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Looks like steel to me.  It is simply reflecting his skin which is why it takes on a light gold hue.
Nah.  That is the white band which reflects the colors around it - which is why it looks pink.
Android fans are up in arms over what Samsung has wrought. Android fans are use to plasticky thick phones that don't need a case, have replaceable batteries, have a micro SD slot for storage expansion to 128 GB , are waterproof, that do not bend and break. They sneer at iPhone users who are sitting or standing by a wall waiting for their iPhones to recharge But now Samsung has done it. To copy Apple to try and regain its past glory, Samsung copied the iPhone so slavishly...
I'm glad Apple continues to aggressively build out its Maps app capabilities. This is a highly important and core function of all mobile devices.
LACK OF STORAGE: A single 2-hour 4K movie would need 300 GB of STORAGE. Obviously, it would be unrealistic to give each AppleTV a 500 GB Solid State Drive to house the operating system and ONE 4K movie since this would add $200 to the cost of the AppleTV. LACK OF INTERNET CAPACITY: Streaming a single 2-hour 4K movie would also quickly bring consumers past their 250GB Monthly Cable Data Caps. This would add an additional $30 to $50 a month to their monthly internet bills...
April Fools!   Switzerland is a small country.   The Swiss can simply buy their Apple Watches in France or Germany.
Carly Fiorina simply being a sour grapes biot. There is a reason she is an FIRED CEO of HP. She was one of the problems that brought HP down.
Marketshare doesn't matter. Profits matter. When Apple sells more - no matter what its marketshare is - it makes more money. That is what ultimately counts.
In the United States, Apple Maps works really really well.    Apple has done a great job in improving its Maps product. And Apple continues to improve it.   Maps Connect is a great idea to allow businesses to enter their own Map locations!
Tim Cook is right.   With "religious freedom" laws, we will soon have:   1. refusal to serve Blacks and colored people. 2. refusal to serve gays. 3. White only restaurants and businesses.
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