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Apple forcing other companies to spend money on research and development?   wow that is so evil LOL
without a subsidizing model for tablets, the tablet market will be more like the mp3 player market.
LOL The prefix formerly known as "i"
LOL looks like google really think they can just do whatever they like with their newly acquired FRAND patents.
Like Facebook, yelp, groupon, twitter, I can go on. Yes, basically the same way Microsoft tried to push internet explorer on everybody who uses windows.
the problem is with Google using their monopoly in search unfairly to gain marketshare in other markets.
lol it's like saying Apple bought Quattro is the reason why it's legal for Google to buy Admob.
Problem with the courier is, it's a product by itself, not a platform. It's a scrapbook reimagined. It should just be an app.
And Samsung or any android phone still somehow has a lower resolution screen.
to be on Microsoft's good side. I am sure they give them other incentives for windows or office licensing.
New Posts  All Forums: