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 And Apple doesn't comprehensively collect your personal data.
The interesting thing about sports channels is that they account for a large chunk of a typical cable bill, though many cable customers have no interest in watching them.Netflix is great, but i dont consider their movie selection worth mentioning. And what's on AMC besides the recently ended Mad Men? I think any cord-cutting strategy is incomplete without HBO.
I'm an observer, not an arbiter.    
 There are still trucks, but most people drive cars.
 Some markets are long overdue for disruption. Cable is at the top of that list.
 That's for old people. There's a new generation growing up without cable, getting all their content through the internet and on demand from services like Netflix. The concept of waiting to watch a show on a specific channel on a specific date and time is ludicrous. 
 Contrary to what many people think, cord cutting is not about saving money. It's about eliminating the cable box and the cable company as the middle man. I don't pay for cable nor have a cable box. I pay for HBO Now and Netflix, and I get other channels like PBS for free - all through an Apple interface rather than a Comcast one...
 Wow, talk about being wrong on every point, lol. The UI doesn't have to be "programmable". It just has to make it easy for the user to find what they want without navigating through endless menus. Siri works great, except when speaking in a foreign language or with a heavy accent. Half the time when I use my iPhone, I'm dictating to Siri rather than typing anything. It's awesome. The new Apple TV will NOT have 4K, nor should it. 4K for home video is a stupid marketing...
 Two words: vertical integration. Apple always seeks to control all the critical parts of the chain used to make and sell their products. This allows them a cost advantage and ensures they retain complete control over the user experience. The fact that they've spent years building huge data centers seems to support this notion.
I hope it has both bluetooth AND IR. That way it can function as a universal remote, and the Apple TV can (finally) be the central hub for everything instead of just another input source.
New Posts  All Forums: