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Why do this? The AppleTV is pretty inexpensive.  So inexpensive, I bought several so that each TV in the house can have one.  And one extra one for travel that is easily hooked up to the hotel TV. And at $69, it is even more of a bargain.
There are no obstacles to a deeper relationship with BMW.  All Apple has to do is either: 1. BUY ALL OF BMW for $64 BILLION 2. BUY TOTALITARIAN CONTROLLING INTEREST IN BMW for $36 BILLION - so like Zuckerberg of Facebook, no stockholder can override his decisions.   Then Apple can own all of BMW IP, its car design expertise, its manufacturing, and its brand.   And unlike Tesla, BMW actually makes billions of dollars in profit every year.  And BMW only makes a few...
 The Apple Watch will already have the prestige of Tag/Omega/Rolex. In fact, those brands for the vast majority of people will take a notch back into the past tense.
I guess you fail to see why you should buy a 2-carat diamond ring ($20,000) when a 2-carat cubic zirconia ($15) would do for your wife.  After all, diamonds mean nothing to you.  And they shouldn't be worth anything to your wife. I guess you fail to see why people buy a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus or Chevy Corvette when your Chevy Chevette does the same thing when commuting to work. I guess you fail to see why people would buy an Apple Watch when your $35 Timex serves "just"...
Gazelle's prices are only for those who are desperate to sell their MacBooks despite the huge loss. You can probably sell your MacBook for much more on eBay. Macs hold on to their value very well.
Steve Jobs refused Tim Cook's offer of a liver transplant because he did not want to risk Tim Cook's life. He wanted to make sure Apple had a superb leader going forward. He refused for the sake of Apple.
With the easy to reach prices, Apple seeks massive uptake of the Apple Watch.   There are numerous reasons to buy several:   1. Birthdays 2. Graduations 3. Christmas 4. Valentines Day 5. Anniversaries   etc. etc.
These prices are GREAT!  They are EASILY within the reach of the normal Apple customer.   In fact, they cost less than Apple's MacBooks!
 You guys forget that the original Apple Lisa computer started at $10,000 too. And Mac Pros systems can easily top $10,000. So the $10,000 price point is a frequent occurrence with Apple.
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