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I'm not sure that this is a major factor. Initial sales are likely to be skewed by the preferences of early adopters, and the sales mix may change substantially afterwards.
I'm curious as to the main reason behind the initially limited inventory. Did demand significantly surpass Apple's expectations? Did Apple encounter production or yield issues that unexpectedly constrained supply? Or was the production ramp up just weeks behind schedule?
Their price of admission is actually pretty average compared to other conferences. Conferences aren't cheap, perhaps in part because tickets are often paid for by employers. On the brighter side, with a $99 developer account you get access to most of the content from the comfort of home. The main thing you lose is networking opportunities.
Well, stylistically, Haring's work is clearly distinct from Britto's. The differences are pretty obvious. Style aside, Haring's art is known for its powerful themes surrounding topics like racism, greed, ecological impacts and disease. Britto's work, in contrast, is tame, meaningless eye candy with all the depth and impact of a "Don't worry, be happy" bumper sticker.
Do a Google image search for Britto's work and compare for yourself.
Descriptions aside, this guy's work is virtually indistinguishable from Britto's. Unless he can show that his artistic style predates Britto's, it does look like he's pulling the artistic equivalent of a Samsung move and capitalizing on Britto's fame by copying his style. A local street artist's work was similarly ripped off by a major retail chain last year. Just as companies have a right to protect their intellectual property, artists have a right to protect...
 I find it hilarious how some self imposed morality policemen are shocked at the supposed depravity of a woman's exposed breast in a movie or TV show while thinking nothing of extreme violence - both in fiction and in day to day life.
 I gotta ask... what do you consider to be great shows on cable TV?
 What a surprise that the same sort of person who was defending Fiorina's attack against Tim Cook and Apple for speaking out against discrimination is the sort of person who thinks sex is dirty and porn must be banned.
 The concept is not difficult to understand. Why waste your time worrying about where to store your images and videos, how to manage images that may have been edited different on different devices, how and when to back them up, and how to access them from different devices in different locations and contexts? Apple is trying to offer a simply solution to this by 1) automatically storing everything in the cloud, 2) making everything visible from every device, automatically...
New Posts  All Forums: