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Just letting you know that's not news... it's news from 2008.
Apple never said they are not interested in making ultra portables. They said they are not interested in making netbooks.
because it's not really news?http://www.macrumors.com/2008/03/01/...as-advertised/
The issue is NOT the natural monopoly Google has on search.Just like the problem was not Windows' monopoly in the PC market.It is Google/Microsoft abusing their natural monopoly to enter other markets.
If DOJ is so concerned about those patents, they should just buy it and license it out for free.
24.99 not a bad deal at all.
Same goes for android.Instead of 800 fart app, they have 80000 wallpaper "app".
not everyone wants to buy a copy cat.
I hate apps that has 10 thousand little in-app purchases, but 5% conversion rate is pretty impressive.
lol on top of that iPad2 beats Xoom in every possible benchmark
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