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Nothing new to report in this article. Apple continues to negotiate with Union Pay. China has a monopoly on credit card use. So Apple continues to negotiate. If anything, it will be the growth of Apple marketshare with the wealthy in China that is going to pressure Union Pay to allow Apple Pay. And China's affluent class buys a third of all the luxury goods in the world. They only buy iPhones. It would be a loss of face to buy something signaling cheapness as an...
This is much ado about nothing.   Apple will NEVER let the App Store nor the Mac App Store be riddled with Porn.  Period. Apple serves a global market.  So it has to be sensitive to  it and each region. And Porn clearly is unacceptable to the vast majority of customers for Apple. As Apple stated, they don't want parents having to see their kids watching Porn on an app on iOS.   Certain exceptions, however, are allowed.   HBO, for example, is such an...
Through the lens of "business", there is absolutely no hypocrisy.
Obviously, so long as Google follows the App store policies, Android Wear apps can be accepted to the Apple App Store. No problems with that. So any speculated objects are simply the author of this article stirring the rumor pot for no good reason other than click baiting.
Pharrell is 5'9", 150 pounds, with a thin bone structure.  So the 38 mm version looks best with him. 
Looks like steel to me.  It is simply reflecting his skin which is why it takes on a light gold hue.
Nah.  That is the white band which reflects the colors around it - which is why it looks pink.
Android fans are up in arms over what Samsung has wrought. Android fans are use to plasticky thick phones that don't need a case, have replaceable batteries, have a micro SD slot for storage expansion to 128 GB , are waterproof, that do not bend and break. They sneer at iPhone users who are sitting or standing by a wall waiting for their iPhones to recharge But now Samsung has done it. To copy Apple to try and regain its past glory, Samsung copied the iPhone so slavishly...
I'm glad Apple continues to aggressively build out its Maps app capabilities. This is a highly important and core function of all mobile devices.
LACK OF STORAGE: A single 2-hour 4K movie would need 300 GB of STORAGE. Obviously, it would be unrealistic to give each AppleTV a 500 GB Solid State Drive to house the operating system and ONE 4K movie since this would add $200 to the cost of the AppleTV. LACK OF INTERNET CAPACITY: Streaming a single 2-hour 4K movie would also quickly bring consumers past their 250GB Monthly Cable Data Caps. This would add an additional $30 to $50 a month to their monthly internet bills...
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