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 If you're looking for ignorance, try a mirror. That 40% number is a myth with zero basis in fact. Here's a recent NYT article debunking the whole concept, written by a Professor of Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine:Feel free to follow the numerous links to supporting data. Here's another article on the subject from the American Journal of...
 And so power hungry too. ;–)
Where by "surprise announcements" AI means "widely expected announcements."
You need to learn more about Lithium Ion batteries. They don't like to be constantly used or stored at near 100% charge levels, or stored at very low charge levels. The former causes internal leakage current and gas generation, and the latter irreversible chemical degradation. A sufficiently intelligent charging circuit can help protect against the charge/overcharge issue by cycling the charge level between ~80% and 100% rather than holding it near maximum. A mouse that...
 Wow, three wireless input devices released at the same time by the same manufacturer use some of the same chips. Shocker.
1) No, because as long as a rechargeable lasts some reasonable amount of time – and a month is way more than reasonable – there's no advantage to it lasting an extra long time. 2) And no, because operating a lithium battery device while float charging it at 100% shortens battery life expectancy. Putting the connector on the bottom deliberately prevents it being used in that manner. And if the mouse's ability to pick up 9 hours worth of usage with a 2 minute charge isn't...
 No, they must be connected via Bluetooth or be on the same WiFi network. Both, obviously, are local network only. AT&T's variant works via their LTE cellular service, and so over a wide area network. This is fundamentally different, but only time will tell whether people will find it useful – or worth the extra cost
The old 21.5" iMac had non-upgradeable RAM, and so does the new one. Move along people, there's nothing to see here.   (And yes, I know that the old model had socketed RAM that, with major disassembly, could theoretically have been replaced.)
I was able to buy two 6s' (both Space Grey, one 64GB and one 128GB) at my local AT&T store (NE Indiana) on launch morning. Stopped by the day before to find out what sort of stock they had on hand and was told it wouldn't be a problem if I got there more or less when they opened. I turned up about 10 minutes before opening, at which time there were 8 people in line in front of me. I was in and out in maybe 40 minutes, including a 5 minute wait. They had a couple of extra...
Another benefit of using the screen as the illumination source is that its more diffuse lighting should improve portrait picture quality and minimize redeye effects compared to a conventional LED flash.
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