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Not every company wants to have an interactive ad. Most just want to have a image that links to their site. I am sure they will adapt. Not that big of a deal if you ask me.
or they can just make an even bigger iMac
the thing with these kind of predictions are, they can always claim that they might be right..... someday....
actually that's how it traditionally works. they stuff the channel with version 1, few months later release version 2 and put the previous version on fire sale. Then stuff the channel with version 2.
because then their price won't be competitive, when everybody else are building their stuff in China. just be happy that a US company is leading the latest round of mobile revolution, not some Japanese, Chinese or Finnish company.
I don't think so. the iOS Kindle app doesn't sell anything. Do you even have an iPad or any iOS device?
if that's the case, there is nothing they need to worry about.There are already apps on the app store that's doing just that.look to me they are talking about something else, maybe a magazine equivalent of the iBook store.
don't see apple rejecting the kindle app or the nook app. If they want to do it their way, they need to roll out their own infrastructure.
it's almost impossible to do.As long as they are not using Apple's infrastructure to deliver content, there is nothing Apple could do.Just like Kindle, you buy on Amazon store, content gets downloaded to your Kindle app.I believe what they are talking about is, some newspaper want to use app store's "in-app purchase" feature for free.
I doubt this story is true. There is nothing Apple could do to stop them from giving subscribers content for free. Don't see apple complaining about Hulu plus of Netflix.
New Posts  All Forums: