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Where did he tow the company line to, and are there any plans to get it back? If not, can they get a new company line someplace? Inquiring minds want to know.
This lock actuator is well thought out and interesting as far as it goes, but it's missing one feature that's now about to become useful: NFC.
 Hell yes. Icahn is a financial leach.
Note too that Philips no longer sells TV's in the USA.
 They're afraid iOS 8 will make their iPhones bend. 
Apparently you've failed to notice that it also gives you a number of other ports, including an HDMI that can be used for a suitable monitor without even consuming the remaining TB port. Furthermore, TB devices can be daisy-chained, allowing the use of extra TB drives, etc. The primary use of this kind of dock is to simplify the connection of a laptop. For instance a MacBook Air has only two USB ports, one TB and no wired ethernet. Our typical office setup for MBA users is...
Considering that you can buy, for instance, any one of several low end PC laptops for this kind of money, you have to wonder about what makes a mere dock worth $299. Yes, obviously one does not substitute for the other, but think of all the extra stuff that's in a laptop: screen, keyboard, mass storage, much more complex motherboard, WiFi/BT card, etc. And yeah, there's a TB licensing fee you're paying for, but how much can that be?   We're currently using several of the...
Tuesday morning, not showing up in my Software Update for Mavericks.   More annoyingly, now I have to obtain a patch for our Snow Leopard server. (Yeah, Snow Leopard is old, but like other server admins I avoid updating the OS unless it's unavoidable.)
And in another journalistic triumph, AI manages to spell the product's name wrong in the headline.
With the real announcements a day away, how much do I not care about the latest output form the Chinese rumor mill.
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