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Tuesday morning, not showing up in my Software Update for Mavericks.   More annoyingly, now I have to obtain a patch for our Snow Leopard server. (Yeah, Snow Leopard is old, but like other server admins I avoid updating the OS unless it's unavoidable.)
And in another journalistic triumph, AI manages to spell the product's name wrong in the headline.
With the real announcements a day away, how much do I not care about the latest output form the Chinese rumor mill.
 Would be 50 percent faster if and only if the carrier supports LTE Advanced.
 I don't think we should assume that the current form factor will be discontinued, at least not in the near future. If demand for it peters away in favor of a larger iPhone, then that's a decision that can be taken at the time.
 As we can in the US also. This unlocking change concerns phones that were previously sold under contract and locked.
Sounds to me like a forthcoming processor speed bump, and maybe a base RAM bump, similar to this week's MBP minor upgrade.   I'd like to see both a retina iMac display and the corresponding 27" freestanding cinema display, but it's not clear that Apple is ready for that yet. There are potential prices issues: a well optioned 27" iMac already runs about $3K (we have 5 of them).
Except that due to its construction the current 13" rMBP's integrated battery has substantially more capacity (71.8 W-h) and endurance (9 h) than the previous 13" MBP's built-in battery (63.5 W-h and 7 h), all while weighing 23% less. Similar comparisons apply to the 15" models. I don't know many road warriors who wouldn't prefer that deal. Note: I couldn't make a meaningful comparison with the much older Mac laptops with swappable batteries, since other aspects of their...
The alleged problem with an allegedly forthcoming Apple product has allegedly been resolved, alleges AI. Glad we've got that clarified.
 Intel's current Haswell processors use a 22 nm process, whereas the forthcoming Broadwell is 14 nm. However Intel has been experiencing product yield problems with their 14 nm process, resulting in Broadwell's delay from mid-2014 to an estimated 4Q-2014. Which is more important, bragging rights to the smallest process size, or having a product to ship?
New Posts  All Forums: