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Android manufacturers can simply do what Apple does to make more profit: 1. Forget marketshare. 2. Always sell with a high profit margin. 3. Make a product so good and compelling, people are willing to buy it despite the higher price. Simple. Every luxury product manufacturer does this. The problem for Android manufacturers is that they don't own Android. Therefore, they cannot make their product good nor compelling enough. They are at the mercy of Google. And...
Actually, it is highly likely if Apple continues to repurchase shares.This whole ramp up in price was stimulated by buying back billions of its own shares.  Apple invested in the best company to acquire - itself.  The remaining stockholders not only have much more valuable shares but they also get larger dividends. This increases the psychological value of Apple's stock and will zoom it up to 1 Trillion Dollars easily.
Great job Apple! Yay! Any lawsuits regarding these Macbooks will completely go up in smoke. After all, Apple will repair them. No no argument there. The Lawyers lose.
It seems to be that I've heard other CEOs talk about Apple the same way. For example, Palm's CEO said Apple doesn't know what it was getting into when it built the first iPhone. Obviously, Apple did pretty well with the iPhone. Heck, cars these days are computers on wheels. In fact, the average GM car has 27 computers in it. Apple can easily hire the brain power to develop cars. Certainly, Apple's manufacturing partners - Foxconn, etc. - can build Apple's car in the...
CurrentC is not going to work in China since Google keeps CurrentC data on its own servers, not on Servers in China.  Google has no business in China - remember.
Apple's fans - the wealthy in China - can support Apple in negotiations. Apple just needs to gently and respectfully nudge the Chinese.
-------------------------------------------------- It isn't a surprise that Apple is developing its own electric car.   The average car has 27 computers in it.  Essentially, the average car is a mobile computer.   --------------------------------------------------
I think Apple TV will diverge into two separate lines:   1. Apple TV Mini - which is close to what we have currently.  It is meant primarily for consumption.  It is inexpensive so can be in EVERY ROOM of the house.   2. Apple TV Gaming Edition.  This is larger, looks like a Mac Mini.   It will have the A9+ Processor.  It will have some local storage but nearly all the media will be stored in Mac on the same network or on iCloud.     The Apple TV Gaming Edition will...
Intel years ago sold its ARM processor division after refusing to make ARM chips for Apple.  Look where that took Intel.  It locked Intel out of mobile.  They were so short sighted.   I guess Intel has given up the ghost on mobile.  This is why it is selling its remaining stake in a mobile GPU company.     Or maybe Intel thinks it can do GPUs better with what it already has.
DUH. DUH. And more DUH. How obvious. The next iPhone will be better. The next Touch ID will be better. The next version of iOS will be better. The A9 will be faster. Ooo. The suspense of it. Duh. Duh. And more Duh.
New Posts  All Forums: