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Apple will follow that country's laws. That is all there is to it. Yay for Apple. If you want to bypass China's censors, then get TOR. Dummy.
Gnusmas needs to be sanctioned to the tune of $2 BILLION.  That should get their attention for disrespecting and shredding the court rules.
Gnumas: "I am not a crook". Yeah right, Mr. Nixon.
How old is Icahn? Once he passes - perhaps to Hades - the world will be a better place.
The problem with Samsung is that all their "gold" were simply Gold-painted Plastic.
 You bit.  As has everyone else.
This goes to show how many rumor mongers and pundits are idiots.
Samsung should be ashamed. They blatantly copy Apple. Except now that the gold is plastic. Cheap plastic. Gnusmas for shame.
I want this. I salivate over the thought of a 12" iPad. Woo hoo!
All you have to do is to require both a fingerprint and a password. That would be an ultimate security method.
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