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Another attempt by Samsung to copy Apple. Sad. The Chinese understand. So they are buying fewer and fewer Samsung phones. Why buy Samsung when they can simply buy a cheaper copy of Samsung? Meanwhile, Apple the original continues to sell more and more and more iPhones in China. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus are major hits.
Samsung can't do elegant like Apple can. The can only do Bizarro versions. Even their new S6 has numerous misaligned holes and ports. They aren't craftsmen like Apple.
If the Apple Watch is rough around the edges, then the competition is so bad they are dirt. That is why Samsung is taking a break from making smartphones.
It is so stupid of Best Buy to turn away its wealthiest customers by blocking ApplePay. Stupid move. These customers will simply buy on Amazon with free 2 day delivery. Best Buy is cutting off its own nose. Walmart on the other hand has poor customers. It wants to control them with its own private pay system just like it has its own debit cards.
Why haven't we heard from Greenpeace yet? After all, compared to any other large corporation, Apple is the only shining star. I wonder how much of Greenpeace is funded by fossil fuel hungry corporations.
This is why you have external backups right?That way if the drive dies you still have your data.
1. Selling controller chips makes hardly any profit. So Apple won't do so. Keeping controller chips for itself so Apple can add value to its high priced and high profit products makes far more sense. Apple is willing to pay the high price for its own components.2. Selling controller chips means disclosing secrets like the chips' capabilities and specs. Apple would rather keep this a secret so its products can't easily be copied.
Wouldn't it be funny that Google gets convicted as a monopolist by NOT selling the Android OS, rather by giving it away free for the price of its bundled apps.   Google = Do Evil.
$36,000. Nice. I prefer white gold, however.
Nothing new to report in this article. Apple continues to negotiate with Union Pay. China has a monopoly on credit card use. So Apple continues to negotiate. If anything, it will be the growth of Apple marketshare with the wealthy in China that is going to pressure Union Pay to allow Apple Pay. And China's affluent class buys a third of all the luxury goods in the world. They only buy iPhones. It would be a loss of face to buy something signaling cheapness as an...
New Posts  All Forums: