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That judge should be put to trial and be banned for life. He is an idiot.
Why waste $35 on the Chromecast when you can get the Roku LT for only $15 more? The Roku LT does much much more than Chromecast. You don't need additional hardware to use the Roku. You don't need to have a smartphone to use the Roku. You don't need to whip out your smartphone every time you want to watch TV on the Roku. After a while, having to find and whip out your smart phone just to watch TV will become a pain on Chromecast.
And now if the FTC can do the same with Samsung.
Chromecast uses the Chrome OS. So you are forced to use Chrome OS. You can't just put Windows or iOS or another Linux into it. It itself can't stream video from the internet. You can't use it independently of another computing device like an Android phone or iOS device. That device does the actual streaming. Chromecast simply receives the streaming from the device. AppleTV on the other hand can act independently of other devices. It can stream from Netflix on its own...
Watch out Google. Samsung is trying to copy you too. Ha ha ha.
If no one browses, then Google makes no money on ads. Google is highly dependent on Apple because iOS users actually browse on the internet a lot. Most Android uses do not.
Finally. Will analysts now say that Google is a bad buy since it is missing earnings estimates? Will Google's stock get punished severely? Or will Google be allowed to get a pass? Realize that Google's cash cow is in ads - the vast majority of which are on PCs. Apple knocked Google off the iOS ecosystem. And Apple's iAds is growing. And PC shipments are slowing. And Android users don't go online to look at Google's ads. Thus Google's market for ads is SHRINKING. ...
The best way for publishers to counteract Amazon's predatory lowballling of their book prices is to simply raise the price of the book to increase Amazon's loss. For example, if Amazon sells your $25 book for $1, undercutting the price at other resellers by $24, then simply raise the price of the book that Amazon buys to $100. For other resellers, simply rebate them $75 so that they can keep the sale price at $25. This forces Amazon to take a $99 loss on the book it...
Why would the Irish want to shoot themselves in the head by questioning corporations for taking advantage of their low tax rates?
Samsung is a very diverse company - making TVs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Computer Chips, Solid State Drives, Memory Chips, Cameras, etc. The fact that 70% of its profits are in smartphones goes to show how poorly the rest of the company is doing. If Samsung did not slavishly copy Apple's iPhone, they would be losing money.
New Posts  All Forums: