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 I don't think of wireless charging in terms of a single device. I think about its potential to eliminate charging cables and docks for various devices, where having multiple charging pads or one gigantic one is just silly. Even when discussing a single device like a phone I don't see a tangible benefit in a charging pad that takes up more space than the phone itself and which essentially requires contact between them. It's technology for its own sake without solving any...
 No matter how long they'e been working on it, they won't have anything remotely desirable until Apple launches something for them to copy.
 Sorry, but that's not very impressive when a $13 Casio is water resistant to 165 feet. A Casio model that's water resistant to 1 meter sells for $8.85 on Amazon.
 I love how Android OEMs brag about the use of "metal" in their products, as if the mere switch from cheap plastic to cheap metal is anything to be proud of. Contrast with Apple's presentation of "precision unibody enclosures milled from an extruded block of aluminum, allowing them to get even thinner while retaining rigid durability and a stronger, cleaner, and more polished design."  
 It may resemble a traditional watch, but it looks like a cheap one. Note how it features a (presumably) rotating bezel in the style of a diving watch. This betrays the watch's lack of authenticity since it's only submersible to 3 ft for short periods of time, and there aren't even any lugs to protect the crown against damage, as is common on similarly styled watches. And let's not even go into the silliness of measuring time with a rotating bezel on a wrist-mounted...
 More likely a heart rate monitor.
 Inductive charging? Bleagh. Anything that requires direct placement on a clunky charging pad is not wireless and will appear idiotic in the very near future. Just think of what your desk or night table might look like if you had several devices, each with their own charging pad. True wireless power will come in the form of NFMR. The charging device will be built into a PC or plugged into a wall and out of site, and will be able to charge multiple devices (keyboard, mouse,...
I get that, but my desire for a larger screen is trumped by my reluctance to wear dad jeans or '90s cargo pants.
 Who wants a phone that requires a bag to carry around? I need my phone with me all the time so it has to be super light and portable so it fits easily in any pocket.
On the contrary, I'm quite bullish on Apple's prospects in streaming music since their acquisition of Beats. I just hope they don't mess things up if/when they decide to merge Beats Music with iTunes Radio. The two have drastically divergent approaches to UI design and one might argue that the Beats Music UI isn't a great fit for Apple's clean and simple philosophy. Nonetheless, Beats Music does a better job in the end and I think it would be a huge mistake to dumb it down...
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