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 Right-click and select "Delete Shared Album".
 It should be opt-in not opt-out. But that's really irrelevant at this point because the real question everyone should be asking themselves is whether they want to trust an ad blocking app whose developer is in bed with advertisers. Use 1Blocker instead. It's more effective and faster, whitelists The Deck (which is a perfectly reasonable ad network), and doesn't have any deals with advertisers like Google.
I'm not damning them for selling the books or the films. I'm calling him out for portraying everyone who's made a film or written a book about Jobs as opportunistic, which in itself is unfair, while selling the same books and films.
 I'm not criticizing Apple for selling these popular books and films. I am illustrating the fact that they are prominently featuring books and films about Jobs that Cook has criticized and accused of being opportunistic. Bit of hypocrisy, don't you think? And yes, I would accuse them of censorship if they removed them. The day that Apple starts blocking popular books and films they disagree with is the day I close my iTunes account. If Cook reads a book or watches a film...
Forgive me if I'm skeptical about installing an ad blocker from a Russian company...  
 Aaron Sorkin Awardshttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0815070/awards  2011 WonOscar Best Writing, Adapted ScreenplayThe Social Network  (2010)   2011 WonGolden Globe Best Screenplay - Motion PictureThe Social Network  (2010)   2003 WonPrimetime Emmy Outstanding Drama SeriesThe West Wing  (1999)     2002 WonPrimetime Emmy Outstanding Drama SeriesThe West Wing  (1999)    Outstanding Special Class ProgramThe West Wing Documentary Special ...
 As you can see, Tim Cook apparently has no qualms about prominently featuring the books and films he's criticized on Apple's book and movie stores... Who's being opportunistic?  iBooks   iTunes Movies 
 And Tim Cook makes over $9 million a year in salary, and has around a half billion dollars in Apple stock options.
 Wow, you are really on the fringes of right-wing ideology, aren't you?
That's beside the point. The screenwriter, director, and key actors all reportedly worked for less than their usual pay to get the film made. Remember that they went through a couple of directors and several lead actors before finalizing the cast. Also, what's wrong with making money on a film? Since when is Apple a non-profit?
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