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Elon Musk will NEVER be the CEO of Apple. Tim Cook has the CEO job for life. He is perfect for it. He takes Steve Jobs' words to heart: Do what is best for Apple. Period. Tim Cook can also stare down Carl Icahn better than any other CEO or would-be CEO in the world. You are simply not going to shake Tim Cook, the man from Texas. Tim is going to call it like it is. Speak softly but carry a very big stick. That is Tim Cook.
IDC's ANAL-yst is advising Apple to lower its profit margins and sell junk phones. This is what they also advised PC Makers to do. And look at what happened to them. DUH. Idiotic. As Steve Jobs said, Apple does not know how to do junk.
Apple has won in that: 1. Bromwich does not have to be given documents or information which have nothing to do with eBooks. 2. Bromwich cannot investigate if Apple executives are complying with antitrust laws or any other law. Bromwich is limited to only educating the executives. The court greatly curtailed his ability to do a witchhunt.
The good part: The court greatly limited Bromwich's abilities Quote: The three-judge panel did, however, reinforce the narrow scope of Apple's monitorship. Apple executives and board members are to be instructed on the antitrust compliance stipulations and what they mean, but Bromwich is not allowed to "investigate whether such personnel were in fact complying with the antitrust or other laws." The court stated: 1. Bromwich is not allowed to investigate if Apple...
She probably had jailbroken her iPhone then ran a program that went haywire, going full blast. The jailbroken iPhone couldn't turn itself off so it started burning.
 Of course PayPal is looking at the over 500 MILLION credit cards and customers that Apple has who are willing to buy lots of things and salivating over getting a piece of this pie. But why should Apple want to share the profits? Apple already has been managing sales of apps, movies, music, and equipment through customer's iTunes account.  Apple already has the skills to do what PayPal is doing, and do it more cleanly through credit cards. As Tim Cook and Steve Jobs said:...
Nothing will satisfy the ANALysts about Apple. Record sales? Bah humbug! they say. After all Apple doesn't have high marketshare. Record profits? Bah humbug! they say. After all what is Apple going to do next year? New product? Buah humbug! they say. It obviously will fail. There is nothing Apple can do that is right. ANALysts would rather take it up the rear and invest in never profiting Amazon than invest in hugely profitable Apple. After all, Apple is...
Once again, Samsung is the copier and follower.
 All you have to do is google "google sells information to advertisers"  and you get 556 MILLION results, numerous of which show examples where Google sells your information without your permission to advertisers. Google itself stated "We’ve found that the more information we can share with advertisers, the more confident they’ll be advertising on Google." The New York Times reported that Google sells user's endorsements. The Verge reported "Google will start using your...
Apple can unequivocally state that it will not gather data from consumers. This is because its revenue does not depend on gathering data. Google on the other hand needs to gather data from consumers because that is its product which it sells to advertisers. Thus anything Nest's Fadell now says is a lie. Eventually, Nest will become a bug in our homes from which Google monitors and gathers data from us - even our conversations are not private to Google.
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