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Obviously, anyone saying this has bad taste - by definition.
Android fans are going to march on the streets in protest of the Samsung S6.   1. The Samsung S6 has NO REPLACEABLE BATTERY.   Shocker.  Samsung just removed one of the advantages of Android Phones.   2. The Samsung S6 has NO MICRO-SD SLOT.  Shocker.  Samsung just removed an advantage of Android Phone to expand storage.   3. The Samsung S6 has a SMALLER SCREEN than the iPhone 6 Plus.  Shocker.  Smaller is not better on Android phones.   4. The Samsung S6 has NO...
I think it looks great!   I may, however, save up for the middle tier Apple Watch. $1500 isn't too much to pay for it.
I got more of a sexual message from this photo.  It's great.   If I have to buy the less expensive Apple Watch, it would be the Space Gray one.  
Exactly. The iPhone camera bump is a ZERO issue.
  What people forget is that Samsung's Knox Security System was totally discredited as insecure.
 1) The only thing Samsung currently has is LoopPay and Google Pay.  I think it is renaming both as Samsung Pay. 2) Everyone in the United States is mandated to have RFID Chipped Credit Cards by the end of 2015.  And Merchants are mandated to have RFID Card Readers  with optional NFC reading.  Magnetic strip readers will then be switched off.   Any Merchant who takes a magnetic strip reader charge from a customer is 100% LIABLE for fraud that the customer commits.  The...
Even better than this Logitech keyboard is the Perixx PERIBOARD-805L W. http://perixx.com/en/products/perixx-pro-4.html This is a folding full-sized key bluetooth keyboard. It has REAL keys. They have great key travel and feel. I can rapidly touch type with it. It folds to the size of an iPhone 6 Plus. You can keep it in your pocket. It lasts months on a charge. It is far better than the Logitech Keyboard described in this article. And at $29.95 it is cheaper too.
1. Force Touch - easy to predict   2. Dual-Camera iPhone - nonsense.   Unless the iPhone is going to take 3D photos and video, having dual cameras makes no sense at all.   It is far easier for Apple to add a high-resolution sensor camera with a bent light path similar to the Sony Cybershot T-series cameras of years ago.  This would keep the iPhone nice and thin.  This would give Apple the option of having also a zoom lens while keeping optical...
"These people shouldn't exist. They should be eliminated."   Awesome Tim Cook Answer to Terrorists.   Go Tim! Go Apple!   The problem is the government doesn't have the guts to actually eliminate them. 
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