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Kanye West has become "Mr. Kardashian."   The Kardashians are money mongers.   Is it any surprise that Mr. Kanye Kardashian only wants cold hard cash?
I wish Intel would simply come out with 8-core i5 and i7 chips. This would increase the speed when doing multi-core apps and would improve multitasking.
The DOJ and Judge Cote are simply evil when they go after Apple yet ignore the punishing monopoly that Amazon has and wields.
The New York Times has "reporters" who are creating clearly false and skewed articles about Apple. I think the New York Times needs to shore up its ethics and fire these "reporters".
Google often sends your information to the NSA. And the NSA loves to hack Google accounts to gather data about you. So you want to store your credit card information with Google??? No F'ing way.
Since BitCoin operators often do not comply with state and federal banking laws, Bitcoin is going to be disqualified.
"on behalf of customers" is what Microsoft claimed when it killed Netscape's Web Browser with Internet Explorer.   Amazon is doing pure evil by using its monopoly position against a bookseller.  It even admitted to diverting sales away from the bookseller toward its own preferred books.   Where is the Justice Department now?  Twiddling their thumbs.   The Justice Department lost to Microsoft.   They are gun shy about losing to Amazon.   Of course, like a bully, the...
Samsung is well known for ripping off companies' IP then using delay delay and delay in the courts when sued by others until the court cases become meaningless while it makes billions and crushes its competitors. Apple is just bigger than Sony and others that Samsung has fought. But even then, Samsung walks happily to the bank since violating other people's rights means very little to them while making tons of money does. Samsung does not mean creativity or even...
The mainland Chinese have no shame when it comes to theft of intellectual property. It shows how primitive their culture is. The upper class more educated Chinese however understand this and wouldn't be caught dead with this fake or even a Samsung.
 What BS.  
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