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Anyone know the link to the EPP Store that Employees at the Headquarters (1 Infinite Loop) get? I want to check it out constantly until the new Macbook Pro 15in $2499 comes out!!!!!
Thanks Scarecrow, exactly what I needed to know! I can't wait any longer! Even one more month!!!! But I guess I don't need it THAT badly! Hopefully there isn't much demand for the $2499 MBP 15in!
She said it depends ranging from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. But I would like to know if anyone knew a firm date?
I have someone working at Apple to buy me a product for 25% off. I wanted to get the new Macbook Pro 15in, but I got an email back from the person saying that they can't get the new stuff right away, meaning they need to wait a couple of months before Apple allowing them to purchase the "new" stuff. Anyone know about this and about how long until Apple opens up the new things for employee discount?
Too bad they can't because of thermal issues.
Next in line for updates in my opinion is... -Mac Pro (speed bump with new Intel Quad Cores) -iMac (possible speed bump) -Macbook Air (possible redesign to match current MB, MBP offerings) -Macbook Pro 17in (redesign to match current 15in MBP) -Redesign of the other Cinema Displays.
1) Yes, Apple provides this for ~$30 2) Yes, http://www.sonnettech.com/product/fw...esscard34.html 3) Don't know, I don't.
In response to your questions, respectively, Yes, maybe, yes. I'd call the store before going there though.
I can't seem to find DDR3 Memory that sells 2 x 2GB @ 1066Mhz right now? And remembering correctly, a 2 x 2GB DDR2 set @ 800Mhz was around $90.
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