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The alleged problem with an allegedly forthcoming Apple product has allegedly been resolved, alleges AI. Glad we've got that clarified.
 Intel's current Haswell processors use a 22 nm process, whereas the forthcoming Broadwell is 14 nm. However Intel has been experiencing product yield problems with their 14 nm process, resulting in Broadwell's delay from mid-2014 to an estimated 4Q-2014. Which is more important, bragging rights to the smallest process size, or having a product to ship?
Cook is neither in nor out of the closet. It's been generally known that he's gay for some time, but like most people he sees no need to discuss his private life. Good for him — it's none of anyone else's business.
In yet another piece of sloppy AI reporting, Mikey Campbell writes: "...the device is once again on store shelves with a hefty price reduction from $130 to $99 and crippled feature set, reports The New York Times." Well that sounded unlikely, so I checked and no, the NYT did not report that the feature set was "crippled." It reported that the Nest Protect "will go back on sale without a feature that promoted a recall in April." Why is it that most of AI's articles sound...
How many apps are there in the App Store? Sure, that shouldn't take long.
Focus schmocus! There's some real functionality built in to the new aesthetic, but in any case everybody adjusts to changes in appearance and moves on. Before long the previous normal comes to look, well, quaint. The big news here is Continuity, the suite of services that spread across Macs and iDevices. Not only are these interesting in their own right, but they represent capabilities that can't readily be implemented in competitive devices. (Windows 8/Phone could...
Not that I expect it, but I wish Apple would up the size of the base iMac from its current 21.5" to 24". After all, who buys small (sub-23") displays any more? The 27" iMac is too physically large for a lot of people, and gets pricey in a hurry once you start checking the options boxes. (We have several in the office for which we paid over $3K each.)   But we also have an older 24" iMac, and I still find it hits the sweet spot for size and usability, even if it does need...
 Maybe it's an interesting round watch.
What would be more interesting would be to know why the /Users bug affected some people and not others (and perhaps why iTunes would ever set a not visible flag for that folder). FWIW my Mac was not affected by the bug, but I'm not sure I would have noticed if it had been. Unless one uses the Shared folder I can't think of a reason to access the /Users folder.
Because Samsung couldn't sack Apple's design chief...
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