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because it's not really news?http://www.macrumors.com/2008/03/01/...as-advertised/
The issue is NOT the natural monopoly Google has on search.Just like the problem was not Windows' monopoly in the PC market.It is Google/Microsoft abusing their natural monopoly to enter other markets.
If DOJ is so concerned about those patents, they should just buy it and license it out for free.
24.99 not a bad deal at all.
Same goes for android.Instead of 800 fart app, they have 80000 wallpaper "app".
not everyone wants to buy a copy cat.
I hate apps that has 10 thousand little in-app purchases, but 5% conversion rate is pretty impressive.
lol on top of that iPad2 beats Xoom in every possible benchmark
yeah, that's actually a pretty good case.
dumb down shit for idiots like iPhone and iPad which eventually get copied by Google which they love
New Posts  All Forums: