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This is much to do about nothing. FIRST: Apple has to OBEY THE LAWS of any country it does business in. This includes the United States. This includes China. Otherwise, Apple would have to stop doing business in China. Since Chinese affluent people make up 3% of the world's population, but buy 30% of the world's luxury goods, this would not make any business sense. China gives Apple a potential 700 MILLION customers. --- SECOND: The Chinese are not going to...
The Japanese hate Korean products. After all, Korean companies started their businesses by copying the Japanese and undercutting their prices. See the parallel with Apple and Samsung? Japanese companies at least are mature enough to innovate and develop their own products. Only the more mature Korean companies innovate and develop their own products. The others simply copy.
Bromwich is probably going to report secrets to Samsung and other Apple competitors.
Obviously, the school wanted a full-featured PC for their students so they can do word processing while multitasking with other apps to do research simultaneously. This can't be done with an iPad. The actual competing Apple product is the MacBook Air. The HP ElitePad is an Intel 1.8 Ghz Atom-based Laptop PC with Touch Screen, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB storage WITHOUT the keyboard, running Windows 8. It sells for $600 on Amazon.com. Once you add the case, docking station, and...
If only the NSA was forced to do this.
Samsung was able to find 50,000 idiots to buy its watch. You can fool some people some of the time.
All the analysts and pundits are WRONG. CONSUMERS WANT MORE EXPENSIVE IPHONES, not cheaper ones. They definitely don't want junk-price iPhones. And the demand for EXPENSIVE IPHONES is off the charts.
Consumers have spoken. They want TO SPEND MORE ON APPLE IPHONES. They want more expensive iPhones, not cheaper iPhones.
Note that Apple already has a patent on the 3D Machine Vision technology used by Microsoft's XBox Kinect. Since Microsoft has a license to all of Apple's technology with the stipulation to not copy Apple, Microsoft and Apple are getting along. With this purchase, Apple further controls the 3D machine vision technology. It may thus use it in future products. Of course this acquisition will block Samsung's attempts to copy Apple.
Samsung ADMITS guilt. Hang Samsung, Jurors.
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