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If DOJ is so concerned about those patents, they should just buy it and license it out for free.
24.99 not a bad deal at all.
Same goes for android.Instead of 800 fart app, they have 80000 wallpaper "app".
not everyone wants to buy a copy cat.
I hate apps that has 10 thousand little in-app purchases, but 5% conversion rate is pretty impressive.
lol on top of that iPad2 beats Xoom in every possible benchmark
yeah, that's actually a pretty good case.
dumb down shit for idiots like iPhone and iPad which eventually get copied by Google which they love
There is a group of people who thinks they know a lot about technology are really against Apple for some reason. Fact is most developers I know really admire Apple and their products. And really not want to wrestle with the phone and computers all day long.
Apple invested a lot in those machines for cutting and crafting those aluminum blocks.Other companies simply don't want to spend that much on things they can't brag on the spec sheet.
New Posts  All Forums: