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Great piece. Minor quibble: you have Gartner misspelled as 'Garner'.
 That would be awesome. 
The only product likely to approach the scale of the iPhone will be the iPhone's replacement.
 You're thinking of the Swatch, the trendy 80's plastic watch.   Think more in terms of The Swatch Group, which owns Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz, Léon Hatot, Omega, Longines, Rado, Union Glashütte, Tissot, Balmain, Certina, Mido, Hamilton, Calvin Klein, Swatch, Flik Flak. That said, I think it may be hard to justify the purchase of a really high end smart watch given its rapid obsolescence. Unlike, say, a Rolex which will actually...
 Both companies are scumbags, and each deserves to fail based on their individual shortcomings... But in this particular case, why is it wrong for Samsung to want to differentiate its products by leveraging the much vaunted "openness" of Google's Android OS? Wasn't that google's battle cry against Apple's "closed" ecosystem?
 Look at the wide, flat plastic headband.
 No no... they'd call it the GMW i328. Then they'd make a higher performance variant called the 3M.
 Of all the things to hate about Obama (and believe me there are plenty) being too far to the left is certainly not one of them.
  Who you calling 'small handed people'? Average height of men in the US is 5' 10".http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_height Only 14.5 percent of all men in the US are six feet or over. In fact, the only countries in the world with an average height in the 6 ft. range are Scandinavian, like The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. I have no objection to larger iPhones so long as Apple continues to make flagship models designed for the large majority of users without freakishly...
Or imagine using haptic feedback to simulate physical controls (buttons, sliders, dials) on a screen, allowing the user to locate and activate them solely by touch.
New Posts  All Forums: