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The mainland Chinese have no shame when it comes to theft of intellectual property. It shows how primitive their culture is. The upper class more educated Chinese however understand this and wouldn't be caught dead with this fake or even a Samsung.
 What BS.  
I want a new Retina MacBook Pro 15 to 17" with 32 GB RAM. So I'm waiting.
 And Network World is still wrong.  It probably gets a lot of ad revenue from Google. It doesn't even mention that LibreOffice and OpenOffice are both completely viable but FREE competitors to MicrosoftOffice.  Google Docs costs money.  LibreOffice is FREE.
Looks like SoftWatch is a shill for Google. SoftWatch should have stated that companies can save a lot of money by simply using LibreOffice or OpenOffice FOR FREE as a replacement for Microsoft Office. Then companies wouldn't even have to pay Google's business fees for cloud services.
Samsung is an embarrassing company. They aren't like Wayne Gretzky: skating to where the puck will be. They instead try to go to where they guess Wayne Gretzky is going without even seeing the puck.
You've got to be kidding. Apple does not have problems in fitting a battery into an iPhone. Period. That is the one component of this rumor that completely labels it a lie.
Just another ANAL-yst to whom market share is more important than profit. He's a comedian. Of course it is April Fool's Day.
Just like Google Glass, Android Wear is going to be another loser. Apple's competitors keep trying to throw things on the wall like mud to see if anything sticks. But mud isn't something that consumers want to buy. Apple does things right before even announcing a product. It sweats out all the details so that our lives are better for purchasing an Apple product.
East Indians, Asians and some Middle Eastern people are people of color too. They make up most of the students in the University of California campuses. Caucasians are a minority in upper education in California. If Rev. Jackson wants more Blacks in high tech companies, then he will need to change Black culture in America. He needs to tell Black families to emphasize education. This is currently not done. He needs to tell Black men to parent their children. This is...
New Posts  All Forums: