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iPhone on Versizon is going to be a test. but Android's true test is windows phone 7. Both iPhone and Android has their fan base, but what Android (and windows) phone makers are catering to are people who don't give a crap about which phone they get as long as it's dirt cheap and somewhat cool.
Actually that just means you have a very low expectation for "flawless".
somehow I doubt Apple would put a projector in iPhone. unless it's totally different than what we think it's for.
I think wifi only Kindle will be under $100 very soon.
If they have the same engine, same suspension etc, then yeah your minivan should cost more than a Farrari.
"MAY" undercut the iPad..... and I MAY buy 10 billion iPads....
you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that when your device needs "rooting" in order to gain access to certain feature it's called NOT OPEN (aka locked down). I am not sure how many ways are you trying to spin this, but face the facts already.There is not one single android phone out there that is not LOCKED DOWN. Even google's own Nexus one is LOCKED DOWN.
when you need to root your device to gain access to "system's innards".. it's called LOCKED DOWN.
Yeah, Mac OS is done already, what you call Mac OS nowadays really is NeXTSTEP (Apple edition).
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