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How old is Icahn? Once he passes - perhaps to Hades - the world will be a better place.
The problem with Samsung is that all their "gold" were simply Gold-painted Plastic.
 You bit.  As has everyone else.
This goes to show how many rumor mongers and pundits are idiots.
Samsung should be ashamed. They blatantly copy Apple. Except now that the gold is plastic. Cheap plastic. Gnusmas for shame.
I want this. I salivate over the thought of a 12" iPad. Woo hoo!
All you have to do is to require both a fingerprint and a password. That would be an ultimate security method.
All you have to do is to require both a password and a fingerprint.
Samsung must be so embarrassed and ashamed that they have to make Apple's 64-bit A7 CPU. Samsung realized it cannot copy the A7 since Android is still stuck in 32-bit and will not convert to 64-bit for 1-2 years - if ever. Thus Samsung is stuck with its slower 4-core 32-bit CPUs. This is why they have to try to make fun of Apple as a way of coping with the bad news.
I applaud Apple's requirement for Apple ID's for Genius Bar appointments. In China, certain scammers have monopolized Genius Bar appointments by making multiple appointments to fill up the schedule. Then no one else can schedule an appointment. They then SELL their Genius Bar appointments to those who want one. This new requirement will stop this scam.
New Posts  All Forums: