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I appreciate the news cycle on this site, but **** if I know why I ever come to the forums.  Hell, I like Apple, a ton, but not it's fanboys.  One competitor does a quarter of the sales of the iPhone and you savages descend on it like a bunch of vultures.
Production value?
Toss me in disappointed camp. I actually have a 4, but I have to slap the hell out of it for anyone to be able to hear me. So yea, I was thinking new phone, yay! But it feels like they upgraded the wrong areas 2x faster processor. My 4 doesn't seem sluggish in the least as is. 7x better gpu. For what, one game? On a 3.5 inch screen? Um-k Voice commands. This one is pretty nice. I know android already has it, but I expect Siri will be really polished. '4g' like...
I've come to learn that this site is great for Apple news, but going to the forum is like a bunch of guys desperately trying to perform bukkake over each other at any mention of Apple. Seriously, you guys need a towel or are you just going to hit the shower?
I'm sure everyone else will offer there thoughts on RIM.. so I'll do the same ;-) I think their failure stems from thinking the iPhone would never be a threat to their business customers. I remember it all from the beginning through the eyes of the company I work for (a big'un).. somewhere around 2.4, there was a mad, almost desperate rush in my company to replace your BB with an iPhone. I mean crazed, like out of this world need! IT tried like hell to resist it at...
That you, Steve?
No higher pixel density? No thank you. I've disliked the current display every since the iphone 4 was released. I'd rather read stuff on that tiny screen than the ipad at it's current resolution
This thing is crazy responsive in Windows now! I mean like 3 fold, it's just insane. Don't get me wrong, it's still bloated, but I only have to click items once now
I wonder why the disparity between ones that work fine and ones that work like crap. For my experience I upgraded two, mine and my wifes.. and it was just terrible. The slowness and battery life was pretty bad, but the real kicker was crashes in items like mail and safari, where before we never had any problems. Ended up getting some 4s a couple of weeks later, but I could definitely not use that phone for much longer
You look like a general tool for not being able to discern sarcasm
New Posts  All Forums: