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 What's next, a blow-up doll version of Cortana?
 Your statistical sample size falls short for drawing conclusions, especially absolutist ones. In our office of over two dozen Macs I see keyboard failures of fewer than 1 per year, so well under 4% per year. That's certainly higher than it ought to be, but neither is it anything to get too worked up over.
Yes, think of the children: ban door locks, and curtains, and video cameras, and...
Claiming to have created an "entirely new [7000 series] alloy" is essentially a meaningless statement. Aluminum alloys contain varying amounts of silicon, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, chromium, zinc and sometimes other metals to get the desired physical properties. Altering the proportions of one or more of those constituents may result in a new alloy, but given their number there's an extremely large number of possible variations. Anyone could specify a third...
Yeah, I have to imagine that's coming to the phone.
I always liked FMP back when I used it, and came to love it after being forced to use Access on Windows. But I sure wish there existed a FileMaker Lite, or Consumer version. There are things I'd like to use a stripped down database manager for, but they really don't justify buying FMP at $349. Maybe that would have been Bento (RIP)?   I'd like a light on its feet relational database that handles text fields only, and maybe a limited number of records if that help the...
20 minutes flight duration and no ability to change the battery? That's going to be quite a severe market limitation. Surely it would not have been that difficult to provide a battery compartment with a lightweight plastic lid and O-ring seal.
 Why would using GPS on the iPhone tend to drain the Watch's battery? The iPhone's battery, sure, but not that of the watch.
I wonder if the watch has the same water damage telltales that the iPhone does?
Hey, careful what you say about Marmite there! Brilliant new folding plug design, although ouch, you do pay for the privilege. 
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