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 Given CurrentC's business model, their users would have had their emails filled with spam even without a breach.
Fitbit will be out of business within 2 years.
 Yeah, Amazon is alright. One downside is that they limit you to six photos of your product and they downsize them to the point where the buyer can't see any details. I know it seems like a pain to take a few photos, but I know when I'm the buyer I will go out of my way to find sellers that have crisp and clear product photos so I know exactly what I'm getting. In return, I'm willing to pay a little more for a "like new" product. If your phone is scratched up, though, I...
Amazon is OK for some items, but for products as hot as iPhones why settle for a "store credit" when you can get more, in cash, on eBay? Amazon is ideal for slower moving items where the seller is willing to wait a while for the right buyer, rather than sell at a lower price in a time-limited auction.
 That's a misleading load of horsecrap, which resellers like Gazelle love to perpetuate. First of all, Amazon's fees for the iPhone 4S I just sold were $23.34 out of a selling price of $269.95. After shipping, that left a net of $254.09, which is over 94% of the selling price, and a dramatic difference from the $115 Gazelle would have paid. Second, Gazelle and other companies like them reserve the right to adjust their buying price if they deem the products condition...
A little public service announcement... You can get over twice as much money on eBay than what Gazelle will pay. Example: Gazelle offering for "flawless" iPhone 4S 64GB (Unlocked) $115 I just sold one on eBay for $270. The cheapest recent sale on eBay for the same model was for $175 with scratches and a broken power button.
And the previous one was?
 That is some really astute business intelligence for someone planning to go back in time to sell phones. By the same reasoning, Apple was foolish to produce the first iPhone since the marketshare at the time for 3.5" touchscreen phones without a physical keyboard were pretty low. Back to the present, phablets make up a significant portion of higher end Android smartphone sales in the US, and a huge portion of the Asian market where most future growth lies. You'll never...
Source? That sounds suspiciously like a "fact" pulled straight out of your butt. I think the next quarterly reports form Apple and top Android OEMs should provide some data to support or refute your view.
 Jobs wasn't always right. He reportedly fought tooth and nail against opening up the iPhone to third party development.
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