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Steve Jobs refused Tim Cook's offer of a liver transplant because he did not want to risk Tim Cook's life. He wanted to make sure Apple had a superb leader going forward. He refused for the sake of Apple.
With the easy to reach prices, Apple seeks massive uptake of the Apple Watch.   There are numerous reasons to buy several:   1. Birthdays 2. Graduations 3. Christmas 4. Valentines Day 5. Anniversaries   etc. etc.
These prices are GREAT!  They are EASILY within the reach of the normal Apple customer.   In fact, they cost less than Apple's MacBooks!
 You guys forget that the original Apple Lisa computer started at $10,000 too. And Mac Pros systems can easily top $10,000. So the $10,000 price point is a frequent occurrence with Apple.
Obviously, the woman was NOT A LADY.  She was rude and crass. If a woman or man held the door open to me, I would have thanked him or her for their graciousness.
EASY AS APPLE PIE.  After all, the original Powerbook G4 of 2001 was noted for its PLATINUM casing. 1. The Apple Watch IS NOT JEWELRY.  It is a computer that you wear.  As such it doesn't have to follow the laws regarding jewelry. Bicycles with platinum tubes also don't have to follow the law for jewelry because they aren't jewelry. 2. PLATINUM is also a color. 
If Apple sells 20 million Apple Watches a year, then at an average of $600 a watch, Apple will add $12 BILLION in revenue.   The ENTIRE worldwide watch market is $16 BILLION in revenue.   Apple not only will create and add revenue to the worldwide watch market, it will TAKE A LARGE CHUNK out of the luxury watch market.   Go Apple!
For Japan Display, this means 20% growth in revenue. Yay!
Apple creates thousands of new jobs for  Japan Display and Foxconn's Innolux and Sharp.  Yay!
Obviously, anyone saying this has bad taste - by definition.
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