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I initially thought I'd prefer a slightly thicker design with flush mounted lens and slightly better battery life. But after using the iPhone 6 for a short while I realized that combined with its increased width and length, the extra thickness would have made it significantly more uncomfortable to use. As it is, I definitely consider it less ergonomic than its predecessors, but I accept it as a tradeoff for the larger screen.
He didn't. He hinted that the design decision was not without controversy while affirming that it was ultimately the practical solution to a problem. " I asked Ive about the slightly protruding camera lens that prevents the iPhone 6 from resting comfortably on its back. Ive referred to that decision—without which the phone would be slightly thicker—as “a really very pragmatic optimization.” One had to guess at the drama behind the phrase. “And, yeah . . .” he said."
 Doing away with the home button and applying its function to a whole screen touch input would likely result in unintentional activation while the phone is in a pocket or bag. It would probably also present challenges for TouchId.
"Force Touch, a capability Apple dubbed the "Taptic Engine" when Apple Watch was announced in September." "Essentially a rebranding of advanced variable haptic feedback technology."   You're confusing two different technologies: one is for input and the other is for feedback - which leads to the question of whether the iPhone 6S is rumored to have one, the other, or both.   "Force Touch uses tiny electrodes around the flexible Retina display to distinguish between a...
 True, though in this case I found myself having posted a series of replies which I later decided to merge into a single post. Unfortunately while the forum allows editing it does not allow deletion of posts. ;)
 One can have a worthwhile debate about the pros and cons of current tax policies in California and areas for improvement therein. But this is hardly a case study in support of states with right-wing, reactionary, racist, anti-science, anti-education, Koch-Brothers-approved government policies. I will wager that neither Apple nor any leading tech company will ever relocate their headquarters to Alabama.   Here's a video that better demonstrates what's possible with a...
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