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 One difference is that here you can abandon your cable company's crappy menu system and scheduled programming and replace them with an Apple interface, the ability to hide channels you don't want, and the freedom to watch any episode of any program whenever you want. This also lets you access AppleTV's native content and features interchangeably with TV programming without the awkwardness of switching TV sources and remotes.
 History and Discovery are a joke. Pawn stars, ghost hunters and stories of the bible aren't my idea of educational television. For quality nature/science/history content, PBS has everything you need. ​It's disappointing that the few cable channels that have decent programming (AMC, Comedy Central, etc.) are still missing from the list. Everything else seems to cater to the same audience that watches WWF.
 So your advice to Apple is to be more like Samsung.
  1) Apple knows from their own history that the superior product and platform does not always win when faced with unfair and unscrupulous competitors. 2) To quote John Gruber, "if the message gets through to competitors that Apple is willing to pursue lawsuits like this with a seemingly irrational fervor, and it makes them (the competitors) gun-shy to copy future Apple products, to follow Apple too closely — it may not be so irrational after all....
  Plus iOS is written in Objective-C, a low level programming language that simply performs much better than Java, which is what Android is based on. Additionally, while Objective-C requires developers to do more of the legwork in terms of memory management, the results are better performing and more stable apps, since memory "garbage collection" is a joke in Java-based mobile applications.
 Why Do Online Browsing Habits Favor iPhones And iOS Devices Over Android?http://www.forbes.com/sites/ewanspence/2013/10/16/why-do-online-browsing-habits-favor-iphones-and-ios-devices-over-android/ "But through all the explanations there is a single line of thought. Android users are not as active and engaged with online activities as iOS users are. And when companies from start-ups to established players decide which platforms to target with their apps, their web...
 The value a consumer gets from a product has little relation to the profit margins on that product. An iPhone 5S purchased last October will still be perfectly functional with up to date software in 3 years, part of a seamless ecosystem devoid of malware with a choice of the best quality apps on the market. Can you say the same about any Samsung phone, or any Android phone for that matter?
 Ah, we are joined by the requisite, recently registered Samsung Astroturfer.
 Depends on your needs. If you want a top quality smartphone backed up by a seamless ecosystem from a company that respects its customers, choose the 5S. If you want a plastic sunshade with a non-upgradable operating system and lots of malware from a company closely aligned with the interests of cell phone carriers then the Note 3 might be a good choice.
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