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  Apple won't use NFC.  It already has Passbook.  Passbook already is used more often then the NFC chips on Android. The failure of NFC has caused Google to leave out NFC chips on its own smartphones.  Why use NFC when you can simply use your existing merchant scanner or WiFi or Cell Phone signal to transmit your payment?
  Those will still be there.  You still need to sign in with your iTunes account and password for when you use iTunes on your Mac, PC, iPad, and iPod Touch. You still need Two-factor and 3 questions to help insure security.   The fingerprint will be only one additional layer of security. The rest need to be in place.  Otherwise, crooks will simply cut off your fingers or hand to get by the fingerprint sensor.
  For reading your fingerprint, I would expect you to hold your finger on the button for a second to allow the sensor to take an image of your skin. 
    Since Apple bought the third party along with all of its intellectual properties and has patents on the new technology and eliminated its previous customers, it will be very very difficult for clones to be made for its best of class fingerprint technology.
Do it Samsung, do it. Brouhahaha. This ought to be good for Google.
Finally, Obama shows some balls and leadership. I voted for him. And he has been missing in action until now.
Samsung did well by copying Apple and selling lots of cheap knock-offs. But even it is under pressure from the cheaper Chinese knock- offs
Apple employees should never be allowed to bring in bags to work. Prisons, the CIA, and other secure government facilities would never allow this since this allows drugs and other things to be smuggled into the prison or out of the prison. If you want to bring your own lunch, store it in the car. If you have a bag, keep it in your car.
Apple Employees should NEVER be allowed to bring in bags to work. Period.
Apple can simply prevent scalpers by: 1. allowing appointments only by those who have an Apple ID with credit card. 2. allowing only one appointment per Apple ID.
New Posts  All Forums: