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The EU formally accused Samsung of antitrust violations in December of last year, threatening the company with a fine of up to $18.3 billion. Samsung did something even worse this year by violating a court confidentiality order in sharing the Apple-Nokia patent license terms with its executives. A $1 Billion sanction is not enough. A $20 Billion sanction for contempt of court should be levied against Samsung for violating the sanctity of the court - payable immediately.
Eric Schmidt simply loves making fudge - the soft melted chocolate swirled ice cream cone kind that keeps coming out of his mouth.   I was rolling on the floor, laughing out loud.   Couldn't believe the viral nature of what he just said.    He is quite the comedienne. 
Apple will follow that country's laws. That is all there is to it. Yay for Apple. If you want to bypass China's censors, then get TOR. Dummy.
Gnusmas needs to be sanctioned to the tune of $2 BILLION.  That should get their attention for disrespecting and shredding the court rules.
Gnumas: "I am not a crook". Yeah right, Mr. Nixon.
How old is Icahn? Once he passes - perhaps to Hades - the world will be a better place.
The problem with Samsung is that all their "gold" were simply Gold-painted Plastic.
 You bit.  As has everyone else.
This goes to show how many rumor mongers and pundits are idiots.
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