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On the contrary, I'm quite bullish on Apple's prospects in streaming music since their acquisition of Beats. I just hope they don't mess things up if/when they decide to merge Beats Music with iTunes Radio. The two have drastically divergent approaches to UI design and one might argue that the Beats Music UI isn't a great fit for Apple's clean and simple philosophy. Nonetheless, Beats Music does a better job in the end and I think it would be a huge mistake to dumb it down...
 It's not just about playing the same song twice in a row. iTunes Radio's idea of recommended music is often playing more songs from the same artist or playing songs based on sales stats or very generic genres. These algorithms just don't work, unless you're content to listen to almost anything. You need human curation. That's why DJs are so well paid and in such high demand despite the appearance that they're "merely" playing other people's music. It takes a deep...
Not much of a classical listener I'm afraid, though BBC Radio 1 is great for house and EDM. Always been a fan of the British music scene.
 it's not just about just listening to songs you know, but listening to songs you might like. 95% of what they play on the radio is garbage, with the same 10 songs played ad nauseum, and with "popularity" determined by payola and back room promotional deals rather than by actual quality or popular demand. iTunes Radio and Pandora serve up the same tired garbage. They will play songs "similar" to what you request based on "algorithms". Beats Music actually offers many human...
 Typo... I meant to say 64GB of storage, not 64GB of RAM, lol.
 It's an interesting thought but I don't think it would be practical. If I'm understanding your vision, you're imagining an adjustable angle large screen desktop computer,with a soft keyboard appearing near the bottom as needed. For extended typing, the display would have to be nearly horizontal in order to allow the user to rest their palms to avoid fatigue. Also the keyboard (and a corresponding touch input area), would use up a significant portion of the display while...
 This looks awesome in movies but it would be exhausting for anyone with a typical 9-5 office job. 
 I think this:  has been mostly replaced by this: 
 For reading, yes.
 Your dream desktop computer? The American Chiropractic Association thanks you. 
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