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Until AT&T detects that you are using an iPhone and sends you a SMS telling you they have already added a data plan for you.... how nice.
a phone?
Please do a wifi only iPhone. I would gladly pay the full price. $15/$25/$30 a month for a whole year is a lot of money in the long run.
Looks lik the new context aware search is a result of the Siri acquicision.
As far as I can see, Apple is not going to add DRM on OS level any time soon.
LOL I can almost hear the crying from those geek forums ... "ANDROID IS NOT A COPY OF IOS !!!!1111" lol fyi It is.
yeah but you really need to kick it in order to get it off.If the force is big enough to yank off a magsafe cable, it should be good enough to yank off a USB plug. The question is do you just want your data to die, or you want your USB port to go with it?
using magsafe for a few years now, never really had it accidentally disconnect. Also the magsafe/Light Peak cable you see will probably be used for connecting between machines (macbook) and monitor (Cinema display/iMac).
Just like when apple made USB standard on all macs. There were no accessories, everybody was either using ps/2 or adb. Everybody (apple haters) claim that it's apples plot to get all the stupid Mac users to buy their overpriced USB keyboards.
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