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it's almost impossible to do.As long as they are not using Apple's infrastructure to deliver content, there is nothing Apple could do.Just like Kindle, you buy on Amazon store, content gets downloaded to your Kindle app.I believe what they are talking about is, some newspaper want to use app store's "in-app purchase" feature for free.
I doubt this story is true. There is nothing Apple could do to stop them from giving subscribers content for free. Don't see apple complaining about Hulu plus of Netflix.
Do you even know what "freedom of choice" means? Apple has the freedom to control their own app store. And you have the freedom to not buy anything made by apple.
App store a tiny tiny tiny part of the Internet experience is dangerous While having less net neutrality (basically the whole freaking Internet) is not a problem. Is this guy high?
Not sure if you've noticed yet, but Youtube is already blocking some videos on iOS.
real artists ship.
so you like a society where there are some mega rich people, and the rest are just there waiting for them to "trickle down" some leftovers?
got to at least give them some credit for being creative. This is how I see it iOS = Mac OS (The benchmark) WebOS = BeOS (The underdog with some creative edge) Android = Windows (well... you get the idea)
iPhone on Versizon is going to be a test. but Android's true test is windows phone 7. Both iPhone and Android has their fan base, but what Android (and windows) phone makers are catering to are people who don't give a crap about which phone they get as long as it's dirt cheap and somewhat cool.
Actually that just means you have a very low expectation for "flawless".
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