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yeah, that's actually a pretty good case.
dumb down shit for idiots like iPhone and iPad which eventually get copied by Google which they love
There is a group of people who thinks they know a lot about technology are really against Apple for some reason. Fact is most developers I know really admire Apple and their products. And really not want to wrestle with the phone and computers all day long.
Apple invested a lot in those machines for cutting and crafting those aluminum blocks.Other companies simply don't want to spend that much on things they can't brag on the spec sheet.
Without Steve Jobs Jon Ive won't have as much freedom at Apple (or probably won't be hired at all). The same goes for John Lasseter, Steve Jobs is probably one of the few people with enough patience to let people experiment, while Pixar went on year over year without making a single dime.
lol you don't say ...
why would anyone kick out the guy behind Pixar? It's like Apple kicking out the guy behind Lisa and Macintosh....
Actually I think netflix might have trouble keeping the price that low in the long run. Just like Apple had trouble keeping music downloads at 99 cents.
are they going to do BOGO for Android tablets?
nice to see that AppleTV is getting more frequent updates now. If they keep it up, I might actually get one.
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