the back sapphire panel if you don't want to see the interior electronics - you can get the interior color in multiple colors as well.
Tim Cook is gay. We all know that. He doesn't speak of his personal life. It doesn't matter. Tim is simply the best CEO Apple can have after Steve Jobs. He will continue to be Apple's CEO for the rest of his life. Apple is his baby now.
 Intel's own customers are covered by its patents and licenses to the Infineon Baseband chips. The problem for Infineon - which is why Apple switched to Qualcomm - is that the Infineon at the time could not do quad-band chips which cover both Verizon's CDMA and GSM.   If Intel can now do all cellular bands - including China's - then Apple would consider switching to Infineon -  or using Infineon parts to its iPhones for China. If Intel wants Apple's business, they simply...
 The Baseband chip is a separate computer with its own operating system within the iPhone.  It is covered by a whole slew of patents by multiple players. Unless Apple wants to jump in this mess and license everything, I doubt Apple would want to integrate it into the A7 chip.Apple would also have to purchase a company with the engineers with the experience and talent to do this - such as purchasing Infineon from Intel.
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