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Great to come by here, I plan to frequent here more regularly in the coming weeks just to see you guys! I always loved talking with you guys. Fellows
Wow, it has been years away sorry to sidetrack thread subject but I had to see who is here and it is cool to see you guys! Fellows
I wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas from my family to yours. The wife and I are doing great and the kids are growing up day by day. They are such a joy. May you be Blessed and have a great 2013! Fellows
I feel led to speak out against some awful things I have read about in the news regarding some truly awful and wicked things in the US Church regarding comments made by pastors. etc. regarding gays.  I have read more than 4 stories in the last week where things are being said in Churches across the US against gay people.  One case involved a 4 year old singing in an Indiana Church that "aint no homos goin to Heaven".   I reject this hate and bigotry and argue that...
I too live in Texas and I too am pleased to live in a market full of choice. I used to pay TXU a rate of .126 cents per Kw/H. I now pay .071 cents. I did the math and to get to paying what I used to pay from what I pay now I would have to pay an additional 77.4% more. That blows my mind.
NO PLEASE Please reconsider. I have been away on an extended break and just now felt the nudge to visit this place and I will truly miss you if this is the case. I hope very much that you will pop in and visit us tonton as I have quite a lot of admiration and respect you you and your family! I wish you only the best and I hope that means we all can see more of you here! Fellows
I thought of you guys today! I need to come back here more often. Here is my heart today for you all, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqrqP...eature=related Eternal Love! From Fellows!
Glory to the newborn King! May you all be richly blessed! From fellows and family.
In a way I think part of what I like about her is that she is kind of in a different category than what is popular you might say. She is not Lady Ga Ga for example yet I think if you listen to some of her music in the links above and the following one I will include here you will see she has a great quality about her. Perhaps not but I rather love her voice and style. Fellowshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d97zk...eature=related
It may be similar as some of her videos show her much younger and some she is more mature. Fellows
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