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According to well-connected insider Ming-Chi Kuo, supplier chain sources reveal that those are in fact Jony Ive's sheets and tea towels, as evidenced by the stratospheric thread count, almost invisible hems and the extreme thinness of their design. However the derivative design and poor detailing of the skivvies on the clothesline next door suggest that those are blatant Samsung knock-offs. A well-informed insider said that while he couldn't confirm that the skivvies were...
Wow, what is this, wing nut Monday?
Since there are no low end iPhones, but there certainly are low end Android handsets, comparing average selling prices alone doesn't give a very meaningful picture. Yes an approximately comparable iPhone sells for more than its Android counterpart, and yes Apple makes a higher margin on what it sells, but no, Apple doesn't dilute its product mix with basic models.
"Intel's strategy of competing for business based on performance, price, and reliability."   ​He left out another key factor: availability. Yes Broadwell, we're talking about you: almost a year late and counting.   The other problem with Apple's reliance on Intel is competitive advantage, as in there isn't any. Everyone uses the same Intel processors (AMD isn't a factor). If Apple can do better themselves with ARM based chips, especially for the ultra-portable market,...
RAM costs money, but more importantly in a mobile context it consumes power. It's in everyone's best interest to have as little RAM in an iOS device as will do the job. The problem is, the job keeps growing: while hardware designers keep adding more RAM, software developers keep finding ways to require even more than that. I have no doubt that the next iPhone will have 2GB.   Just to put this in perspective, my Mac SE/30 had a mammoth 2MB of RAM, while the MacBook Pro...
Exactly. That looks like one half of a mould for die-casting. The other half would be indexed to it by the tapered pins we can see. There are two reasons neither laptops nor tablets use cast aluminum cases. One is that the grades of aluminum usable for casting are too soft for thin and lightweight pieces, and the other is that you can't cast aluminum to the thin wall dimensions required. Aluminum cases either have to be stamped, if they're simple forms like a lid, or...
Yeah, like Broadwell was coming soon, and yet here it...isn't. Yet.
Where did he tow the company line to, and are there any plans to get it back? If not, can they get a new company line someplace? Inquiring minds want to know.
This lock actuator is well thought out and interesting as far as it goes, but it's missing one feature that's now about to become useful: NFC.
 Hell yes. Icahn is a financial leach.
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