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I know I am....
it might be disappointing to you, but honestly the early adopter crowd is not going to queue up for something that they know for a fact will be updated in about 4 months. same reason why no one queue for a Droid lol. there's always a new one within 2 weeks.
Auto renewal will be cancelled if the subscription price is raised.
the thing is, there's zero worthwhile smartphone in the nokia line up for people to buy.they announce things early to stop people from buying iPhone, WebOS, Android etc...Basically they are saying, hey look we have something cool in the future, now go to sleep and wake up in a few years.Same reason why Samsung, HP, Motorola show off their phone/ tablet months before anyone can actually buy one.
Not every company wants to have an interactive ad. Most just want to have a image that links to their site. I am sure they will adapt. Not that big of a deal if you ask me.
or they can just make an even bigger iMac
the thing with these kind of predictions are, they can always claim that they might be right..... someday....
actually that's how it traditionally works. they stuff the channel with version 1, few months later release version 2 and put the previous version on fire sale. Then stuff the channel with version 2.
because then their price won't be competitive, when everybody else are building their stuff in China. just be happy that a US company is leading the latest round of mobile revolution, not some Japanese, Chinese or Finnish company.
I don't think so. the iOS Kindle app doesn't sell anything. Do you even have an iPad or any iOS device?
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