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Look like you are the type that would buy a Moto Xoom, because they have more ram, dual core processor, multitask, and runs Flash but end up under performing iPad2 in every possible benchmark.
I idea of "post-PC" is not there will be no PC, but PC will no longer be the center of computing like it used it.
LOL how 2 tweets killed whatever stunt Google tried to pull Today will forever be remembered as the day Google can't play the victim game anymore.
We need to at least respect Microsoft for having their own philosophy, unlike some other company that just do whatever Apple does.
These patents are pretty "open sourced" already. you just need to look it up in the patent office. But you still need to pay to use them.
Just like Microsoft had the right to give their partners incentives to not include netscape navigator by default on their computer?It's scary how back in the days everybody thought Microsoft was the evil empire. Now Google's doing the exact same thing and they are the saint. Simply because they are doing it for "free".
Although Google does sell our personal information like a used car salesman, but Google search's not supposed to be a car dealership.
not really. Considering Apple uses the same harddrives on the xserver servers. Also there is no clear classification for a "server grade" harddrive. Now if they say it's a Enterprice class harddrive, then it might be a problem.
Just letting you know that's not news... it's news from 2008.
Apple never said they are not interested in making ultra portables. They said they are not interested in making netbooks.
New Posts  All Forums: