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Apple's European Subsidiary is based in Ireland. The income taxes are owed to Ireland, not Italy, per European Union rules. The Italians are simply CRAZY. They even prosecute innocent women for murder when there is no proof. Probably Samsung paid the Italians off in order to do this raid.
There are only a few million people who buy luxury watches in the world. But they also are the wealthiest. The LUXURY watch market ALONE - lead by Rolex and Omega - is a $16 BILLION market. This is larger than the movie industry. And this is close to the size of the video game market. As a NICHE market, it is substantial. The leaders only have to sell a few thousand watches. And the buyers are those Apple is interested in - the affluent consumers. And if Apple were...
Gnusmas is a dangerous foe. Selling 100 Million high end phones is nothing to sneeze it - compared to 150 Million iPhones. Gnusmas is stuck, however, in the direction to go. They are trying to out-spec Apple as always but there are now significant roadblocks. 1. Gnusmas does not own its own viable Operating System. It has to depend on Google's timetable for developing Android. Since Android is 32-bit and will have difficulty converting to 64-bit, it is obvious why...
Tim Cook is kicking Icahn's butt. This is the best way to spend Apple's billions - to spend on the supply and manufacturing chain so that Apple can make even more billions. This is textbook Tim Cook.
I applaud seeing Apple spend on Research and Development. In fact, this is where Apple can smartly spend its billions in profit.
Samsung is in a race to the bottom. Good luck with that. Apple doesn't jump off a cliff just because Samsung is jumping and because analysts want Apple to jump. Analysts are crazy. They want Apple to give up making profits like the rest of the competition. Carl Icahn is crazy too. He wants Apple to go $150 BILLION in DEBT so he can profit like a parasite off Apple.
Sure Apple can use Intel. Apple has the only 64-big ARM chip in a smartphone and tablet. And soon it will have AppleTV. Someone has to make all those chips. TSMC may have problems with yields since they are new to 20 nm chips. But Intel will have ZERO problems since making 15 nm and 20 nm chips is completely within their talent base. Intel can get half of the business, TSMC the other. Samsung will soon be cut off Apple's chip manufacturing.
This doesn't bode well for our children, when the school district itself can't do basic math.
As Warren Buffet stated:  IGNORE ICAHN.   And Buffet is a smarter, far better and wealthier investor than Icahn.
Icahn needs to be forcibly kicked out as an Apple investor.
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