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 I take it you missed all the comments where we discussed how pointless it is to have a resolution on your phone that exceeds your eyes' ability to notice a difference? I'm guessing you are dreaming of a day when we have phones with 8K displays.
I don't see Apple going back to a thicker phone. I can't think of a single Apple product that has gotten thicker from one generation to the next.
 Me! You don't buy an iMac to watch movies from 10 feet away.  It's for doing work while seated a couple feet away at most.
 Yeah I'm really looking forward to this, rather than a cart full of features. Apple has perfected their hardware manufacturing, cranking out substantial improvements year after year, right on schedule, with outstanding quality control. On software, it seems they're struggling to keep up with the 12 month major upgrade cycle while maintaining quality. Good software development is not something you can automate or easily scale by adding more developers or outsourcing work...
Most of their specs are available on their website and may be referenced during a keynote. My point was that they don't make specs the focus of their advertising, since numbers alone can be meaningless or even misleading to the average consumer. Unlike Samsung, for example, Apple will focus on "what's in it for you" rather than "our number is higher than their's."
Lol, it would look equally fantastic on a quality 32" 1080P TV when viewed from a normal distance. Unless you watch your TV from 2 feet away, the 4K may not have been the wisest investment.  
No argument there. For pro video it's awesome.
Speaking of animated ads, I'll tell you what I'd love way more than extra RAM... extension support on Mobile Safari. If I could install uBlock on my iPhone's Safari browser and eliminate all the annoying ads like I do on my Macs, I'd be in heaven.
 Dude, if you're still using an iPhone 4 you might want to focus more on upgrading to a new model rather than worrying about how much RAM they come with. ;)
 Apple doesn't advertise specs because that's the fool's game that their competitors have always played. Apple markets the user experience. They will say the device is fast, looks and sounds great, is easy to use, and can let you do X easier than ever. This is not about saving a couple of bucks in the bill of materials. Anyone who thinks otherwise is completely ignorant of Apple's business strategy.   Adding RAM comes at a performance cost: more RAM uses up more battery...
New Posts  All Forums: