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I wonder if the watch has the same water damage telltales that the iPhone does?
Hey, careful what you say about Marmite there! Brilliant new folding plug design, although ouch, you do pay for the privilege. 
And the photo conveniently shows it without any cables, making the stand look tidier than it will be in actual use. Why one earth didn't they incorporate the iPhone's Lightning cable in the slot for a stand-up arrangement?   This thing is a fail in so many ways.
About normal for tech products today. We bought a new TV a few weeks ago, and the first thing it did after I connected it to the net was prompt me to perform a firmware update. There's always pipeline inventory that's going to need software updates after delivery.
 We do know that. Apple says the new MB will offer 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 GHz processors, see http://www.apple.com/mac/compare/
My mid-2010 MBP's trackpad surface is very slightly recessed, although I'd never really paid attention to it. Stacking two Post-It note sheets makes it perfectly flush with the upper case, so now we know that.
It's not merely obvious, but public knowledge, that Apple is interested in the automotive market — CarPlay. There's no evidence whatsoever that Apple is interested in building cars, and every reason to suppose that they would not be: massive capital investment, entrenched and competent global competition, low margins, pervasive and incompatible government regulations, and on and on. Ask anyone who works in the car business and they'll tell you you'd be crazy to want to...
 I wonder what you guys criticizing Jony Ive's socks are wearing that's so f-ing stylish. Probably unwashed shorts and sports team shirts for games you don't play. Me, I like the red socks: the guy's not afraid to make a statement when wearing a suit. Others would do that with a tie, but they don't wear ties in tech.
According to well-connected insider Ming-Chi Kuo, supplier chain sources reveal that those are in fact Jony Ive's sheets and tea towels, as evidenced by the stratospheric thread count, almost invisible hems and the extreme thinness of their design. However the derivative design and poor detailing of the skivvies on the clothesline next door suggest that those are blatant Samsung knock-offs. A well-informed insider said that while he couldn't confirm that the skivvies were...
New Posts  All Forums: