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Ulike Apple, Samsung doesn't work in secret for years trying to solve a user problem. In other words, they don't subscribe to a "jobs to be done" product development strategy. Instead, they a) copy every possible feature from leading competitors and b) add on any sexy-sounding or -looking new technology without any concern for whether it works well or provides any utility for the user.
It's worse. It's the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Reminds me of Microsoft's old naming conventions (e.g., Microsoft Office Word Professional Ultimate 2007).
 Have you ever used a microfiber cleaning cloth? They work like magic to remove smudges, streaks, and fingerprints from glass surfaces. 
 People like to mock Jobs by repeating "you're doing it wrong" comments that were never actually uttered by the man. Back during antennagate (the likely source of this meme), he clearly demonstrated how the "scandalous" reception issue affecting the iPhone 4 was a) common to every other phone on the market, b) easily avoided by adjusting your grip or using a case, and c) had virtually zero impact on the number of user complaints and returns. In other words, the scandal was...
Is it me or do they have too many pointless and repetitive activities? What's the difference between Chilling Out and Kicking Back?
You are looking at Google from a very narrow and shortsighted perspective. Their business model is in direct competition with Apple's. Their aim is to commoditize hardware while making online services essential - and paid for with their users' personal data. This comes at the cost of quality, security, privacy, and user experience. The last time a consumer-hostile company was allowed to gain wide popularity, we ended up with the Windows monopoly.
 I rarely agree with you on anything, as you generally bash Apple at every opportunity. But this particular post is spot on.
 I think including Android was necessary from a PR perspective, since it was included with Beats. Also some families may have a mix of devices, so this would make sense there as well. Having said that, the Android user base isn't exactly known for their propensity to pay for services and content, so I'm not expecting it to make a big contribution to Apple's bottom line.
 I already admitted I overlooked that, but apparently you're just interested in rubbing in the one point I missed in my extensive critique of Apple Music's usability. 
 T-Mobile’s Unlimited Music Streaming Is the Worst for Net Neutrality"Music freedom" looks like a benefit for subscribers, and that's the most dangerous part. http://time.com/2901142/t-mobile-unlimited-music-net-neutrality/
New Posts  All Forums: